Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Surgery Day tomorrow

Yes, tomorrow is the big tonsilectomy and adnoidectomy. Or T & A as we call them at work. Only this is MY KID having it done. I am nervous. I want it to done and over, I know it's a 15 minute total procedure, but this is MY KID having it done. We are at less than 12 hours till we have to be at the hospital, at 7 a.m. What a horrible time, way too early for MOM!
I am leaving her in God's hands, He will watch over her, as she is His child. We are just honored to raise her and call her "ours." I'll try to post asap after we get home but they may keep her overnight if she refuses to drink since she is so tiny.

Kat had to have a pair of Crocs, just like Camden, she just LOVES these shoes, although mom misses her squeakers. She says "like Camden" when she goes to put them on. She looks so stinkin' cute in them! Hers are pink and Camden's blue but she says "I love it" every time she puts them on to go. It cracks you up.

Today we took Camden to the dentist for the first of his fillings of 4 teeth. They only do 2 at a time and then charged us $400. I think I am in the wrong profession? They asked if I wanted a total on our family balance- with no dental insurance and a redhead temper- I declined. Thanks anyway.
We also went and got a chocolate chocolate cake for Jay, it's his birthday today, the big 21!! Happy Birthday Jay. Except you were born at 10:30pm so you have some time left to be 20 still. And yes, I am sure of the time, you and Brandon are quite funny to think I can't recall birthing you all since there are seven kiddos and said you thought I just make up dates and times. WELL- you try pooping a bowling ball and then see if you can recall the date and time. You turds. Ha Ha!

Kitty was all excited it was a birthday as she can sing the WHOLE birthday song. And she did. Over the phone quite loudly. Camden asked me if she will be yelling like that after surgery and I said "uhh, NO!" He says that's a good thing! She has gotten that " if I yell everyone is SURE to notice ME" toddler voice, one reason I am glad she still uses "all-i yah" to tell us she needs to pee. No one knows what she is yelling, except if she is doing the " HURRY-I waited too long dance!"

Kat threw a FIT when she found out Camden was going to stay with Grandma, she wanted to go. I can't get her to understand anything about her surgery so I just said she has to go to the doctor, so she was crying and saying "NO DOCTOR- go stay Grandma!" I doubt she would even stay with Grandma nor is mommy ready to give her up to stay elsewhere yet :) But she cried herself to sleep :(

Then Jay made her happy again, he calls and this is the conversation. "Mom, pink or purple Dora, couch or chair?" I say "What, huh?" Next thing I know he is here with a Dora couch plus pink and purple Dora fluffly chairs. OHHHH, she LOVES Dora, and since Camden claimed her red chair for his room she hasn't had anything to lounge on to watch TV. I was going to get her something but we are out and about so much in the summer time it wasn't a priority. But Jay got these at the second hand store looking NEW> my favorite way to get good things- cheap! Kitty showed Jay how happy she was with a big hug, and yes, that is Camden climbing the walls in the doorway of the picture. And I thought I was going up the walls. Hummmm. Kat was so thrilled, she is dragging the couch all over and setting up her dolls in the chairs. He sure made her day. What a great big brother he is to treat her on HIS birthday! Thanks Jay and Happy Birthday, you are only young once! Enjoy your day.


Andie said...

I will keep little Kat in my prayers. Let us know how she's doing when you get the chance. Give her a little squeeze for me!

Donna said...

I'll be thinking about Kat today too. Let us know when she's all done and back at home again!