Thursday, August 9, 2007

10 months since Gotcha!

Wow, 10 months since our Gotcha. So much difference in our lives and girl! We started out with the tiny little bug, shaved head, 23 1/2 lbs, 35 inches. Very babyish in behavior except for completely potty trained. But needed held. Reassured each day that I was her Momma, spoke Cantonese, Mandarin and some Tong Tongese- that's what we called the stuff we didn't understand. Sang nursery songs in Chinese. Didn't so much as MOVE from bed unless we told her to, was very close to Camden but let him lead in everything. We saw this picture the night before we got her- quite frankly we were scared. She looked very unhappy, more like a boy, certainly not very girly at all. Not that we were vain in thinking we would turn down adopting our child chosen by God, we knew there was more to adopting her than looks but it was not a pretty picture at all. The most recent picture we had seen up to that time was one of 5 total pictures we had of her and she had little pig tails and looking like she was trying to smile maybe. But we had no clue that the foster family had no camera at that time and she most likely equated anything with pictures to the orphanage- and that would have been bad for her. She was very attached to her PoPo and probably would not have wanted to go to the orphanage for anything. Hubby and I didn't even share with each other till recently how scared we both were over that picture. I think we both put it in God's hands and decided to reserved judgement for the next day- and all was fine then :) I posted the most serious looking recent face I could get of her and it is no where near the miserable look on her face in the first picture- I hope I NEVER see that look on her face. I can't believe myself that it is the same child!

FAST FORWARD 10 months- today she told Camden to "shut up" (we aren't allowed to say that here so he told on her immediately, and acted soooo innocent as to having done anything to her or taught her that) Momma wasn't surprised. Miss Kat has Kat-a tude- as I call it. Like last night when I arrived in from work with all the children running to me saying " Hi mom, Mom's home" and I hear "hi Vickie." I did a double take and said "HUH?" I had to ask if she said it and she said "yeah" like I was deaf or something (did someone turn her into a teenager while I worked an 8 hour shift???) and I LONGED for the sweet girl that would touch my arm and say "My MOMMA" just 6 months ago! I corrected her fast but was shocked she tried that out, so soon! She is clearly testing her limits with us. She HAS to touch everything, she has gotten in trouble more than once for this issue. She will push to see if we "really" mean it, as if she can't stand to NOT touch it, just ONCE, whatever "IT" is. She is very, very bright, she counts to 15 now. She knows red, blue, yellow, green, purple, pink, white, and orange. She can be told something once and she will remember it. (Excluding DON'T TOUCH :)

Wow- she's growing so fast! Physically we are gaining. She is now 27 1/2 pounds and 37 inches. So we have gotten 4 pounds and 2 inches on her. She looks healthy, happy and is thriving- her babyish look is rapidly disappearing. Far from making me sad, this is a good thing, we did not go to China to adopt a baby, we WANTED an older child and she has turned out to be everything we hoped and dreamed for. She is growing and learning, she knows she belongs with us, but she still has her China family too. She was naming off all "her family" "My Baba, my Derrik, my Camden, my Po Po, my Wai Gong, my Gie Gie, my Jay, my Grandma, my Jie Jie, my Don-abin, and who does she forget?? MOM!!! I said HEY, what about ME? She got the biggest laugh out of forgetting me. Too funny since she has to be with me or know where I am at all times!
Her shaved head is a faint memory to us. The headbands are still there but she claims they are too "itchy" for the Princess' liking and she won't wear them very often. Her hair has grown so amazingly fast- it's so fun to see her with hair, she looks tons better! Her head is still very flat in the back, it looks funny when her hair is wet and she can not wear a high ponytail, it won't go back right.We thought at first this was an "orphanage" thing- from lying flat too much but then we laughed when we checked out our guide's head in China and his was as flat as can be. Apparently some Asians just have flat heads. No big deal to us, she's a cute little love bug.
She is still a singing girl, she sings all the time. In the shower it is a Scooby Doo song- "Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you? We got some work to do now" while she scrubs herself. She also sings the "Girlfriend "song- way too funny - "Hey hey, hey hey, I aln't like girlfriend, no no, no way, think need new one." And a Disney show song "push it, push it, to the limit, limit, 'cause we're in it to win it all yeah" with the hand motions and all. Watch out American Idol, she's heading your way!

All I can say is 10 months of joy, of love, of kisses, of fun, of giggles, and it's only getting better. We couldn't love her more, she loves all of us and fits right in with her spunk and spirit. I'm ever so proud to call her "my daughter." We still think we got the best one:)


Mission to Macie said...

She is a beauty! Happy 10 months gotcha!

Jill :)
Macie's Momma

Andie said...

You're right, she is a beauty. What courage you have/had. Being in a new country, and scared to death. But you followed your heart to the child that God made for you! Every post you write confirms that Kat is yours, always was meant to be. I rejoice that she had PoPo to love her until you could. What a blessing!
I got a GREAT one!!