Tuesday, July 10, 2007

9 months since Gotcha!

Really. Just 9 months? No way! This is the child I longed for, cried for, felt a hole in my heart fill with joy on that day 9 months ago. Looking back at her pictures today, she has that "deer in the headlight" look, as if to say "what in the world has happened here?" I am glad we were so overwhelmed with love and joy that we weren't able to see that, it would have broken my heart. She looks so different today. Her cheeks are fuller, her hair is so much longer, her love for us is obvious. That she is loved and adored is obvious.
She speaks in mostly clear, full sentence English. Amazing. 9 months and she sings the alphabet song. She counts to ten then goes to 12, W, 13, 16, B, making us laugh. She knows purple, blue, yellow, red, pink, green. She constantly sings, today during lunch it was "Yummy, yummy for tummy." She LOVES all things girly, bows, dresses, flowers, nails painted, bracelets, earrings. She is forever helpful, wanting to get things for everyone. She copies everything Camden does, driving him nuts some days, but she is just a sponge, taking it all in.
What is left of her orphanage life? She has a small area in her hair (bangs) that was shaved practically to the skin before we got her. Like a MONTH before we got her, and it is just now coming in close to match her "bangs". It's got maybe an inch to go. It will be weird to not see that gap in her hair. But it reminds me that her head was shaved and I think that's terrible so I can't wait till that is gone.
We also noted that she tend to bite/chew on fabric- be it her dress or blanket or even my shirt when she is tired, we figure this is due to the practice of orphanages giving the children a small cloth to hold and sooth themselves with in their cribs. She doesn't do more than chew a corner, and has never ripped or ruined any cloth so we figure that as harmless.
She has her wonderful foster family, they sent her a package just yesterday with a gorgeous pink lacy dress, an Olympic stamp book and a panda bear. They are so good to her. They are part of our family now.
She has a forever family and a direct link to mom's heart. When I "heard" her cry after her surgery and no one else could hear her, I realized she is linked to my heart and I have mother intuition with her, just as I do the other children. Physically giving birth DOES NOT make you a mother, no way. It's your heart, being given to these tiny beings, blessing from God, to protect them and raise them with all the love and your very last nerve. The reward? Kisses, chocolate kisses, fingerprints on your car window, hugs, I wuv you's, silly stories, LOVE, love, and more love. 9 months of our lives with Kitty Kat. She is one of the greatest blessings God has ever given our family and we are very thankful for her.

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Andie said...

I can't believe it's been nine months! Only 9 months! She seems such a part of your family its like she's been there forever!
I never noticed the uneven bangs until you said something! :o)