Monday, July 30, 2007

One Reunion down, one to go!

Kitty's first family reunion. I am sure she was thinking "what in the world are all these goofy people doing?" She wanted to EAT. She had a hot dog and a cupcake. She was having a great weekend with Jamie, Kyle and Andrea coming up to visit early and staying with us. Jamie is Kat's age and Kyle is Camden's age so they have a great time playing. Not to mention Andrea and I are cousins and the same age and we are good friends. We always enjoyed playing together when we were kids as well. It's fun to see OUR kids playing together and having a ball.
What did Kitty do at the reunion? Well she got into the middle of the game the older kids were playing and took the ball. Who's gonna tell that sweet looking little girl to give it back? She got to do a ring toss over lollipops but since she figured out there wasn't much competition since Jamie got one lollipop and decided she was set, Kat just started pulling them all up and dumping them in her bag. Ahh, the candy bags, my girl is hooked on her "candy" bags. She carried it around in her stroller like it was a baby, even strapped it in! She watched it like a hawk. She's quite the little piggy when it comes to candy. She decided to dance with the grandmas' when they got going and she was very funny- she started out playing her invisible guitar but then moved on to learning the "twist. " WOW! I caught her in mid jump, looking as if she's suspended- she was really hopping.

We didn't get to stay too long since mom was off to work, but it was fun. Malaree and Dono-bin even participated in the 3 legged race. Although they did not win. Jie Jie Malaree took pictures, not sure she will be winning any photo contests- although we have great shots of the back of everyone's heads, one of the chairs and one lovely shot of Jie Jie's painted toenails. THANKS Mal! Where'd ya get that pedicure?
Mom's impression of the reunion- well, now this is where it gets fun. Since this is our personal blog and not our FAMILY website, I can dump the nice comments and get down to the dirt.
Uncle Jim, STOP hanging over the chicken since you want to take home as much as possible so we all feel weird getting any to eat with you HOVERING over us. Also, put away your chest- button your shirt , DO NOT set chest hair on fire for entertainment purposes. DO NOT even suggest it. We are not wanting to see that.
Some people are looking their age. No names there. But wow! We are becoming our parents- scary! I wasn't sure what kids belonged to who- ahhh!
Mike, I didn't see ya, sorry I missed ya, would have loved to talked to you but if I saw you I didn't know you- sorry!
Kim, I love your hubby, he's a hoot. Nice kids you have too and I am glad you are my cousin. You came to our family from Korea as a little girl and I always thought you were so beautiful (and you still are) and what a nice person you are, you were part of the reason I knew I could love Kitty without reserve:) Also thanks for bringing home Dono-bin who didn't want to leave when I had to go.
I hear some people may not have been able to attend due to being detained- literally, like behind bars. Vicious rumors. Wild family.
Aunt Leona, thanks for the hug. You are such a good momma, grandmomma, I am jealous. I needed that hug. I love you.
Mom, do not invite me to "dance" to the oldies, it's not cute when my butt gets going and I could actually hurt someone if I decided to really have some fun. I doubt the DJ would have liked seeing a person flying through the air and taking out the speaker if I really "got down." Yikes.
Kids, next time clean up you OWN plates. Thanks for making MOM look like a HOG with 5 PLATES to throw away, like I ate 5 plates of food. And stop telling everyone that I ate my desserts first, you little monsters.
To the planner of the kids games, who ever you were, YOU are CHEAP> peanuts needing shelled are NOT, I repeat, NOT a kids' choice of "treats" Spring for some cheap candy. I'd much rather have wrappers all over than those darn shell pieces that are now littering my whole house. Try stepping on one of those too- OUCH! Cheapskate, buy CANDY!
To the dude who asked who I "belonged to" as if I am 5, you deserved me saying "no one, I just saw a picnic and decided to stop in for free food". HELLO- it was in the boonies, I have red hair, half the family has red hair so I HAD to BELONG- if you are that dumb, I hope we AREN'T related.
Okay, I've had my fun. I'll see everyone again next year. By the way, I may be fluffier this year but I had GREAT HAIR :) and you all thought YOUR family was bad.......huh?


Lynn said...

I enjoyed reading about the reunion. As I was scrolling through the pictures I had to do a double looks just like my families family reunion in Ohio AND it was this past weekend! I was hoping we might be related ! :) We didn't make it to ours this year.


ronvic7 said...

Oh gosh and I thought ours was the worse family around, there are others just like them? Actually part of this crew comes from OHIO- we probably are related, did your pappy run moonshine? Oops, no that was mine- sorry:)

Andi68 said...

It was great spending time with you!, even if you had to work. My kids are still recovering.
Wow, such comments. I'm brave but you are the bravest.:)

Andie said...

Families are CRAZY, but where would we be without them!??!! I'm glad you had a good time at your family reunion.
My aunt is planning a family picture soon, so that will be a reunion. Everyone lives right there in the same town, except me! We had a big family pic taken just 4 years ago, and there have been 8 babies born, and one new husband added! I just counted and there are a total of 44 people in my family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins...their spouses and children) (and this is just my dad's side of the family!!). We used to get together for everything. I miss that SO much!