Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Happy Independence Day!

Sleep is ours! Finally. The stronger pain medicine is able to go down Miss Kitty as she is eating better and can stomach it. So she is in less pain and able to sleep 4 hours or so without waking crying. No more hysterics either. Wow, I never thought her healing time would be so rough, Dono-bin and Brandon both went through the same thing but I can't recall either of them being so sore for so long. Chalk me up to OLD and forgetful apparently.

Kat is back to climbing on my back as I type, drawing me pictures, eating a corn dog ( boy did that make her happy!!!) and being 80% normal. We still have a bit of the Chuckie voice, the bad breathe and the pain at night. But she is on the road to recovery.
No big plans for the 4th but can I just say that even though my daughter's heritage is Chinese, we are proud to make her a Chinese American, to be a part of the land of the free, where she will have opportunities she would never had a chance to experience being in China. We all came from other countries to make this great country and she is blessed to be a part of the freedom to speak her mind, to work hard and prosper, to travel if she chooses, to marry if she chooses, to make her life be whatever she wants it to be without the confinements of a government rule.
I am happy she will NEVER have to face abandoning a child because it is a girl/ handicapped due to society pressure and government rules. We do not begin to understand the way of life in Chinese society, we do not condemn what we do not understand, we just pray for a better way for the babies and children affected in Chinese society.
We are proud to say "WE ARE Americans!! Happy July 4th to all. Celebrate our Freedoms :)

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