Thursday, May 10, 2007

My girl is too Fungy

My daughter is way too fungy for words. She sang all day yesterday so I went to work with this ditty from Disney channel in my head- ahhh- someone help me.
When I got home, dragging my hungry body to my room. I find little Miss Kitty in my bed. Now, to get in my bed, she had to take folded clothes off the bed and she did, leaving them neatly folded and in a row of piles also. If that wasn't fungy right there, I crawl in with her snoring Highness and she must have had a party in my bed since I found numerous items in the bed. First, my camera (someone really needs to tell her the self snap shots are giving her up), a bottle of water (she's healthy at least), a small music clip player that is Camden's and plays "I want candy" (hey- that's MY song!) and of course, her extra 2 blankets that she must have. The picture is of her in her bed, how do kids sleep this way and be comfortable?? Even the dog had to check it out!
I just had to laugh, I couldn't do much else.
We can't imagine a life without this precious one, as we reflect back on our Gotcha Day- 8 months ago today.
What changes has she made this month?
Her hair is even longer, it's growing so fast, it's fun to put up or cute down, the picture is of her after pigtails were worn for ther day!! Wild child hair!
She is eating more things, although noodles, bananas, corn dogs, and grapes are her favorites.
She is less clingy to mommy, I don't hear the "my mommy" as much as before at all. She clearly knows her place as the baby girl of this family. She knows we adore her and will not only meet her needs but love her deeply.
She loves her flip flops but can't walk worth crap in them and it has something to do with her not getting the right placement of the toes on them/ trying to wear them with socks- she waddles in them, it's pretty fungy to see.
She is much more vocal, as in VOLUME, when she wants someone she calls them and they usually hear her very easily. No more shy calling to them! She is also much more comfortable telling us what she wants, when it's something she thinks we may say "no" about, then she does it in a quieter voice with a little grin and whatever it is she hides behind her back.
She is unwilling to use much of her Chinese with us. We didn't see this one coming. She still uses "All-i yah" for "pee" and "o sey- ah" for pooh but she prefers English for everything else. I tell her "good night, I love you, wo ai ni and she says "I love you"- I have to say "WO AI NI" for her to say it. And she giggles. But she clearly wants to use her English.

She seems so much more of a toddler than the babyish behaviors she had when she first came home. She still loves to cuddle but she will also snuggle up in her chair with her blankie and she is happy. She is comfortable to have me in another part of the house and will behave while I do laundry, dishes, sweep, most of the time. She stays close but doesn't cry if she can't immediately locate me. Clearly showing more independance and a good comfort level with us. She will go get soup and ask to have it. Still the monkey, climbs the counters, the steps, hangs on the door and handrail to the steps. But mother has seen this enough now to react with a "get down" and not miss a step! Although I did find 2 more white hairs today :(

She is the joy of my life, the reason we did without, scrimped, saved, worked extra and she is totally worth it. She is PRICELESS. I am amazed at how well she has adapted, how much we look forward to our days with her, how FUN a toddler can be. I enjoy each day with her, it will be strange to have our time invaded by the others when school lets out next month. Quite an adjustment for us both, I am sure. At least she won't be begging me to send her to school! I'm not sending her off to school till I HAVE TO! Not my baby girl, no way, noooooooooooooooooo.

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