Thursday, June 7, 2007

Our last day of freedom

Today ends Miss Kitty's fun of having mom to herself. At least until August. Yes, in just a few short minutes, those "other ones" will be out of school for the summer. I will wake to arguments over TV's ( since we only have 6 of them and 4 kids living at home) querries over "what's for lunch" at 9am, and they typical "she/he took my ...........
I love summer. Note to self, say that enough times you may begin to believe it, sometime near August :) Add insult to injury, they aren't even feeding these kids, but sending them home HUNGRY. So they can get started early on the "what's for lunch?"
Yesterday as I was going to curl my hair, Kat grabbed the one curling iron that wasn't on. Flash back to my oldest, poor Derrik, whom grabbed a relative's curling iron as a baby (age 11 months) and it ROLLED down his arm and stuck in the top of his hand burning him. I cried and cried. It looked like a set of lips and tongue for the longest time, ugly purple scar. As he grew, it lightened to skin color and stretched out so by the time they offered surgery he didn't want it.
Anyway, as I am totally paranoid of curling irons, and as I am telling her not to touch as they are hot, she touches the hot one ON PURPOSE> ahhhhh. What a time to pick to push her independance! She got a slight redness to her palm but nothing else. She was madder that she got in trouble and told she MUST listen to me and went to her room bawling, then tried screaming to see if that would get her some sympathy. Sorry chickie, not backing down on this one. I know she was keep in line by Po Po and listened VERY well, it is totally expected and I figure she is realizing we are not so strict so she is trying us out. Very typical but not allowable. She can be a real stinker.
I called home from work last night. She answers the phone. " Mommy, that you?" yes, Kitty what are you doing? "I 'aln't know." Where is dad? "Baba up-stairs." Okay, can I talk to him? "Nope". Baba said she was being very good and even ate a piece of PIZZA. That's right, PIZZA. Made with BREAD, CHEESE, SAUCE>WOW. We are really moving up in the world:)
We had a dog pile on Kitty's bed the other day, some where in that bunch there is a China girl, 2 Maltese dogs, a cat and a fake cat. It was pretty funny. I asked Kat where the kitty cat was today as I hadn't seen her all morning (shut in Malaree's room) and she responded "I right here, mommy" like I was dumb. I guess I deserved that one.
Kat was happy to go to Shannon's yesterday and play, although it got chilly here and she went dressed as if winter had set in. Even one of the kids who were all playing outside in shorts said "she's dressed for winter". Yep, that's my kid. Long sleeves, jeans and socks to boot. She pointed out to Baba when he came for lunch " Daddy jeans, mommy jeans, me jeans." She loves her jeans. It only got to 70 degrees and with the slight breeze she was "cold, mommy cold!" What a goofball. She sure looked cute in her hats she tried on first, naked, but with 3 hats on. Wasn't keeping her warm, though.
Everyone is home and has passed to the next grade. Hallelujah!

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