Monday, July 23, 2007

Mini Vacation

Off we went to a night away, not far from home but in a hotel with a pool. Kat and Camden had a ball in the pool, but the hot tub was just a bit too hot for Miss Kitty. The kiddie pool, just a foot deep was nice, it was much easier to let her have fun in. Kat enjoyed staying in a hotel, she thought it was great fun. We haven't stayed anywhere since we were in China and then we were so eager to get home we NEVER wanted to see a hotel room again, but this was for fun. We shopped and got some school clothes, we were even able to have time for mom to get her hair done since 2 family reunions are in the next 2 weeks and if I'm going to be fluffy at least I'll have great hair! I even like it, it's got blond highlights which are supposed to be "sun kisssed" effects, yeah, with pale redheaded skin it's not quite believable but I bought it :)
After I got my hair done we went to an amusement/waterworks park. Camden and Kat rode rides first, then we split up, Kat doing the rides again and Camden with Baba going to the go carts and water slides which Kat was too small to go on. Yet again, mom must speak the praise of squeaky shoes with many small girls in pink running everywhere, I had NO trouble finding my girl:) Kat seemed to like the fish ride the best, she was all giggles when the fish went up and down, it was fun to watch her having such a good time.
We rode the kiddie rides about 3 more times till she was tired and starting to do bad things, like standing up, sticking hands out, and such that I said "okay, we are done."
Camden and Baba met up with us then and Camden was happy but had scratched up his legs from the slides. Both his poor legs. he even told me later he couldn't have a blanket touch his legs, they were so "broken". Mr. Drama King had 2 brush burns about the size of a dime and quarter, one on each leg. I think he will survive, but he isn't sure that his legs will make it yet. We may have to amputate. Ha HA!

Once we got home the kids were tired, glad to be home, crawled right in their beds and they slept like logs. Hopefully with sweet dreams of a fun day.
Tonight Baba took Camden and Malaree to a local baseball game, Kat was not happy to be left alone with Mom- yeah, mom is just MOM, she wanted CAMDEN> but since she would not sit still for a ball game so she was stuck with me.

Camden and her decided this morning to dig into the toy box that I bet they haven't even looked in for a month or more and they threw EVERYTHING out of it, it was like a treasure hunt. But then nobody wanted to put it all BACK. We found this hat of Camden's that says "I love mom". Miss Kitty looked adorable in it but I wasn't feeling the love from this face :) It was grouchy. So after some time of NO ONE offering to put all the junk back (imagine that) I told her we would work together and we got it all cleaned up.
What a mess. But it's done. Can I hope they think twice before doing that again? I must have wore Kat out since she is now crashed on one of her chairs, hanging half off of it. I didn't think she did that much work :) Guess her bath will wait till morning.

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