Wednesday, June 27, 2007

She's a trooper!

Well, the surgery is done. She did very well. We got there at 7am, they gave her funny clothes and she was watching TV. She kept saying, "go see doctor, get ice cream." She is clueless to what the day means in the first 2 pictures posted. I tried to make sure they all knew to call her Kat or Kitty, we aren't sure she will even answer to Katharyn, if she realizes fully that's her "name" but we got a good laugh when a nurse asked us why the doctor noted her name as "Katty"- that's a new one. I don't think so! Anyway, they gave her Versed at 8 am and put her IV in at 8:45 am. She was quite loopy by then, looking at the IV in her hand and laughing. They took her a little after 9am and by 10 am mommy was ready to storm the OR. I went to the desk and I heard her crying. Baba couldn't even hear her but I KNEW it was her- there were at least 3 other kids but I KNEW. So I asked if she was crying and they say she was "fussing" in the recovery room and not fully out of the anesthesia. Okay, fine, but she's CRYING> I want to see her, I knew she needed her mommy! They have the nerve to tell me NO, I can't. EXCUSE ME- this is MY crying baby girl. I WILL go in there and they will NOT stop me if she isn't back to the room in 5 minutes. It was about 2 when she came rolling in, crying and scared. (They KNEW I was going in!) She IMMEDIATELY curled up on my chest and out she went. She NEEDED her MOMMY, my heart is so tied into this child, as is with all my children and I KNOW in my mother's heart when they NEED ME. She slept for about another 1/2 hour then took some fluids. She then slept for about 2 hours and they wanted her up and drinking to get us out of there. So I woke her up and threatened that she couldn't leave unless she took the cream soup and jello, and she took it all. Precious girl, trying to be so compliant. Her tonsils were so huge even the nurse anthestist came in and commented on them. She really needed to have this done probably sooner but she wasn't well enough to do it till now.
We got the okay to come home and got in about 3pm. She was thrilled Camden was home and she had a tiny smile for the balloon and books Shannon, our sitter and the kids had brought over for her. Mommy had a big smile for Grandma and an invitation to come and feel the urge to clean anytimes she wants, she was practically in my microwave cleaning it, that's a chore and a half since Dono- bin just recently realized everyone else uses paper towels to cover food in the microwave while it cooks for a reason. AHHH- what a brave Grandma we have- I just love her.
Kat has done great except for the bit of vomiting she did after she got the pain medicine and mommy wondering how it could be chunky ( sorry if that grosses you out but she had no solid food since yesterday) till I realized it was the gelatin of the jello, just colorless- euhhhhh, didn't like jello before, now I KNOW I won't be eating jello EVER. YUCK>
As for now she is ensconced in mommy's bed, her favorite place of all where she will remain for the night so I can keep an eye on her. She is taking sips quite well but we have been warned the pain will get worse before she is better and she MUST drink no matter what and to expect weight loss. Yikes, as if she isn't tiny enough. I'm glad she has stopped barfing and she seems settled. She keeps slobbering, which she does not like but she is trying to avoid swallowing as much as possible and I can't blame her for that. Otherwise we thank God for bringing her through safe and pray she has a good night.
We had some nasty thunderstorms tonight, lost power briefly, it's supposed to cool us down for the rest of the week so that will be good. I am off the rest of the week with Kitty so that she may have her mommy to help her feel better. I'm so glad this is done and she will never have to go through this again. But all in all she is really such a brave and tough little girl, she took everything they had to do to her so well. She makes me so proud to be her mom :) All I can say is don't ever mess with a redheaded momma and I am truly amazed that having her only 8 months she is clearly my child, born in my heart, not under it-I knew as soon as I felt that tug, that mommy intuition that she was crying, she couldn't be more my daughter. What a true blessing she is. Our Kitty Kat.

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Andie said...

I'm so glad she came through it ok...Of course you are her momma! You've been her momma since you first saw her picture. But now, the whole world knows it! :-)