Sunday, May 6, 2007

We're surviving Mom's diet

I thought I better post before I started to get e-mails to see if I had done someone in for a chocolate bar. I have not. All are living, and still with me :) I am not a happy camper but I am holding fast. Healthy food. Today was the first I weighed in, I do not care what the # is, it's how I FEEL, which is important to me. But it was 3 lbs less. I have said "I'm hungry" too many times to count. They say it takes 3 weeks to break a bad habit so I am hanging in there. I can't see myself EVER getting excited about eating a banana or apple but it does not seem to be such torture as it was at first and I am hoping it gets easier to accept this "healthy" living. Not like it but accept it will be enough for me.
Kat is doing fine. Tooth loks wonderful, and we are thrilled she will not be losing it. She has a cold but seems fine as far as fighting it off. She is playful and fun. Ornery the other day, I had company and she was messing upstairs while we were talking then when we came upstairs to see her room we found her mess. The bugger.
She "checked" my teeth and ears today with the Mickey Mouse wand, it lights up and she broke the cover off of it so she has her very own doctor tool. She declared me "good". She nearly choked me with the wand, trying to see my teeth. Guess that was payback for the strep culture that was negative- oops. She seemed sick??

Her two favorite things to say are "no" when told to do anything and "I aln't know" when asked anything! I can see me and her duking it out over the "no", I'll ask her to do something and she says "no" repeatedly. So we are having to teach her not to tell mommy "no" when told to do something. You can tell she knows what she is doing when she starts to giggle after the 3rd or so "NO". I really enjoy her spirit even when ornery, she is just a pistol. It's hard not to laugh when I have to correct her, she is a real drama queen.
She is loving being able to be outside to play, she likes to ride her little bike in the yard. She even got to play at Shannon's Friday as they were all out playing. She was still the only one dressed in long sleeves, jacket, skirt and leggings. She is hanging right at 25- 26 lbs. She is eating well though so I don't fret about her weight as much as I do MINE! Ha Ha! She might even drop now that the house is a "Chip free" zone, since it's her one junk food love, chips! Just like her fluffy momma. That's my girl!

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