Saturday, June 16, 2007

Where did the week go?

I can't believe it's been almost a whole week since I posted. Oh well, I guess time flies when you are having fun- fun- wait, where was the fun? I scrubbed Derrik's apartment this week and he is moving tomorrow. Yeah, some Father's Day gift, here, help me move. I being fatherless, did not even realize until Baba said "Sunday, we are moving him Sunday? That's Father's Day!" Oops. Baba's father has passed away 3 years ago so I guess we are going to go ahead.
I can hear the birds chirping outside my window this morning. I thank my Heavenly Father for them. I tend to get very sad at Father's Day time, so I am best if kept busy anyway. My father worked away all week so we didn't "know" him well, then he came down with cancer from a mole he bumped and turned to malignant melanoma. (please everyone STAY OUT OF THE SUN, he didn't smoke it was SUN exposure!!) Within a year he was gone. I was 10 years old. I know in many ways I am deficient, I do not have the basic understanding of a father/daughter relationship. It saddens me to know I can't recall being hugged or kissed by him.
It does make me happy to see my hubby's relationship with our children. My hubby is the best Baba. I have never met someone who can walk in the door from working a 12 hour day and the kids attack him ( I try to tell them not to) wanting to do this, that and everything and he only says, "let me change my clothes." He will then be off to practices, ballgames, to the yard to play, walking to the store, whatever it is they want. He will rarely tell them "no" and he never claims to be too tired for them. Yet if he even sits down for 2 minutes he is out cold, asleep. He is really the best Baba in the world. I can count on fingers how many times he has yelled since we got married! He is so easygoing, in fact I am jealous at times. My redheaded temperament has never been described as "easygoing." EVER! '
When we had our Gotcha in China they handed Kitty to me. She stuck with me through the whole ordeal till we got back to the hotel. After her bath, she saw a photo book on the bed and named us off from it, we were thrilled. Then she grabbed sunglasses and it wasn't long before she was putting them on Baba and broke a smile. That was their beginning. I was prepared (so I thought) for her to like Baba better at first and she sure did. She wanted him to feed her. She wanted him to hold her. She would allow me to, but it was clear she wanted Baba first if given the choice. I fretted- would she ever like me? Well, give the girl a stomach virus that she barfs from China to home in PA 16 times over 2 days and guess who becomes her favorite person to barf on? MOM. It's all about MOM.
Mom has to ask her to get out of my butt these days. She will be literally in my shirt - which she thinks is quite funny. She has to shower with me. If I dare get in there without her she tries to "scold" me. She is momma's girl, she tells everyone that. But she still runs to the door as Camden does now too with school out, yelling Baba, Baba's HOME! What a special bond they have with him, a treasure for sure. If Baba kisses me, we end up with Kat and Camden between us wanting kisses too. Our Baba is truly the BEST. We will treat him special even as we work on moving our son to next door :) Hey, at least it's not BACK IN THE HOUSE!
Kat loves the fact "her" Derrik will be next door. She loves to have him come over and swing her up in his arms. She teases momma and says "Derrik's girl" and when I say "WHAT" she says "momma's girl" then laughs and laughs. Such a goof. It didn't take her long to see that even though Derrik is HUGE he is a bigger teddy bear! He will give her anything she wants. Derrik is our oldest and proud to call my hubby Dad. He was about 15 when he asked if "Dad" would adopt him. Having never felt he "belonged" with a dad and getting along so great with Baba, he was healing and needed something I could not give him. Baba didn't hesitate, he said "yes" honoring not only Derrik's wish but mine for my son- to feel a father's unconditional love. They are very much alike, quiet, smart, hard working, and caring. Derrik is honored to call Baba "Dad."
Happy Father's Day to all the daddies out there, and especially to our Baba- the greatest Daddy there is!

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