Thursday, July 5, 2007

Almost back to normal

If fighting with a brother is the sign of well being, then we are right on. Kat was fighting with Camden over who "owned the cat." Ha ha on them, I think Miss Toffee has all of us wrapped right around her paw :) But the Kat TT-I-TUDE is clearly returning.
We got up today and mom had the bright idea to go to the pool. Might have wanted to check a weather forecast before claiming that to all, since after we were suited up and thinking of going it proceeded to storm. Not just rain but thunder, lightening, the works. Even after it stopped and we thought maybe, it got dark again and stormed again. So there that went.
So for entertainment the children decided to eat their way through the day. I swear every hour they were asking for/hiding and getting "snacks." I bought a 20 pack of fruit snacks yesterday in the $275 grocery bill for the week, which nearly made me ill, and found the empty box today, just 24 hours later. AHHH! So they got the dickens for that. It's just crazy that they feel the need to eat up everything as soon as I go to the store. As if we will never get groceries again!! Have I said how much I love summer vacation? School starts in a month and a half :)

The fireworks were very nice the other night, Kat liked them and was saying "go boom" and putting her arms up. I figured she would not be afraid of them since they put off fireworks in China to celebrate, but often to celebrate the birth of a BOY :(
So we dedicate the fireworks of our July 4th to Miss Kitty, OUR GIRL, that we are proud to celebrate her birth, her life and what a special blessing she is to us. Not enough fireworks in all of the world to show everyone how wonderful SHE is!

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