Friday, July 13, 2007

A day of giggles

Some days you just have to think you are raising the world's worse kids. Like when your 6 year old gives you a "wedgie" and then him and his 3 year old sister giggle like crazy. Bad, bad children. Who taught them this? Bad, bad, older brother Dono-bin. Shame on him.
We have been shopping the past few days, Miss Kat said to Gie Gie Derrik when we were headed grocery shopping (see, I did go back there again!) today in the car "Derrik, why you talking?" Apparently the Princess thought SHE had to be the one talking and singing and we were just to listen. It is a hard thing to get a word in edge wise around her. So like her mother. Oh, dear.
Dono-bin's birthday is tomorrow so today's song was Happy Birthday. ALL day! God help us, another teenager in the house. The big 13. Wow, where has that time gone? I can't believe it's been 13 years since I birthed that huge 9 lb 6.4 ounce child that ruined my hips for life. I just love ya Donovan.
Donovan got a tent with some of his birthday money and he is sleeping out in it. Everyone else was too, but so far Kitty has lost the battle to stay up, and Camden is going to be next. They never STAY out there anyway!

We got a fun letter from our family in China this week. Telling us more about where Kat is from. QinZhou. It stays warm there mostly year round, never any snow. Very Humid. They grow grapes, passion fruit, papayas. It is a seaside city so it gets windy. We knew it was a fishing area she came from, due to the pictures and her love of sea food. She will eat anything from the sea, clams, shrimp, fish, etc. She loves it all. Jie Jie Malaree was not thrilled to find out Kat LOVES clams, they are her favorite and she hates to share them as it is when we get some to steam :)
On our one shopping trip mom took Camden and Kat to the play area in our local mall and as they were playing we see this little tiny CHINA girl come to play with her family. WOW- not a sight we see often. So, of course, we HAD to talk to them. Funny thing, as us moms were talking away, Kat and Emma found each other without any help at all and they looked at each other then took off together like two little magnets, hooked together. It was so sweet to see. They clearly knew they were both China girls. They live nearer to us than our other friends and actually know of 3 other families that have China girls. I am so glad to know this. We exchanged names and e-mail and will keep in touch. I didn't think to take my camera but Emma was very close in size to Kat and just one month younger :) Longer hair though. She has 3 brothers and was very close to them, you could see. To think I worried that we lived in such a small town that we would have trouble finding other China girls for Miss Kat to be around. Should have known God would take care of that:)
Mom saw a young mother today, she had 4 girls ages 8 to a baby. Gorgeous girls. I told her she was so blessed as the 3 oldest were trying on shoes of all kinds. She said "yeah, blessed? " I said YES then she said they wanted a boy. I told her all about China- I said GO FOR IT -there are waiting BOYS- they are WONDERFUL. Miss Kitty had suitably impressed her by that time with her joining the fun of the shoe trying on (big mess) with her speech and her great personality. Then my big boy Derrik caught up with me and Kat and said "MOM, are you on the adoption thing again- comm'on." I just smiled and said "see how wonderful boys are?" As he dragged me from the shoe aisle. BOYS> they just don't get our love of SHOES :)
Yesterday we had to be thankful for the squeaky shoes like we never have before. We just pulled in when the ice cream truck came around. It pulled over across the street. It's truly one of those old time trucks with the music blaring and everything. Derrik went to get Kitty ice cream, Camden was in the house not feeling well but crying to be gotten ice cream, so I told Derrik to get him something and as he went to do so, he turned from watching Kitty and I heard her shoes. A car was coming, I saw it and I SCREAMED at her "NO Kitty, DO NOT MOVE!" Thank you God for her listening, thank you, thank you. She STAYED, the car ZOOMED by and Derrik realized what was going on and grabbed her. Between the truck blocking the view of her to this zooming car and the loud music blaring from the ice cream truck, she came SOOOOO incredibly close to being HIT in front of our eyes. I KNEW she was going to try to come to me and I don't know HOW she heard me over that music. Thank God for my BIG MOUTH.
To think I have saved 2 of my kids from being hit now, Derrik nearly walked out in front of a car going 55 mph+ due to him reading a BOOK and not paying attention many years ago. Again, My big mouth, saved him.
I know for sure I lost a few years off my life from the fear of both these incidents. So now the squeaky shoes are forever my favorite. I wonder if they will complain if I send her off to Middle School wearing them? Hummmmm.......


Andie said...

OH how scary!!!! I can't even imagine! Bethany does not listen, she would have been hit. Thank God that Kat did listen!!!

ronvic7 said...

All of our children are so precious but a blink of an eye and life can change, soooo scary! I was shocked she listened, but God took care of her. Normally she would have just kept coming. It was so close I still get sick thinking about it.