Thursday, August 2, 2007

August is here

Yes, Mom is singing the song "they're going back to school, they're going back to school, yippee, yippee, yippee yay, they're going back to school." Children's feelings- not amused :) I start singing this Aug 1 and sing it every day till they go. Not that I don't love them dearly but their bickering and messes will not be missed. I will have Kitty and my house to myself for the better part of the day. We can pick up and run out to the store or whatever and not be hauling everyone along.
We are doing more school clothes shopping and getting them ready. Camden can hardly wait to go to first grade, Donovan dislikes school and doesn't want to go back. But he's gonna!
This week I got out Kitty's winter stuff to see what still fits and sold a bunch of stuff that didn't on ebay. Wow, did we do well, now we can buy more clothes:) Mostly she is fitting 3T, a few 2T's but the majority of them were too small and we sold. Shamefully we had numerous things that we NEW or barely worn, I am glad to have gotten good prices for them so we can buy her 3T stuff for this winter. And yes, she owns more jeans now, I can't stand her being "cold" so I'll settle for dresses in the summer and jeans or leggings with cute tops or even a dress or two for winter, but her legs have to be covered.
I did her hair in pigtails today and it clearly is growing like mad. It was always falling down in the back and the front wouldn't hold but it's cute little piggytails now with it all staying in and looking so adorable. Even her bangs are nearly evened out. Much faster growing than I expected. She wasn't happy to get her hair done but once it was done and I asked for pictures she was better, she smiled when I asked if she needed tickled to smile, she loves to be tickled, but she decided she could spout out "Camden has stinky feet" and makes herself giggle over that. Such a goof.
She learned this week to say "Camden did it, Donovan did it, even Jamie did it," but never "Kat did it" when asked what happened. Hummm. She is also singing some song about Spiderman that Dono-bin taught her.
We got some ice cream the other night and Kat was eating hers till she saw Baba had chocolate and she had to "try" it. She pretty much took over poor Baba's dish and ate the rest of his Choc-o-lot, as she called it. Then she got into Derrik's since he had choc-o-lot in the form of fudge in his. Pretty funny watching her pigging down everyone else's ice cream.
Kitty wants to go to the "dollar store" and get some juice, "go shopping" she says, so like her momma, loves to shop, I think we are soul mates :)


Lori and Pete said...

I think Kat is getting more beautiful every day. My Qinzhou girl starts pre-school this year, just 2 days/week.


Andie said...

Piggies are ADORABLE on Kat. I'm also getting geared up for school, but I will go from busy, to busier! My two oldest go to school full time, but then the childcare kiddos come back...and this year I have 4!!!! So...busy, busy, busy!