Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Weekend of the girls

I'm posting the pictures from our last ball game. Kat and her friend Jadalyn,whom is 6 months younger and much bigger, as you can see. They are best buddies.

Our ball game this week got called off due to a storm so there was no fun, no energy burned up and at midnight I was still looking at the little China brown eyes that I love. Plopped in MY BED and happy as could be. She did eventually fall asleep, only to cover her head with a pillow and sleep. I am happy to report I am able to sleep again- phew! I was starting to get nasty- no comments on that!

This past week we went to Chuck E. Cheese, why I do not pack Tylenol in my camera case is beyond me. It was quite shorter than last time since we took Dono-bin- yes, we are getting closer to his real name of Donovan- first he was Don-a fin- but now it's Dono-bin. Anyway, Dono-bin can use tokens at an amazing rate so they were fighting over how many each got and I limited them to 200 token (mean momma) and that was it. I tried to get a picture of Kat coming down the same tunnel as last time but she was too fast so I asked her to sit at the end for a picture and she said "allllllwah, wait a minute" WHOA! Didn't hear that the first trip to Ol' Chuckie's place. Miss At-ti-tude! She was very happy to see Chuckie and give him a hug, she was telling everyone "I hug Chuckie" and holding her arms out to show how big she hugged him. They had a great time and got the junk toys at the end. Thanks Chuckie!
We went to birthday party yesterday for Kitty's friend Jadyn, who was still napping when we got there( she naps- hint hint there Miss Kitty) and when some friends arrived they thought Kat was Jadyn. I said that's my daughter and they were so surprised. It was funny to see the older boys looking once then twice, to see 2 China girls was pretty funny. Jadyn is just the spunkiest, little bug, just like Kat. They get along very well and are very close in size. Jadyn is 26 pounds and we just got to 27 for Miss Kat, and 37 inches, a new inch for her making her an inch taller than Jadyn. Not enough difference that I didn't have to do a double take more than once to be sure I was keeping an eye on the right girl:) Kat swam a little till they were both shivering themselves silly and refusing still to leave the pool! Then they had cupcakes, pinata and gifts. Kitty tried to make off with one gift ( a Dora lunchbox) but seemed to understand when I told her they were Jadyn's gifts and put in back with no fuss. Surprised me. But then she did have a HUGE bag of CANDY ( yes- sugar high all day) that she carried everywhere with her- she wasn't chancing anyone touching HER candy! When she set it down a few times and lost track of it she wandered around saying "candy, candy". It's funny although Jadyn was adopted as a baby, and Kitty just 8 months ago, their language skills are the same. I don't think we need be concerned about lagging behind.
After all that birthday fun we were off again, to visit with my cousins and Aunt for a girls time. We got supper at a cafe, where Kitty took all the attention with her squeaky shoes and sugar high! She was really fired up. I had to leave an extra tip for the ranch dressing that made it to the floor some how, she said "I aln't know". Ha Ha. Off then to Aunt Cindy's house for fun with the wooden child's cooking stove she had, and GIRLS> Jaime, my cousin's girl and Aunt Cindy's grand daughters, Sammie ( Samantha) and Jaselyn. The girls all ranged in age from 2-4. It was just Jaime and Kitty at first and they played quite well together. Her mom, my cousin Andrea is battling illness, and I want to say something to her. When I saw you I looked past the bald head, the rash on your face as it was unimportant. What I saw was your strength and your spirit. God allows us free will so some times bad things happen to good people, He has not forsaken you and you obviously know that. Your faith is apparent, your healing will be divine. You are amazing and I love you. No tears over this, just prayers that you will be healed, that you will be at your daughter's wedding (and my girl's too) and we will look back at this time and laugh that your daughter had more hair than you and that we could even joke about it. But then anything is fair game with us, we have always known that. Nothing raunchy, just loving fun :) Like my "F" word story:)
I don't know if I ever posted it so I will now and if I did chalk me up to crazy and move on. Camden came home from school with this tale this year. "Mom- someone said the "F" word today". After I got over thinking "he is sooooo out of that school" I thought, wait, this is kindergarten, I better check this out more. So I said "what "F" word did they say? He says " ohh-I can't say it" I said, "I am giving you permission to tell me it". He leans over looking quite scared and whispers "FAT". I about peed my pants on that one. So I explained to him that MOM taught him FAT is a bad word to say but it's not the "F" word, per say. I prefer the term "fluffy, personally." I know I taught him that as I did not want him to haul off in the store and say "why is that person FAT -mom?" as kids have been known to do. Nor do I wish him to ever describe his momma as "that fat redhead over there". Yikes. He did ask me once in a store why some one's skin was so black and I explained that God made up all different colors of people since he likes us all different like a rainbow or crayons, he hauls off and says " I don't like the black one"- meaning crayons! But not adding crayons, just saying that loud enough for the guy to hear. GREAT, I am thinking, he is surely believing my child is learning racism- ahhhhhh! But it was neat to go over with him how many different colors of people there are and have him understand we are all different and that's cool, so God isn't bored! Camden totally understood that.
Other fun happenings this week- we went to trade in some curtains for Derrik's new place and met up with 2 boys at the check out register. They were 4 and 6. So they needed to know what was squeaking. I LOVE children's conversations and this one went like this. Younger boy- What is that squeaking? Camden- it's her shoes, they are from China, like her, she's my sister and she's from China. Older boy- Are you from China too? (Mom is trying to keep from laughing at this point as he asks this of my very pale, redheaded son ) Camden replies- No, I went to China to get my sister and the shoes come from there, you can only get them there. So the younger boy is fascinated with the squeaks to a point that I pull out the plug so he can see how they work- there's a future engineer in that child! Their poor mom was saying "let them alone", but I told her they were okay. They exchanged names then and said Kitty?? Her name is Kitty? But we were done exchanging and explaining so we were off to the car.
I have to laugh at our oldest son, he moves next door and settled in. He makes a HUGE point that although he is next door we are not to "BUG" him. So WHO IS CALLING ME EVERYDAY??? None other than said SON. Today it was an issue of the phone lines not working inside the apartment and the cable not being on, goodness knows he can't survive on just PlayStation, Game Cube, AND Nintendo alone. He is so much happier being alone and knowing his bills are his own and he can handle them with his job easily. He was really beginning to resent his bum roomie. Mom is thrilled he is rid of the leech/sponge/smuck/bum- I was running out of things to call him. We also got word that the Min boy we posted on our last post is TAKEN!! YEAH!!!!He's getting a family- how great is that?

Wonder what fun we can drum up for today? Busy,busy, fun- filled weekend for sure!


Andi68 said...

Thank you for the uplifting comments :-) , and the pics of Jamie and the girls. We had a great time this weekend. We are tired though. Since seeing Kitty go potty Jamie now tells me everytime she needs her diaper changed and she doesn't want to sit on her potty, only on the big potty now. Tell Kitty thank you for speeding along Jamie's training.

Andie said...

Oh...your cousin is Andrea, also called cool! Andrea is my legal name, but I don't think I would even answer to it!!!
Sounds like you are busy, too! Summer is supposed to be relaxing, but for's CRAZY! Good to catch up on little Kitty that smile!

ronvic7 said...

Just be glad she was doing the deed in the toilet, she taught Jadyn to squat in the yard! Gotta love her, she looked adorable with her friend squatting and peeing. 2 tiny hineys sticking out.