Monday, August 27, 2007

Camden goes to school

Off to school they went. Wooooopeeeeeee! Camden was so incredibly excited, he was up EARLY and at 7:15am when he woke me ( alarm not gone off yet) he was dressed (not what he was supposed to wear), had eaten (4 bites), had brushed his teeth (had to do it again after he ate more) and was raring to get there. He was hanging on the couch looking out the window saying " Is it time yet?"
Kat was okay with him going, I thought she would be more upset than she was, but she must have remembered how it works from last school year since she said "he's gone" after he boarded the bus. She did try to go with him and I told her no, but she just came back to me and stood quietly. Camden seems so grown up, 1st grade, already :(
Camden dressed in shorts, although it was only 55 degrees, it is going to warm up so I am glad he went in shorts. Kat, on the other hand has declared winter is here and has on a velour long sleeved outfit. She was even claiming she was "cold" in it when we got outside.

I got Kat to eat one bite of Frosted Mini Wheats today, she rubbed her belly and said "yummy" but when offered more she said "that 'nough" and back to her corndog she went. She is serving me "tea" and we are toasting the school year beginning. So far she is enjoying having the TV to herself, has yelled at me for running the sweeper (can't hear!!")and is filling her tea cups with water from the bathroom sink. I really enjoy our alone time, we are heading out to lunch to celebrate our time together.

Now the kids are off school Friday, Monday and Tuesday, I guess we don't want to overtax their systems with too much learning all at once :) So that will be loads of fun, back to the bickering we go!

I was making our bed this weekend and the bed shams were gone, I had worked the night before and didn't realize they were gone. So as Kat is helping me I said "hey, where's the big pillows?" She quickly says " I know, I know" and takes off. She comes back with them and we finish up. Later we go downstairs and Baba asked me if I told her to get the shams. I said "Yeah, why?" I guess he was laying on one (doesn't know any better, obviously, they are for SHOW- NOT to use) and she ripped it right out from under his head and took off. Poor Baba.

I was tagged today and have to tell something from my middle name, ha ha, it's short, I love it.

L- Little- my fingers you perverts. 5 1/2 wedding ring size.
Y- Yellow- the color of my kitchen (along with royal blue and brick red-don't ask)

N- Nurse, yeah I'm one, except when that little old lady down the hall is screeching "nurse, nurse, NURSE" hahahahah

N- Never say never, all things are possible with God. I can't do anything without God:)

I'll have to tag four people- four letters in my name, that's how it works so I tag Andie, Jill, Rebecca and Annette.

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Andie said...

Howdy Vickie...thanks for tagging me, it's always fun! I'm sorry it's been a while since I've checked in on you. Lots going on in my life. My dad is in the hospital, AGAIN! He had surgery on Monday, and still can't really move his feet. He has a staph infection in his spine, and some sort of abcess that was putting pressure on his cord, so that was what the surgery was about. We're hoping once the inflamation goes down he will regain movement.
I'll get on that tag in a minute, my middle name is even shorter than yours!