Sunday, May 27, 2007

More visiting

Last evening we went to our mother's with my bro and family for supper. Needless to say it could have gone better but old issues are hard to overcome for us. Dr Phil says " people who are genetically related to you DO NOT have the right to BE your family, they have to earn that with respect." Mom refuses to give up old photos to be scanned for the children to all have copies on a disk. Mom doesn't understand how hurtful her disinterest in my kids can be. Mom has never been the kind of fuzzy grandma I envisioned her to be, she is more of the "if I have time and you aren't putting me out I will consider it." I have always thought grandkids were the way to have the best of the kids and not have to raise them. I often think if we could find a set of grandparents close by and they'd adopt us we would be set. We have Ron's mom and it overjoys me that Kat knows her and she is comfortable with her. She is wonderful to us and would do anything for us and she has Pappy Dale that the kids adore. They are a true gift but not living as close as I'd like :( But can you ever have enough grandparents love?
I guess I find my kids irresistible and can't understand how anyone else doesn't?
But anyway, on to these super kids. Dustin, Camden and Kat had a great time playing and Jerry was smiling away as well. He liked the teething rings I got him as his gums are hurting the poor little guy. Uncle Roy was surprised????? at my expert mothering and ability to even "read" his cries, I just laughed. After all I am a baby nurse, I have 7 kiddos, I can tell a cry pretty quick. Junko and Roy are fantastic parents, but unused to having their boys stay with anyone else at all so when Dustin stayed with Camden overnight last year it was the first time he was ever away from them. He did just fine.
I thi
nk Uncle Roy looks mighty comfortable with Miss Kitty in his arms, she is very much in love with Uncle Roy. I think they should consider a China girl some day :)
Aunt Junko had 2 questions for me- do I take pictures every day- YES<>
Of course! That
's how I get such great shots :) Question #2- how many pairs of shoes does Kitty have? See why I LOVE my sis? 25 pairs of shoes last count! Also she said they have squeaky shoes in Japan. I didn't know that. Uncle Roy is buying marshmallow fluff, we used to eat that constantly with PB. He can't get it in Japan.
For more exciting news we have taken in a stray. Cat
that is. We found a cat that was coming to our yard from a few houses down that we suspected was abandoned last year in a house a fe
w doors down when the owners moved. College girls moved in and the cat was somewhat cared for but now they are also gone and cat was looking pretty bad. She is obviously crippled- disabled. She can walk but looks pained to sit. She lays around a lot but the issue was that we found her a few nights ago with mats so hard and painful she could not lie down without laying on one. She was just covered in them. So after I got in from work and saw her on the walk waiting for me we brought her in and spent an entire hour cutting these mats off her. They came off like extra appendages, they were so hard. It was terrible. I did not want to traumatize her further to bathe her so I gave her a collar and we let her go. Thinking if she did belong to someone they would ask around about the collar. With no word from anyone, and a neighbor confirming she has been hanging around for quite some time looking ragged, we brought her in last night and bathed away. I fully expected to be clawed but this poor thing cried and fussed but did not attempt to scratch me at all. She looks 100% better, a midnight run to Walmart to get her supplies, and a naming issue (she is now Toffee) and we have a cat. BaBa said we can try it, as he said NO MORE after Doggie #2 and I left it totally up to him if we keep her inside or let her out. I want to get her to a vet for a check on what's wrong with her backend and get some shots and flea stuff. She didn't have any fleas which was surprising to us but her skin was in poor shape with no air getting to it with the severe mats. We also need to be sure she will not be blessing us with any kittens. I doubt she is able but we will not contribute to animal population. She did use her litter and the dogs are amazingly undisturbed by her and her by them. Our total now is 4 kids at home, 3 out on own, 2 dogs, 3 fish, and a cat. Wow. She is a nice sweet cat, a good addition to our home. She is long haired (short now) and all different caramel colors hence the "Toffee" name. She will be very pretty with some care. She doesn't mind the kids at all and slept all night with Mal. I am off to have some yummy BBQ food, chicken and such, hubby is GREAT at grilling and has made lunch. Kitty is scootering after fussing about wearing a dress with NO PANTS (it's only 85 here and humid as the dickens) but when she went outside she was fine with it. My silly girl. She has been eating popsicles and really likes them.

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Andie said...

Hi Vickie...Your kids are wonderful...I wish I was close enough (and old enough) to be a "grandma" to them. I totally understand the hurt from soemone who you think "should" love and cherish them, but doesn't...just another thing we have in common. We are blessed to have many friends in our church who are our surrogate family since we are far from our biological family. I will ask for your prayers and encouragement when we go visit my husband's family in's usually a difficult week for me. My mother-in-law resents me for taking her son so far from her (13 hour drive...and it's his ministry that took him that far away, I followed him!!) and treat my children like they are pests she must deal with for our visit. We don't even stay with her when we go visit any more. was good to catch up on your life...have a good week!