Monday, August 20, 2007

Another China girl

Amazing how our life is so full of China girls. We just love them! Jadyn came to visit on Saturday and we had a fun visit. Jadyn is not from Kat's orphanage but they look, speak and act the most alike of all the China girls we know. Kat is 1 inch and 1 pound bigger. They confuse their mommas anytime they yell, "mom" or ask for any thing. It's very funny. Jadyn was in the tree house and said "ahhh, comm'on man" and I truly thought that had to be Kat, as she says exactly the same thing. The girls had a ball playing and then munching down on their favorite food, corn on the cob! They both ate well and back to playing they went. They had the pop up fire truck & tunnels in the yard and had a blast running around in them. They also tackled Jadyn's brother in the hammock swing. We are so happy they got to come for the cookout and we hope to see them again soon. Kat gave Jadyn some of her Ensure she drinks since Kat still will not drink any type of milk and Jadyn calls it Kat milk. Help them both grow :)

We were glad Jadyn got to come over since Kat threw up on Friday morning so I was worried she was ill but it seemed as though her breakfast of Italian Wedding soup didn't sit right and after she covered the bathroom in it, she was just fine :( Mess for mom, but bouncing, happy Kat was back in action.

Our weather took a turn chilly yesterday, it rained all day and was in the 60's. Kat was right back to jeans and long sleeves. We took Jie Jie school shopping, she was the last one to be outfitted and is always the hardest, most expensive one to do :) Since Kat didn't need anything for school , much to her dismay, she got a Hello Kitty furry pouch with lip gloss and fingernail polish. She has since painted my toes, nails, her toes, nails, Camden's toes and nails, Baba's nails and started on her dolls nails and toes today. She is like a mad painter. I have about 4 coats now on my fingernails. Good thing the bottle is little :)

I did buy Kat a few things for next summer on clearance, a pink pair of shorts that are sooooo sweet. They even have the button feature in the waist, very hard to find that in shorts and Kat can actually fit a 12-18 months size in shorts. I bought 2 T for next year in shorts, 3-4 T in shirts.

We ate at Long John Silver's where Kat got fish. She LOVES fish, ate quite well and then later went went for ice cream- choc-o- late for her, of course. She was pretty much done by then and when Jie Jie had a hard time finding jeans she was whining "go home, I ready" expecting that she would get her way.

We drove past a Walmart and she said "Walmart" so she now knows and requests, "Dollar Store" ( her favorite) and "Walmart". She is one shopping girl :) We managed to get everything for Jie Jie to start school in style so now everyone is ready and just 7 days to go. It will be a shock to Kat and I when they are gone all day, but I think we will survive :)

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