Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I can't sleep

I don't know what my issue is this week. I can't sleep. Kat is doing just fine in that department, she is napping now, which means she will be raring to go at Camden's ball game tonight. She was up and lively till midnight last night, having napped yesterday. Mom was up till 5 am. Wondering why I was up. What in the world?

I am having issues with our e-mail, so I am not ignoring you if you haven't heard from me. I can't get my pictures to load onto the computer either, so I am posting some older, but never before released ones. I think all of my picture taking craziness is loading up our computer and killing it. Oh well, can I help it if I can not bear to miss a day of growth?

Miss Kitty and I went with gie gie Derrik, who is all moved in and settled, to China buffet yesterday for lunch. She was thrilled they had coconut ice cream bar-euhhh- but a China favorite. She then went with me to shop while Derrik went to get his taxes done, a bit late but better late than never. She thought we were going to the movies, the babysitter, Shannon took her last week with all the kids and they ate popcorn and she napped beside her friend Jadalyn. So as we go to the store she is so smart she recalls the movie theater is across from the store and she is yelling, "movie- Shannon- popcorn, penguin- movie!"

She wasn't too happy that we were going in the store and not to the movies but then she found a Dora nightgown that she had to have even though it's a 2T and quite short on her, she took the hanger and hung the nightgown on her dress front, I guess so she was assured she would be purchasing it. She looked pretty funny walking around like that. Later in the day she took gel pens and everyone got one attached to their shirt front, so we were all prepared, for what for we didn't know but she insisted we all have our gel pens ready.

She took my coasters out of the coffee table, those cheap plastic ones with cork on them. Tore ALL the cork from 2 of them till she was caught. "I aln't know" was her answer to WHY??? But Baba said to her, "you DO know why" and she said " I wanted it out of there." How can you scold her for that sweet answer?

She does seem to have 50 fingers some days, she seems to need to touch EVERYTHING- even if you say don't touch, it's like she can't resist. It's okay if it's something minor but the computer issue mentioned above may be her doing. Who knows. Baba said within 2 minutes of him going to the basement she was at the computer he was working on TOUCHING things. AHHH.

She ought to be overjoyed with our weather, QinZhou HOT! Humid, hot, hazy, horrible, He--. Our wonderful older home that we dearly love, can only be cooled on the lower level. So as our bedroom was 90+ degrees yesterday, we opted to camp in the living room, between couches, air bed, sleeping bags, the kids think they are camping, but Baba and I are just trying to get some SLEEP. (SLEEP, what is that?) It was nice and cool, and Kat just loves sleeping with Dona-bin and Camden. I would like to keep her away from them, no they aren't EVIL per say, but they have COLDS and her surgery is next week. So I am sure they will share their colds and she will not be able to get those monstrous tonsils out.

In other news- the Min girl "Kasey" has a family petitioning for her YEAH!!!! They have another child with the same issue so they are perfect for her! God is always right on with the right forever family :) Now there is a Min BOY, only one of 2 that I know of that will be adopted out of QinZhou, he is available at http://www.livinghopeadoption.org/ He is SN with Anemia and is a Heart baby. Isn't he precious! Here's your chance to be a Min momma and baba- a special group of people who are honored to be the parents of the wonderful kids from QinZhou. Boys are wonderful- I can tell you- I've got 5 of them!! Please keep this Min boy in your prayers, unfortunately for the boys it takes much longer for them to find homes, I don't know if people don't think of China for a son, or what but the boys are just as sweet and even more needy than the girls. Are you this adorable little man's momma?

My diet is holding fast at 7 lbs. I am not trying, I'll admit it, I should be sweating it off quite easily in this weather. I think our issue is that our weather here is so changeable. last week we went to the only night game for Camden's T-ball and Baba had to come home for coats and blankets. Tonight we are going to be sweltering. If it were like this all the time, we could adjust, this is what Kat is used to all the time. But NO, we get to bounce around from 40 degrees to 100 at all times of the year.

That's about it for us so far this week. It's called the lazy days of summer and we are soooo there :)

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Andie said...

He's a cutie!
Here's hoping you can get some sleep! I go through times when I can't sleep, too...it drives me CRAZY!!!