Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's a Kat's life

Miss Kat and I are having a wonderful time spending our days together, just 2 so far but we have our routine started. She is so very helpful with anything I ask of her. No one to even try to outdo, as usually when I ask for something, her and Camden make a race of it with them both yelling ( I got it, I GOT IT) and someone being the "loser" and bawling. Not fun.
Today she helped me get the doggy bathed and got me a towel and the hair dryer. Yeah, I have to blow dry the dog, he's a Maltese and has to be combed out since I keep his fur long. He's the pampered Prince of the house.
Kat and I took him out today and she was her usual chatter box self, she pointed to our house and said "house" and then "my home." So sweet. She pointed out her window, the kitchen window. Not too much gets by her. She was playing today after getting dressed and her hair was wet and drying, it really seems to be taking off in growth. She has her bangs but the rest is going far down her back and is really pretty. It's coming in so nicely. She looked a bit wild while it was still wet till I fixed it. I have to fix it with barettes or something as the top is getting too long and hangs in her face, not that I am complaining about fixing it. I love doing stuff with her hair, she is still good at letting me till she tires of it then she become a squirm worm.

School seems to be going okay so far, Camden reports today he "loves" his teacher, she is so nice. I found a countdown list Donovan was making- only 178 more days to go- yikes, guess he isn't as thrilled. Malaree is busy with field hockey after school, although she was kind enough to pity me with my hand in a major cramp last night after filling out the same forms x 3!! Emergency forms, forms for yearbooks (already) pictures (already!) lunch account forms, amazing the amount of forms for each one! Some folks take off work to see their kids off to school for the first day, I take off since I can't bear the thought of coming home at 11pm to fill out ALL THOSE FORMS>Camden said this morning- looking at his forms- "WOW- you filled the WHOLE thing out", gosh nobody told me there was an option to fill it out part way :) I think his teacher would not have been amused.
I have a whole list of thing to do tomorrow, shin guards for Camden, Dry Erase board for chore assignments for children (we need better organization of their expected chores and privileges earned) and call to see what my duties are as Team Parent for Soccer, yes, I am attempting the Super Woman routine of taking that on. I hope it gets me out of booth/food duties for the season. Maybe if I organize who does the booth, I can exclude ME? Shhhhh, don't tell anyone :)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Camden goes to school

Off to school they went. Wooooopeeeeeee! Camden was so incredibly excited, he was up EARLY and at 7:15am when he woke me ( alarm not gone off yet) he was dressed (not what he was supposed to wear), had eaten (4 bites), had brushed his teeth (had to do it again after he ate more) and was raring to get there. He was hanging on the couch looking out the window saying " Is it time yet?"
Kat was okay with him going, I thought she would be more upset than she was, but she must have remembered how it works from last school year since she said "he's gone" after he boarded the bus. She did try to go with him and I told her no, but she just came back to me and stood quietly. Camden seems so grown up, 1st grade, already :(
Camden dressed in shorts, although it was only 55 degrees, it is going to warm up so I am glad he went in shorts. Kat, on the other hand has declared winter is here and has on a velour long sleeved outfit. She was even claiming she was "cold" in it when we got outside.

I got Kat to eat one bite of Frosted Mini Wheats today, she rubbed her belly and said "yummy" but when offered more she said "that 'nough" and back to her corndog she went. She is serving me "tea" and we are toasting the school year beginning. So far she is enjoying having the TV to herself, has yelled at me for running the sweeper (can't hear!!")and is filling her tea cups with water from the bathroom sink. I really enjoy our alone time, we are heading out to lunch to celebrate our time together.

Now the kids are off school Friday, Monday and Tuesday, I guess we don't want to overtax their systems with too much learning all at once :) So that will be loads of fun, back to the bickering we go!

I was making our bed this weekend and the bed shams were gone, I had worked the night before and didn't realize they were gone. So as Kat is helping me I said "hey, where's the big pillows?" She quickly says " I know, I know" and takes off. She comes back with them and we finish up. Later we go downstairs and Baba asked me if I told her to get the shams. I said "Yeah, why?" I guess he was laying on one (doesn't know any better, obviously, they are for SHOW- NOT to use) and she ripped it right out from under his head and took off. Poor Baba.

I was tagged today and have to tell something from my middle name, ha ha, it's short, I love it.

L- Little- my fingers you perverts. 5 1/2 wedding ring size.
Y- Yellow- the color of my kitchen (along with royal blue and brick red-don't ask)

N- Nurse, yeah I'm one, except when that little old lady down the hall is screeching "nurse, nurse, NURSE" hahahahah

N- Never say never, all things are possible with God. I can't do anything without God:)

I'll have to tag four people- four letters in my name, that's how it works so I tag Andie, Jill, Rebecca and Annette.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Kat goes to school

Tuesday night was soooo popular on my calendar. I was supposed to work. Got a notice about First Grade Orientation. So I switched work. Then got a paper saying I needed to be at Malaree's teacher orientation ( just one teacher) and thought I'd send Baba to that. Well, Baba came home from work to tell me he won $100 tickets to a concert of Counting Crows. So he and Malaree got to go to that while Camden, Kat, and I went to first grade ( 1st grade already!) orientation/picnic in the rain. We moved in to the cafeteria and all the kids were all running around the gym like wild animals. So my kids had to join in, of course. Next thing I know Miss Kat is crying and holding her head. Run in with Cameron, not Camden, Cameron. She is fine.

Camden's teacher gets the fun of not just Camden and Cameron this year, but an additional Cameryn (girl). So we will have lots of fun with that. I got papers and so did Cameron's mom from the wrong kids all of last year. You'd think they'd split them up but NO, they must like to test the teacher??

Kat made herself right at home at the reading corner. She was playing hopscotch on the mat and lounging away. I don't think she will be happy at all that he goes on Monday and not her. School is super cool to her. She can't even go next year since her birthday is October. Stuck with ol' mom.

Camden is trashing his room today looking for Donovan's MP3 player he got for Christmas and lost, Donovan won another one at a company picnic and he said he would give one to Camden if he finds the lost one. Oh yeah.... the mess coming from under the bed is scaring me....

Baba's birthday is today, he is working on his blazer tonight? He has to have help from a friend and this was the night to do it, he scribbled out his birthday off the calender in a fit of anger this week, I guess over the 5 places I was supposed to be on Tuesday that made me upset. Mainly since the 5th place I got called for 2 hours ahead of time was a meeting to be TEAM PARENT for Camden's soccer. AHHHHH- who signed me up for that without telling me- BABA. I asked him if he mistakenly thought he had married Super Woman- since all he had was ME! Super woman I am NOT.
In the meantime I have one nerve left and school starts on Monday. I am sad but happy. Sad to see the summer end but if they bicker with one another one more time I don't know what I may do :) So happy they will be occupied for the days and enjoy seeing one another after school.

We are off to get Baba a cake and fun gifts from the kids, you know, like whistle blowers, punch balls, things the kids like and say they KNOW he will love them as a gift from them :)
Happy Birthday to Baba, Camden told everyone how old you are so I can share it too, 42! Still young enough to get another girl from China- haha!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Another China girl

Amazing how our life is so full of China girls. We just love them! Jadyn came to visit on Saturday and we had a fun visit. Jadyn is not from Kat's orphanage but they look, speak and act the most alike of all the China girls we know. Kat is 1 inch and 1 pound bigger. They confuse their mommas anytime they yell, "mom" or ask for any thing. It's very funny. Jadyn was in the tree house and said "ahhh, comm'on man" and I truly thought that had to be Kat, as she says exactly the same thing. The girls had a ball playing and then munching down on their favorite food, corn on the cob! They both ate well and back to playing they went. They had the pop up fire truck & tunnels in the yard and had a blast running around in them. They also tackled Jadyn's brother in the hammock swing. We are so happy they got to come for the cookout and we hope to see them again soon. Kat gave Jadyn some of her Ensure she drinks since Kat still will not drink any type of milk and Jadyn calls it Kat milk. Help them both grow :)

We were glad Jadyn got to come over since Kat threw up on Friday morning so I was worried she was ill but it seemed as though her breakfast of Italian Wedding soup didn't sit right and after she covered the bathroom in it, she was just fine :( Mess for mom, but bouncing, happy Kat was back in action.

Our weather took a turn chilly yesterday, it rained all day and was in the 60's. Kat was right back to jeans and long sleeves. We took Jie Jie school shopping, she was the last one to be outfitted and is always the hardest, most expensive one to do :) Since Kat didn't need anything for school , much to her dismay, she got a Hello Kitty furry pouch with lip gloss and fingernail polish. She has since painted my toes, nails, her toes, nails, Camden's toes and nails, Baba's nails and started on her dolls nails and toes today. She is like a mad painter. I have about 4 coats now on my fingernails. Good thing the bottle is little :)

I did buy Kat a few things for next summer on clearance, a pink pair of shorts that are sooooo sweet. They even have the button feature in the waist, very hard to find that in shorts and Kat can actually fit a 12-18 months size in shorts. I bought 2 T for next year in shorts, 3-4 T in shirts.

We ate at Long John Silver's where Kat got fish. She LOVES fish, ate quite well and then later went went for ice cream- choc-o- late for her, of course. She was pretty much done by then and when Jie Jie had a hard time finding jeans she was whining "go home, I ready" expecting that she would get her way.

We drove past a Walmart and she said "Walmart" so she now knows and requests, "Dollar Store" ( her favorite) and "Walmart". She is one shopping girl :) We managed to get everything for Jie Jie to start school in style so now everyone is ready and just 7 days to go. It will be a shock to Kat and I when they are gone all day, but I think we will survive :)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Min Sisters

The much awaited visit with Rissa, Min Bi He was today at Chuckie Cheese. Narissa (Rissa) is quite shy, she warmed up to Kat first. We let them play some then sat down to talk and eat. Amusing to find out that the girls knew each other from their orphanage, as we suspected, but amazing to hear Rissa say they weren't friends- "they SISTERS"> Kat says they slept together. Now we KNOW for a fact they did not get fostered together so this must be back at the orphanage at an age that you wouldn't think they could remember. But they clearly DO. Both the girls were understanding of them being Min girls, I think their biggest confusion was their NEW names, with each other. Rissa obviously knew Tong Tong ahh (Kat), as a Min girl, even though she uses Tong as candy or a boo boo now. Different tones for each. But she knew Tong Tong-ahh when I said Kat's China name. Rissa has also been excited to see pictures of the Min girl being adopted from China that we advocated for with a blood disorder, as she said she played with her. Rissa is the sweetest little girl, so pretty too. She is Special needs to China- can you guess her issue? Bet not! She actually has a facial paralysis from a removal of a ?? along side her face. It affects one side of her face. She is so precious! If anyone knows of any hospitals, doctors working with this issue please let me know. Her family loves her as she is, but want the best for her and are searching for ways to help her get some more movement. So I will pass any help on to them that anyone can give.
Kat and Rissa played and played, they rode everything together, thank goodness they have small tushies. Kat even taught Rissa how to cheat at Skeeball, she stands on the platform and walks down it to the holes! Cheater. Kat saw Rissa driving a car and since she had a plastic dude in the car with her Kat climbed in back and rode along. It took Rissa about 30 minutes to figure out the "tokens needed- hand them over" theme at ol' Chuckie's. What a smart girl! I went thru over 400 tokens and I think Camden got a bunch of toy soldiers for the dog to chew and me to step on after he took all the tickets and cashed them in, even Kat's, the turd. Good thing she doesn't care if she has 200 or 20.

Kat had wanted to give Rissa a gift, so we picked out cute jeans, with the button feature in the waist to tighten them to fit ( never buy a China girl anything else, they are too skinny to fit without this feature) a shirt claiming "It's all about me" since Rissa is their QinZhou princess. Also she got her a play cell phone so they can call each other since Kat got the same phone for herself. Rissa got Kat some fun stuff too, a candy necklace kit, pencils, ( she is attaching them all in row to her neckline as I type) foo foo ahh (hair) accessories and such. The girls just LOVE gifts, they love the bags, the tissue paper, the actual gifts, they have to every bit packed up and they carry them around forever. Both of them are the same about that. It's pretty cute to see until they freak out when you misplace the tissue paper they had- ahhhhh. Yikes. They have many the same behaviors, and both a very much princesses:) The girls were very loving with each other, not even needing to be prompted, they were dancing, hugging, and giving kisses. So cute to see.

We thank Ruthie and Craig for taking the time and driving so far to come see us, you guys are the best, we will be friends forever as we have these Min sisters we have to keep in touch! Rissa is not quite as fond of her males of her family, she is still learning they are pretty cool, since she was fostered with a woman mainly. Kat has no such reservations and was all over them. She was hugging and kissing them all, having them carry her around. She really enjoyed her time with the whole family- Ruthie offered to take her home- all I am saying is - Ha ha, nice try:)

Rissa lucked out and didn't have the good old head shave before her family came to get her, must be just the ones with fast growing hair that get that:( Rissa has been home since Feb and her hair is not growing very fast. Kat's is amazing as far as coming in from a total shave with maybe 1/4 inch of hair left back in Sept. 2006. Rissa's is also quite a few shades lighter than Kat's. They are not Bio sisters, of course, probably not even the same minority group but they are sisters of their hearts. I can just see them as younger girls, in the same crib, holding onto each other for comfort.
Ruthie's hubby was making fun of us "girls," Ruthie and I both wore green shirts, had the same camera, dressed both the girls in pale pink and sandals, all by accident. Great minds think alike, is all I can say:) I seemed to have gotten both the pictures of the moms and girls with Rissa chewing her gum. Ruthie will have to send me a shot without that :)

As we ended our day, we made plans for next year at Hershey Park, to go and possibly even spend the night so we can all have more time together. I know the girls would just love that and maybe they could even sleep together, just like old times. But with a new bright future for them both. No more dreaming for a family of your own baby girls, you have gotten your dreams and wishes answered. 2 of God's precious little ones, right where He wanted them to be, blessing each of our two families with their wonderful spirits, personalities, smiles and girly giggles. What wonderful girls you both are, we love you forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever...............

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dan Dan called

Talk about sweet. Dan Dan called Monday night for "Tong Tong." Tong Tong aka Kat was off shopping with Baba, they had to go to coin star and cash in those coins from the washer. I have NEVER cleaned out pockets but I think I'll start. Camden netted almost $13 in change from the washer, when it was moved. WOW>

Anyway DanDan wanted to talk with Tong Tong and who knows what about? But chat they did and we are looking forward to seeing Miss Caidi (Dan Dan) and her mom soon. We are planning a 1 year Gotcha and Tong Tong Birthday reunion. What FUN that will be!

We are trying a Dan Dan trick with our kids, it works quite well for Caidi so we are giving it a whirl. All screaming must be done outside, as in stand on the porch yelling your fool head off. Then when it's all out, you go in house. No screaming allowed. Maybe I'll be left with that one last nerve I have through their childhood. No, I doubt it. Anyway, we tried it this morning and Camden screams like a girl. No kidding. I'm thinking Derrik will be sorry he moved next door when he has worked night shift :)

Kat is playing with her dollhouse this morning but her "babies" in the swings are coins??? Camden is teaching her ??? greed?

Yesterday I was working on the computer and something went wrong and out slipped "oh SH--". Didn't I hear Miss COPY Kat say "oh SH--" YIKES!!!! Malaree said, "Oh don't say that Kat" and I was just stunned. I have always figured God gives allowances for mothers of 7 to slip once in a while but I am thinking that doesn't include teaching little innocent girls to say such things. Even if it was the funniest thing but we did not laugh- bad, bad momma.

We went shopping the other day and Miss Kitty runs straight to the GLUE and wants some, as in "me have some?" Momma said "No, you don't need that," thinking MESSY- and she says " AHHH- but I wuv it" and out came the lip (see picture). I am immune to that lip but I am sure her hubby is in DEEP trouble since if it had been Baba, she'd been coming home with GLUE.

We almost, almost got a foreign exchange student from China, too bad our local school was full of their quota of foreign students. No idea we even had to worry about a "quota" to host one. Bummer. She even spoke Cantonese. Maybe next year we can swing it. I'd love to have a China girl to come stay a year. It would help us learn more of China's customs. Although she may be shocked when she gets out of school at 3:00pm compared to 9:30 pm in China! Plus they start 2 hours earlier. So much for family time?

Tomorrow we are off to a favorite place Chuck E. Cheese- I have the Advil in my car now, so I can deal with the headache I will have. We are meeting up with Ruthie- our dear wonderful friend that adopted Min Bie He this past Feb. She was on the waiting child list with Kat and Caidi. They are all from QinZhou. We are anxious to meet Narissa (Min Bie He) and see Ruthie again.

I'll post more after the fun:)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Reunion #2

Well, we made it through Reunion #2 with lots of fun. This was Baba's family, poor Kat went to tell Grandma "hello" and there were the 3 Grandmas together and she told the wrong one! Had to look twice. Kat had fun playing on the play equipment till she was hungry and she snuck some ham before it was time to eat. She was too hungry to wait and who could tell her "NO" when she was hanging over the ham carver like a puppy dog:) She did look back at mom to see if it was okay to take the piece she was offered.
Baba's family is a very traditional Polish family, we had the whole feast and it was GOOD> we were touched how welcomed Kat was made, everyone asked about her and said how adorable she was, not that she would hold still for a minute to say hello to anyone but she did let mom introduce her to her twin nephews. They are young men now and poor Baba has NEVER been able to tell them apart.
The kids all had fun with the water pump, Kat tried to help her Dona-bin but I don't think she weighs enough to be a BIG help, as you can see in the picture. After lunch they all took of swimming and Dona-bin came back with a big ol' lump on his head. Can't have a picnic without incident, and he refused to hold the ice on the goose egg lump so it didn't go down much.
I got a great picture of Grandma, Uncle Mark, and Baba, Baba has always been jealous that Uncle Mark is older and still has COLOR left in his hair. I personally LIKE Baba with grey hair, it looks smashing with his blue eyes and that fabulous dimple.
You can't see the words on Baba's shirt but it says "Months of waiting.......15 hours on a plane to China... 40 hours no sleep......Holding my daughter in my arms.....Priceless. Momma bought him that through the Journey to Me site that we started out our blogging on, since it started with the journey to Kat! Speaking of which, Grandma asked about "those other kids" and as I posted at first, I love them just as much, love them dearly, but this site is mainly about Kat, her adoption, her adjustment, so that's why I post the most about her. Also the others are camera phobics, I swear, I'd spend my life trying to get decent pics to put on here if I posted about them all.
They are soooo bad that I have made an appointment for Sept. to get professional pictures of the 7 kids. I made sure #1 was off work. I told #2 and #3 to make sure they get off work. I told them it's my birthday gift so they CAN NOT refuse.
I told #1 to get haircut, shave.
#2 no more haircuts, and no shaving beard into swiggly forms for fun.
#3 get haircut, don't shave.
#4 no haircuts, wearing a dress- no arguments.
#5 no more crew cut haircuts!
I take care of #6 and #7 so I will do their hair.
I bought the boys all shirts to match, told them to get a decent pair of jeans. I have the dresses for Kat and Malaree to match boys. It's takes me months to get this all right!

After the reunion was winding down ( no one noticed my hair or fluffiness) Mom headed off to work and Baba took the kids over to Grandma's. Uncle Mark and Aunt Karen were staying there and Grandma was brave enough to keep Camden, Kat and Donovan to boot. Aunt Karen is always so sweet, she brought a gift for Kat and she opened it and said "for school", it was a "Hello Kitty" backpack. She also got her a sing-a-long CD which is perfect since she was singing away at Grandma's and amusing everyone. She keeps "packing" her backpack and showing it to me today- thanks so much Aunt Karen, you always pick the best gifts!

We also got to go to the local fair this week, I forgot to take my camera, but there wasn't too much to see. It was very HOT and we didn't stay too long. Baba took the boys to the demo derby and I took Kitty to see the animals. She was very funny in the animal barns, she liked the bunnies, at the cows she was very quiet and I asked her if she was scared, she was so stiff! She was, but we got her to see one up close and she even touched it, although we were laughing at her "touching", a tiny finger went out and barely touched the cow, then back to her side it flew. She declared then "I touched it." She liked the goats, pigs, little horses, not the big ones. She played a fishing game and picked out some hammer toy she can bonk Camden on the head with and the fair was over for another year for us :)

Last night when I got home from work she was crashed on the couch, piggy tails still in, still dressed. She was TIRED. Baba carried her up to bed and she just barely woke to see me and give a hug and she was OUT. This morning she was asking where everyone is:) She must have forgotten they stayed at Grandma's and Baba said she didn't even fuss to stay. So now she is entertaining herself by washing her play dishes in the bathroom sink while I post.That girl and water...........

Thursday, August 9, 2007

10 months since Gotcha!

Wow, 10 months since our Gotcha. So much difference in our lives and girl! We started out with the tiny little bug, shaved head, 23 1/2 lbs, 35 inches. Very babyish in behavior except for completely potty trained. But needed held. Reassured each day that I was her Momma, spoke Cantonese, Mandarin and some Tong Tongese- that's what we called the stuff we didn't understand. Sang nursery songs in Chinese. Didn't so much as MOVE from bed unless we told her to, was very close to Camden but let him lead in everything. We saw this picture the night before we got her- quite frankly we were scared. She looked very unhappy, more like a boy, certainly not very girly at all. Not that we were vain in thinking we would turn down adopting our child chosen by God, we knew there was more to adopting her than looks but it was not a pretty picture at all. The most recent picture we had seen up to that time was one of 5 total pictures we had of her and she had little pig tails and looking like she was trying to smile maybe. But we had no clue that the foster family had no camera at that time and she most likely equated anything with pictures to the orphanage- and that would have been bad for her. She was very attached to her PoPo and probably would not have wanted to go to the orphanage for anything. Hubby and I didn't even share with each other till recently how scared we both were over that picture. I think we both put it in God's hands and decided to reserved judgement for the next day- and all was fine then :) I posted the most serious looking recent face I could get of her and it is no where near the miserable look on her face in the first picture- I hope I NEVER see that look on her face. I can't believe myself that it is the same child!

FAST FORWARD 10 months- today she told Camden to "shut up" (we aren't allowed to say that here so he told on her immediately, and acted soooo innocent as to having done anything to her or taught her that) Momma wasn't surprised. Miss Kat has Kat-a tude- as I call it. Like last night when I arrived in from work with all the children running to me saying " Hi mom, Mom's home" and I hear "hi Vickie." I did a double take and said "HUH?" I had to ask if she said it and she said "yeah" like I was deaf or something (did someone turn her into a teenager while I worked an 8 hour shift???) and I LONGED for the sweet girl that would touch my arm and say "My MOMMA" just 6 months ago! I corrected her fast but was shocked she tried that out, so soon! She is clearly testing her limits with us. She HAS to touch everything, she has gotten in trouble more than once for this issue. She will push to see if we "really" mean it, as if she can't stand to NOT touch it, just ONCE, whatever "IT" is. She is very, very bright, she counts to 15 now. She knows red, blue, yellow, green, purple, pink, white, and orange. She can be told something once and she will remember it. (Excluding DON'T TOUCH :)

Wow- she's growing so fast! Physically we are gaining. She is now 27 1/2 pounds and 37 inches. So we have gotten 4 pounds and 2 inches on her. She looks healthy, happy and is thriving- her babyish look is rapidly disappearing. Far from making me sad, this is a good thing, we did not go to China to adopt a baby, we WANTED an older child and she has turned out to be everything we hoped and dreamed for. She is growing and learning, she knows she belongs with us, but she still has her China family too. She was naming off all "her family" "My Baba, my Derrik, my Camden, my Po Po, my Wai Gong, my Gie Gie, my Jay, my Grandma, my Jie Jie, my Don-abin, and who does she forget?? MOM!!! I said HEY, what about ME? She got the biggest laugh out of forgetting me. Too funny since she has to be with me or know where I am at all times!
Her shaved head is a faint memory to us. The headbands are still there but she claims they are too "itchy" for the Princess' liking and she won't wear them very often. Her hair has grown so amazingly fast- it's so fun to see her with hair, she looks tons better! Her head is still very flat in the back, it looks funny when her hair is wet and she can not wear a high ponytail, it won't go back right.We thought at first this was an "orphanage" thing- from lying flat too much but then we laughed when we checked out our guide's head in China and his was as flat as can be. Apparently some Asians just have flat heads. No big deal to us, she's a cute little love bug.
She is still a singing girl, she sings all the time. In the shower it is a Scooby Doo song- "Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you? We got some work to do now" while she scrubs herself. She also sings the "Girlfriend "song- way too funny - "Hey hey, hey hey, I aln't like girlfriend, no no, no way, think need new one." And a Disney show song "push it, push it, to the limit, limit, 'cause we're in it to win it all yeah" with the hand motions and all. Watch out American Idol, she's heading your way!

All I can say is 10 months of joy, of love, of kisses, of fun, of giggles, and it's only getting better. We couldn't love her more, she loves all of us and fits right in with her spunk and spirit. I'm ever so proud to call her "my daughter." We still think we got the best one:)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Heat is on

Man, is it HOT! Humid, cooking us, and Kat is loving it. Coming from a fishing village and southern area of China she is used to this weather. Anything under 70 degrees and less humid she is COLD! But as we aren't used to this year round, we are roasting and nearly well done :) One funny thing we noticed in China is Chinese people do not sweat/smell at ALL. You can not find deodorant there, they do not need it. Isn't that strange. No wonder they think of us as stinky Americans.
We were in the bathroom the other day, I was attempting to shower alone (how dare me) and Kat waltzes in to "talk with me" while I shower. So as we are talking we are going over her Chinese that is left, she came to us speaking Cantonese and some Mandarin. She still uses-
Alliyah- pee
O- see yah - poop
Me ah guh- all done
Bonga bongahh- up, pick me up
Wai po- grandma
Wai gong- grandpa
Foon gowl- sleep
Foo foo ahhh- hair
Wo I knee - I love you
Knee how-hello
Knee how ma- How are you?
Jie Jie- Big sister
Gu Gu- Big Brother
Baba- Daddy
So after we go through all of them we move on to my shaved legs and her memories of Po Po as she called her foster mom. This is an affectionate term for Wai Po ( grandma) as they called her Tong Tong from her name Min An Tong. I asked if Po Po fixed her hair, "uh huh", made her lunch, "uh huh" took her shopping, "uh huh" gave her bath- NO- gave her shower, NO! I am thinking WHAT? Then I realized that she probably didn't equate the sponge bath she most likely got with a "bath." Water is a rare commodity in China so they waste none. She LOVES water here, rain, bath, shower, pool, doesn't matter, she has a ball in it. her pictures are of her wet, from rain, what little we got last week was in the form of one downpour and she just had to be in it. It's so very fun to run around in the rain and get soaked. Camden and her had a ball getting wet.
Kat got 2 videos, Elmos goes potty and Backyardigans. Her fascination with potty is a mystery, she came to us potty trained so well she wouldn't go pooh till we put her on the pot and told her to go. So why is her favorite book and now movie about potty? My guess is it is about doing it themselves, since in China she was held over the squatty potty and went. She's all about doing things herself. She can even run the DVD, TV and put in her movies. Pretty smart when mom isn't quite sure how to do it still :)

Thursday, August 2, 2007

August is here

Yes, Mom is singing the song "they're going back to school, they're going back to school, yippee, yippee, yippee yay, they're going back to school." Children's feelings- not amused :) I start singing this Aug 1 and sing it every day till they go. Not that I don't love them dearly but their bickering and messes will not be missed. I will have Kitty and my house to myself for the better part of the day. We can pick up and run out to the store or whatever and not be hauling everyone along.
We are doing more school clothes shopping and getting them ready. Camden can hardly wait to go to first grade, Donovan dislikes school and doesn't want to go back. But he's gonna!
This week I got out Kitty's winter stuff to see what still fits and sold a bunch of stuff that didn't on ebay. Wow, did we do well, now we can buy more clothes:) Mostly she is fitting 3T, a few 2T's but the majority of them were too small and we sold. Shamefully we had numerous things that we NEW or barely worn, I am glad to have gotten good prices for them so we can buy her 3T stuff for this winter. And yes, she owns more jeans now, I can't stand her being "cold" so I'll settle for dresses in the summer and jeans or leggings with cute tops or even a dress or two for winter, but her legs have to be covered.
I did her hair in pigtails today and it clearly is growing like mad. It was always falling down in the back and the front wouldn't hold but it's cute little piggytails now with it all staying in and looking so adorable. Even her bangs are nearly evened out. Much faster growing than I expected. She wasn't happy to get her hair done but once it was done and I asked for pictures she was better, she smiled when I asked if she needed tickled to smile, she loves to be tickled, but she decided she could spout out "Camden has stinky feet" and makes herself giggle over that. Such a goof.
She learned this week to say "Camden did it, Donovan did it, even Jamie did it," but never "Kat did it" when asked what happened. Hummm. She is also singing some song about Spiderman that Dono-bin taught her.
We got some ice cream the other night and Kat was eating hers till she saw Baba had chocolate and she had to "try" it. She pretty much took over poor Baba's dish and ate the rest of his Choc-o-lot, as she called it. Then she got into Derrik's since he had choc-o-lot in the form of fudge in his. Pretty funny watching her pigging down everyone else's ice cream.
Kitty wants to go to the "dollar store" and get some juice, "go shopping" she says, so like her momma, loves to shop, I think we are soul mates :)