Thursday, July 19, 2007

Over night with Grandma

Miss Kitty had some fun this week with a trip to Grandma's to spent the night. She went along with Camden and was so happy to go. She came home telling me all about staying at Grandma's and "sleeping in Grandma's bed". Mom was not prepared for this, it became a necessity when I got to work Monday at 3pm and found out I was going to be staying for a 16 hours shift till 7 am. I can't bounce back from a double as easily as I used to so they went to stay with Grandma till I had gotten a few hours of sleep. Since I have not been away from my girl since we brought her home, I fretted and worried that she would be upset- ha- she was THRILLED> She was still mad from Camden getting to go when she had surgery and all she got was a sore throat :( I should have thought too that she was used to being with Po Po, so she is quite comfortable with both her Chinese and American Grandmas :) She played with Camden's car seat once she was home and was "tied" in with her nightgown- goofy girl!
We are very happy to hear that our Uncle Roy and family in Japan are safe with the earthquake and typhoon both going through in the last week. Too scary.
This week has gone by so quickly, it will soon be time to get school clothes.
Dono-bin and Camden slept outside a few nights, I think they have the wrong idea of roughing it. I'm not recalling ever having a cell phone, portable DVD player and laptop in any camping experience I had as a child. Wow, have times changed! Kat never did make it to stay up late enough to sleep out. She wanted to badly but then the boys did not want her to. Some dumb boy rule they were enforcing. They'll find out when she has something they want!
We had our re-check on Kitty's throat, they asked if she was more than 3 weeks post op as she has healed so well. Goodness, that's nice after all the BLOOD nightmares and such. She is just happy to be able to eat corn dogs for breakfast again. Her voice is nice and sweet now, not nasally and she isn't snoring at all. She is sleeping in her own bed and not fussing at night at all. Recovery is OURS!
It's been a good week, no incident with the ice cream truck, no big fights with Gie Gies, I think they are finally used to be off school and enjoying sleeping in and having playmates constantly now. I know Kat will be upset when Camden heads back to school.But we have another month to prepare for that so we will focus on the fun of summer for now:)

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