Thursday, June 28, 2007

Horrible night

Okay, so much for the "easy time." She scared me SO bad last night. I heard her cough and gag, then a gurgle. I looked up and saw DARK ( in the dark) and knew it was BLOOD> and it was bad. I took off with her downstairs, yelling for Baba, handed her off and threw on some clothes. Off to the ER we went. We had a dish towel soaked in blood and she was still gagging. It looked as though the vomiting of her medicine loosened something and she was bleeding, but it slowed down. They gave her a suppository for pain and some for us at home and after an hour (at 2 am) let us go. At 3 am she says she needs to alli-yah- so off to the bathroom we go. We just get there, don't even get the lid up and she barfs, old blood and clots. Worse than before. Yikes. I call the ER and got the nurse we had earlier, explained this was old blood and did we need to come back? No, just watch her like a hawk and return for fresh bleeding.
So she watched Teletubbies till 5 am when we both crashed. I woke up at 7 to tell Baba, don't go to work, if she bleeds again we are hauling butt to the ER since I didn't wake him for the second round of fun. So far she has been drinking and when I gave her a suppository for pain and a slight fever she is running now she said "thank you" in the dearest little voice. One amazing kid we have here!
Her voice is clearly changed. It will be strange to hear her once the swelling is all down if it remains different as it's probably going to do. She always sounded stuffy to us.
Here's to hoping today will be better than last night! No pictures of the mess, not even I am that SICK!


Andie said...

Oh my scarey for you all! Poor Kat.Good thing you ar a nurse...I would have paniced!

I'm leaving town for a while, so I won't be able to check on ya'll (I'm from KS, remember!!)

I pray she continues to heal with no more set backs!

Andi68 said...

Just as I was reading this Jamie started crying from under my chair where she had crawled. I figured she just bumped her head. She kept crying and I picked her up and blood was coming out of her mouth. It freaked me out. She had reopened a cut in her mouth from yesterday.
I hope you are having an easier time with Kitty now. Give her a full two weeks to be herself again though. That's how long it took Jenni.