Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Here I am

Well, as I explained before summer is very busy for us, I will not be able to post as often. Uncle Roy and family are safely back in Japan :( Just memories left now for us, of a great visit. We really miss them already :(
What's Miss Kitty up to? Well, she went to the pool on Saturday with Baba for the first time to swim. Mom didn't get to go since it was late afternoon and I had to work. We can't take Camden out during any of the stronger sun times that he will burn, he burns in 10 minutes. He's very fair skinned. I want to keep him that way, for safety of his health. So we do the off hour swims. Kat had fun, but no pictures since Baba is not a camera freak like mom. Darn.
Yesterday off we went to the grocery store where Kat said "go shopping" and was mad when we just picked up a rug scrubber. She should have been glad I didn't put her to work with it, as I scrubbed our 3 room sized rugs, 2 couches, 2 chairs, step runners, then went to Gie Gie's new apartment and did 3 rooms, then to the old apartment and did all his furniture and rug. It was an all day affair. I was bushed. Gie Gie took Kitty to his old apartment to watch while I did his new place and then he called and said "someone" needed to come get her, she was being bad. HUMMMM- I told him to bring her back himself but someone had to watch her while I scrubbed. (super mom I am not) Kat is happy Gie Gie is moving next door, she likes to have her brothers close and see them often. Mom is happy Derrik will be shedding the bum that has lived with him for 4 months, rent and bill free. Derrik is downsizing to a 1 bedroom, less bills apartment that the bum can't move with him. I think being almost 22 and having a friend eating food you worked to pay for, showering in water you pay for, can't even take out the garbage that YOU pay to be picked up, has finally hit Derrik as a lesson- take no friends as a roomie.
So back to US, Kitty is not happy with the NEW rule, no food or drink past the dining room. My rugs were in horrible shape, she is the queen of spills. She can sit at the bar in kitchen and even watch TV to eat or dining room, but NO little table in the living room for eating or drinks.
The kids will be out of school as of tomorrow. Half day tomorrow then the fun begins. Don-a-fin will be going with his dad as of Friday for 5 days, we will start the summer schedule. Kat seems to understand that he comes and goes but I am not sure she realizes it due to visits with his dad.Camden, my nut son, came to me the other day after going to the dollar store and buying a candy bar, "here mom, take a bite, it's okay- we share the same DNA". I laughed so hard, I asked him who told him that and he said "he just knew it." Gosh I love these kids. He then said something to the effect that "I didn't grow Malaree in my belly, so who did?" I told him her mom, he doesn't see her much as Mal doesn't have much time with her but he knows who she is. He said "oh" and off he went. I have always been very open to my children about the blending of our family but one thing I do not tolerate is the "half" wording of brothers and sisters. As I told my boys when they came home from elementary school one day using that word " Have you ever seen any half people? Which half of your brother do you love?" I told them it was a silly thing to say "half" of anyone is your sibling and we were not going to EVER use it again. My children do not accept anything less that "this is my sister, this is my brother" as they should. We are whole people here, we love the whole person.
We got another letter from Po Po, they are well and wanted to know what we did for Children's Day, June 1- a BIG day in China for the kids. We went to lunch with Kitty, played games and her Gie Gie Jay won her a red stuffed bear from a crane machine, one of her favorite games. We wrote back and told them, along with telling them of our Memorial Day and activities.
We also have been busy applying to be foster parents, yes, us crazy folks are going to be foster parents. We are approved. We have no kiddos yet, we only will take girls, I've done enough boy raising in my life time. We aren't taking any cute little babies either, we want older ones. 7 and up, since Miss Kitty and Camden are still too young and needy for us to think it would be a benefit to the foster child if they were young. Lots of people want the babies, so we don't feel bad that we feel we can be a better help to older ones. We also can chose who we take, if we want to never take any we aren't required to. I guess with our experience raising kids and more of ours getting older ( less needy) we feel it's bonus to be able to help other kids without stable homes. Not to mention it teaches our children about differences and what's really important in life. We'll see how it all goes.
Malaree got her braces started yesterday, she is officially a metal mouth. I am not sure Kitty even noticed, I know she will be wondering what happened when she does see them. Mal's not big on opening her mouth to show them off.
Toffee the new kitty is doing quite well. She went to the vet Monday and we are to get some weight on her and she how she does. She underweight but fairly healthy and now has all her shots. One issue I have noticed with her is she does not lick herself clean like most cats. Odd. We got a supplement to place on her paws and she refused to lick it off. So I took it off before she flicked it off, onto my couches on where ever it would have landed. She is more active and the vet thinks she has an old injury to her back, hence the funny walk, but she gets along okay so we let her be. She is being playful with the dogs and more with us but still spends all day sleeping. She is about 5 lbs underweight. She is clearly quite happy to be here and be cared for, she lounges around like Queen Sheba. The vet tech recommended I shave her hair to allow it all to come back in, I am not brave enough to attempt that, plus I don't want the cat to be scared of me! One thing did happen at the vet's, we got there, go to be checked in, only ones there- no problems. Come out of exam room, BIG DOG has arrived. Lab, I think, but HUGE> he sees cat, thinks, ohhhh, play toy, then hears Kat, the daughter's squeaky shoes- and thinks hummmm- bigger play toy- ahhhhhhh! Note to mom- NEVER wear squeaky shoes to vet's. They sound just like doggy toy. Our dogs do not play with such toys, but BIG DOGS DO! I didn't have enough arms to hold onto kennel for petrified Toffee, and hold onto my daughter, Kat, for dog to not grab onto her. Thank God the owner was a big strong guy who halted big, furry, fun loving dog in his tracks. Yikes, what a mess.
It's cooler today and I have lots to do, of course, so we are off to begin our day.

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Andie said...

I totally understand the summer business! I've contemplated setting up a tent at the ball fields for this month. Tomorrow we have our first game at 10 in the morning, and our last game at 9:00 in the evening...AHHHH! The kids are usually in bed by 9, how is Abbie going to play ball after bedtime? Guess it's a long naptime for her!
I love how you explain the brother/sister blended family thing. I never have liked the term half-bro/sis. Great way to handle it!
Foster parenting?? Wow, you are so brave, couragous, and caring! My aunt and uncle were foster parents while I was growing up. Some of the most wonderful memories are playing with the foster kids. You have such a big heart! Maybe as our kids get older, if we don't adopt, we can do the foster thing, too. There is such a need! May God bless you for doing it!
Have a great summer! Try to enjoy it!!