Friday, May 11, 2007

Mom's Day is coming

Mom's Day is Sunday and I expect gifts. Sorry but with 7 kids I want gifts. Now to tell you some of the best gifts I have ever gotten.

Home made cards of love.
A hug from a son who thinks he's too old/ too big to hug his mother.
3 Glass roses from 3 of my most difficult children who for one time banded together their money to buy me these roses.
Many potted flowers in painted (by my kids) pots from school, church, the sitter. ( I still have them all)
A little pink paper that's a coupon for hugs from my son Jay. He was about 6 when he made it but it's got no expiration date!!! I'm keeping it forever!
A card hand written by my (step) daughter, who is really my daughter about how much she loves me and is my daughter, through and through.
A mother and daughter Willow Tree box from Malaree, I love Willow Tree figures and each has special meaning to me.

Note the theme here , most of these gifts were free or low cost, I'm not a high maintenance kinda mom, these treasures from the heart are priceless to me.

Mother's Day to me is a fun day, mainly since it's not my birthday, so the kids aren't making fun of how old I am. It's always neat to see what my kids come up with and how many of them try to pretend they "forgot" which is impossible since I start reminding them a month earlier and increase the pressure right up to the day:)

My children are a great gift. Each is so different, they amaze me with their ideas, their creativeness, their goofiness and their bottomless pits they claim as stomachs. I think "what's for lunch/supper" is a standing joke here. They start when they walk in the door at 3 pm from school or as soon as they are up on the weekend. Now why anyone needs to know what is for lunch at 10 am on a Saturday is beyond me.

Now I thought about getting all gushy and comparing them to flowers needing nurturing but let's get real. These 7 have drove me nuts so here's the scoop.

Derrik continues to need assistance in helping understand bills are to be paid, not shoved under the TV where they will never be seen again. I can't believe it but his laundry doesn't walk to my door begging to be cleaned anymore, so it's either died or he has found the laundromat 1 BLOCK from his house. I don't know, don't ASK.

Jay has a job, and a new tattoo. I thought when he called and said something about a tattoo he meant it was for ME- as in a tattoo for Mom's day for ME, ON ME- BUT NO, he now sports LOVE/HATE (depending how you look at it) on his forearm. Huh.

Brandon works at McD's. He hates it but it pays him money that he gets to pay back to mom for borrowing ahead. SO his payday is my payday even though I don't remember when my job's payday is, I can remember HIS! I think he looks good in the red shirt.

Malaree has a boyfriend and between him and the "apartment" she calls her room, I think she is still here living but am not sure some days. I guess if there ever comes a time she does not shower daily till the hot water is completely depleted, then I'll know she moved out. I'm pretty jealous of that "apartment" but set my foot down when she requested the mini fridge from Derrik's college days be placed in there. I figured next would be a port-a potty!

Donovan is one of the wonders of the world. How do you get to 12 1/2 and not understand the word NO? He is relentless. I give him points for trying. He still can't understand why his room must be clean to go out and play. Why he is grounded from TV if his homework is not done. That his teachers have my phone number and will call me quicker with bad news than good. Why he can not get paid to mow Derrik's yard $20 for the 5 swipes it takes to mow it. It will all come together for him someday and he will make it, I am sure, but for now my tween, get your head out of your butt:)

Camden, oh Camden, my mini male me. If you read me another (homework) book while I am half asleep in the morning and still in bed we will be discussing the DAYS you will not be watching "Punge BUB" as Kitty calls Sponge Bob. Why when we ask if you have homework, does it not click to you that you have books to read and they ARE homework is a mystery to me. Also you really DO NOT have to have what other kids have to survive. Really, trading your sister for her Swedish Fish and then crying that she ate the last of your 3 Musketeer Bar is NOT going over well.

Miss Kitty, the newest member of this fun group. I have two things to say, stay out of my bed. You snore. You wake up pulling the dog's tail till he yipes. Let the dogs alone, put the dog down, let go of the dog, let the dog out of the basket/bathroom/your room/the cupboard- come on girl- this is just plain silly. If these dogs were ever going to bite you they would have many times over and I sometimes wonder why they don't. You pull them, push them, shove the into tiny places, put clothes on them, blankets over them, stroll them in your stroller and just basically annoy them all day long. I suspect though ,when it comes time for you to go off to school, that stupid one, Toree will do the same thing she did with Camden. Out the door she went trying to follow him to school. We had to get smart and kennel her till he was gone after chasing her down the street more than once and threatening to let her end up a white pancake on the road. We still think she was dropped on her head as a puppy.

I invite anyone crazy enough to take on this group to come on over and try. One thing I told my hubby when we agreed we would NEVER use the Divorc* word, if he ever wanted out he just had to say the word, but he gets ALL of the kids. I told him I know for a fact, he'll never find a woman dumb enough to take that on :)
Then he gets all gushy and says he never wants anyone but me- so there- you got some sweetness for Mother's Day.

Happy Momma's Day to all :)

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