Sunday, June 10, 2007

8 months ago we became 9

A Family of 9. Wow. Growing up all I ever said I wanted to be was a mom. I don't know that I ever expected to have 7 kids! It was just 8 months ago that they officially claimed Kat as our daughter. We were so in love and in shock of the whole process, it was just amazement to us. The waiting time- a total of 7 months from the point we found her as a waiting child, to travel, just melted away. Like it was nothing. She was in my arms. I recall thinking she was so light! I have a death grip on her in the pictures, I was so afraid of dropping her.

We got out the little "gotcha" outfit she came to us in the other day. A little shirt, sandals and capri pants. Unlike many orphanage children, she did not come to us in layers at all. I decided to wash the shirt, I hated to take the "China" smell from it but I decided to do something super special so I had to get it clean. I held it for a long time and just smelled it. It had the chocolate smear from the mini M & M's we took to "bribe" her. She slobbered them every where as she cried. She was so sweet, we felt such love and sympathy for this wonderful child with an amazing spirit.
So what am I doing with her clothes? A woman at work makes quilts and she made a fantastic quilt of a boy's sports shirts for all his years in sports for graduation. I think probably for Kitty's 18th birthday I want to have a quilt made of her clothes from Gotcha, our first outfit on her and any other special clothes along the way. I have a shirt with her name and a lady bug, also the first dress we ever bought her, before we even knew her! I'm sure I will have plenty of things for the quilt. What a treasured keepsake.

We have also learned of a special little girl, a Min girl, meaning she comes from Kat's orphanage that needs a family. Momma would love to scoop her up and bring her on home, but unfortunately we can not afford another adoption/ so soon/ maybe never :(
This little girl is 3 years old, and has Mediterranean anemia. This is a serious issue with the blood but it is manageable. I know of 2 moms with Min girls with the same issue and can "hook you up" for info on this for anyone interested. You can get more info about this little girl at
She is listed under Special Delivery" child's name "Kasey". I want someone to adopt her. PLEASE- I'll give you all the moral support I can along the way. Please , please someone- think of bringing this girl home. I want to see her with a family and hopefully even meet her and watch her and Kat play together. It's okay if she is not meant for us, we just want her to have a family. I know we can't take them all and that we have been blessed to have all our children but maybe this is someone we know's daughter. We KNEW Kat was our daughter just seeing her picture- then to have it so clearly shown to us was such a blessing, we got updated pictures with her wearing a "cat" face outfit after we applied to adopt her and had already picked her name, Kat. So if you feel this girl is your daughter, don't question if you are right, just go for it! Her medical issues will all work out, the money will come, God will do miracles if she is meant to be yours. He did for us.

We have been working for the weekend. I painted in Gie Gie Derrik's new apartment- 2 rooms, a hallway and kitchen trim. No, I am not for hire. I do like to paint though. What a difference. Mainly just sprucing the place up. Camden and Kat played part of the time I worked there yesterday, then Kat took a nap in the closet. It is a sloped closet, carpeted, with a louver door so it was perfect for her to curl up in and nap. Then Camden went to help Baba, who was replacing the section of roof we lost on Friday night due to a nasty storm that came through. We had a mess of sticks in the yard and a portion of the back section (just 2 rooms) has a small rolled roof and a portion of that blew off. So he got to do that fun job this weekend :(
Momma finished the painting today, the kids played with the neighbor's great- grandkids while Jie Jie Mal watched them and then we all took a long nap. Even Camden. We were wore out. After we got up and had supper we went out and worked in the yard while the kiddos played some more. We got it all cleaned up and nice again. Trimmed the bushes and everything. Kat helped me weeding, she loves to "help" no matter what it is. She looked so cute in her pink dress today but she is so dirty. She may look all girl but she plays like a boy! She is headed to the tub. She was looking in the mirror at herself and said "dirty" and showed me her face, then she said Jie Jie did it. I laughed and asked her "Jie Jie made your face dirty?" She said "un huh." She was trying to get me to let her have an ice cream bar for lunch today, when I told her to finish her corn dog she said " no, no thank you." So polite, but no go. She asked me when she walked in our room and the sheets were off the bed to be washed " what happened?" I told her the bedding was in the wash and she went off to draw some pictures. She doesn't miss too much that goes on here!

8 months ago and my world changed forever. Thank you God for the gift of a lifetime. We treasure this child and love her as much as humanly possible :)I love being her mom, I love hearing "mommy" from her sweet little voice. Nothing is as precious as that.

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Andie said...

Wow...8 months! I read your journal from the beginning! WHat a blessing!!!

Little Kacey is so adorable, and so deserving of a family. I will add her to my prayer list, please keep us updated! I'm still praying that Warren's heart will be changed...maybe someday.......