Saturday, June 30, 2007

She's mending

Ahh, Miss Kat looked a ton better today and actually was able to eat much better. She had some of her favorite soup, chicken noodle, but not the chicken, just noodles. She did ask for a corn dog though, so I KNOW she is feeling better! She is still talking like a "Chuckie" doll, very high pitched and silly sounding. She is taking fluids well and no more bleeding has occurred. (thank you GOD!) She is NOT sleeping well though, I figure it is the drying out of her throat as she sleeps that causes her to hurt. She woke up last night crying hysterically, she had been given pain medicine and I held her but she wouldn't stop. Baba held her and I don't know if she got more awake and settled down or what but she finally did calm down. Baba thought maybe she was having a bad dream ( I wonder if it included something to do with BLOOD- like my nightmares have now!) but she went back to sleep then. She just doesn't seem comfortable to sleep, she coughs often and fusses in her sleep.

Kat isn't slobbering anymore and her tongue seems to fit in her mouth again! She has had issues with liquids coming from her nose as she tries to drink and that's made her quite mad, but that's just if she tries to take in too much at once. And she has dragon breath, that's typical but WOW- if we could just bottle it, it could be a weapon of war! Peeeee euuhhhh! Stinky. We are just very happy she is getting back to normal, she wanted to play some today and even wanted piggy tails in her hair. She loved her new shirt I bought her, mainly as the brother's made a big deal out of WHICH one of THEM it meant- ha ha- she just knew they were talking about her shirt and she liked that! What a diva she is :) It was good to see her dressed and looking, if not sounding, normal.
Today is Gie Gie Derrik's 22nd birthday, we sung him the birthday song, even Tonsil-less girl sang. She LOVES birthdays and we have a ton of them in June and July so she can enjoy away. Jay's was 4 days ago, Derrik's today and Dono-bin's is in 2 weeks. So it's a BIG birthday time. Kitty Kat is always willing to have it be someone else's birthday, I don't think she realized SHE also has a birthday till I told her all the birthdays till hers. This is how Camden kept track before he understood the months, he was after Grandma's but before Jie Jie's. Kat's is after Jie Jie's and before Momma's and funny enough we found out after we got our approval to adopt Kat that she was born in the "Year of the Goat" which goes by the Chinese Zodiac that changes every 12 years, and so was Mama and Jie Jie Malaree. We also are all three Libras since we were born October 17 (Malaree) October 18, (Kat) and October 20 (mom). She was a perfect fit, as God already knew!
It should be quite fun to celebrate her birthday this year, we were so blessed to celebrate her 3rd birthday with her in China but it was obvious she had no idea what to do with the gifts or cake. Camden was a BIG help there. This year she will know exactly what to do, I am SURE!

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