Saturday, July 7, 2007

She's playful again

Miss Kat seems to be doing quite well these days. the last few nights she has slept through the night, in her own bed! Mom says "WHOOO HOOO!" Camden got paid back in full for the fruit snack frenzy, he was up at 3am with a belly ache and vomited. In mom's bed, of course. Do all kids have this secret code when it comes to gross things? Is the baby talk really a code for "puking- go to mom's bed", bleeding- do it in mom's bed"- ahhhhh! He was nice enough to do it over the side of the bed so that I got to wash the bed skirt and rugs along with all of the bedding and him :) I love my kids. Really.
Kat went to Chuck E. Cheese, she's getting to be a real regular there, ha ha. Our sitter ( a brave, brave woman) always takes the kids for various things over the summer so she took them for their Chuck E. trip yesterday. She had a little friend, Hannah to play all over with but mainly took to our sitter's oldest son (he's 13) and wanted carried everywhere by him. When she first saw him back months ago, we could not decide what she was saying, but she was just all over him. Then we realized he looked quite similar to her foster brother in China, same build, same hair color and she was calling him her foster brother's name. So sweet, that she remembered this Gie Gie and was clearly very fond of him.
So she had a good time at Chuckie's Place again and mom missed out on the headache- yeah!! Actually I was home doing the laundry- thanks Camden! I am glad they had a fun day.
Kat was playing outside today and she is one little monkey. She keeps climbing on the swing frame and swinging on it. She also can scale the rock wall FAST- and to come down she is yelling "me do it" so you can't even touch her even though she looks like she is going to fall. She goes up in the tree house and down, another hair whiting experience for her mother when I look. I asked her if she was part monkey and she said "yes".
Her Gie Gie Derrik came and wanted to take her for Chinese supper, something she is always up for. So off we went and she enjoyed talking with the girls, the owners' daughters. I got her to say Ni Hao "hello" to them but that was all. She was more interested in EATING!
She's back to singing all the time so her throat must feel a ton better. She sounds less like a"Chuckie" doll, thank goodness. She also has started pretending she is playing a guitar when she hears music, it's funny to see her "strumming away" with her pretend guitar.
A new favorite saying for her is "excuse me" and "I love it," I swear she sounds just like Paris Hilton- what does that tell you? Spoiled little Diva- for sure! She also says "man, come on" when something isn't going her way. We have also found that she thinks she is the ONLY person in a store aisle, she will KNOCK people out of her way and not move for people. Since we aren't trying to raise the Queen here, we are working on that issue with her :) Mostly people hear her coming in her squeaky shoes and give her lots of room anyway. All in all she is enjoying the nice hot weather and is doing well.

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Andie said...

Hi Vickie...I'm back from my trip...and I'm SOO thankful that Kat is doing better. I didn't have internet access while on my trip, and was so concerned about how Kat was doing. I'm thankful she's on the mend. Sounds like you had a great 4th. Good for you! We did too, and when I have a few minutes I'll do a post on my blog...that might have to wait a week or so...we've got VBS next week and I'm in charge! EEEKKK!! Anyway, glad Kat is doing so well.