Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Jam packed week!

It's been a fun filled week so far. Sunday night our good friends Dean and Lisa invited us to go out on their boat to watch the Memorial Day fireworks on the Lake. Camden was scared at first, only having been on a boat in China and that one was HUGE so it wasn't like being on a boat at all. We even ate supper on the boat in China as we floated on the Pearl River. Very pretty to see all the hotels with lights for us to see, a great memory of "Kat's China", as she calls it.
We had a great time and enjoyed seeing the kiddos again. Ethan and Emily are waiting on a sister from CHINA- hopefully soon (COME ON CCAA!) Kat wasn't scared at all and I figured she had been around fireworks before as China tradition is to celebrate the birth of a son with fireworks.
On Monday we went to a picnic at my Aunt Leona and Uncle Jerry's, that was fun. Lots of family, many I have not seen in years. I had Miss Kitty all dressed up in the dark blue dress with flowers in the picture with the red flowers in her hair. She looked so cute till she BARFED on the way there, just one mile from our destination, of course. Bad mother that I am, I had NO other outfit, I had a sweater for the night's before fireworks, but no CLOTHES. So Nyasha, sweetie that she is, gave up a shirt that passed for a dress for Kitty. It was orange and clashed terribly with her hair bows but that was better than barf dress. Oh and did I mention it was the CORN DOG she ate for breakfast that she barfed in my NEW car?? Can't forget to share that!

Picnic was nice, although some of the family didn't even know we had adopted ( where do these people live?) and it turned a few heads when we called her Kitty as this would be the families of the namesake "Grandma Kitty". Guess it's odd to hear her name when we all know she is gone on to heaven for some time now. We had a great, yummy lunch (thanks Aunt Leona, will you adopt me??) and then mommy trucked off to work, thinking the only good thing about that was time and a half pay :)
Tuesday we were treated to lunch by Gie Gie Derrik, Uncle Roy, Aunt Junko and the boys came too, of course. This was after Dustin spent the night and I fixed the $3 hair cut Uncle Roy got poor Dustin so Dustin decided since I cut hair so well I should have Vickie's Barber Shop and he made me signs for all over my house to advertise my rates. I just love that bugger, he is so precious. So very smart too!
Kitty was less than good at the restaurant, the waitresses were playing with her and she got REALLY ornery so I decided to forgo another family (dad's side) visit with us tagging along with Roy and I was glad I did as my head was aching something fierce. Kat slept for an hour after bawling about Baba taking Camden to a ball game, Camden bawled he did not want to go to the ball game and mommy bawled, just 'cause everyone else was bawling. Camden got home late and slept in this morning but we still made the bus. We still have another week of school to go.
Camden was very happy to tell me they got a ball at the ballgame and he was glad he had went. (Of course!) Not that he wanted to admit that after all the bawling he did.
This morning I trimmed Kitty's bangs, I found a spot of hair that was shaved to the skin when we got her that is just now about 2 inches long on her forehead in the middle of her bangs. It shows once in a while and until the hair has grown in to match fully from the choppy shaved mess they made in China, I am keeping her in bangs. It should be caught up with the rest soon.
We were off to the doctor today, the Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor. Kitty thought it was fun to take the doctor's microscope eye wear, I'm sure it cost THOUSANDS of dollars and she's playing with it :( He didn't even seemed bugged and asked if she could see his eyes). The assistant looked in her mouth at her tonsils and said "WOW", never a good sign. She had the utmost cooperation from Kat, she said "open wide", Kat did it. She dug wax out of her ears, said they were fine, poked at her neck, looked up her nose and declared she needed an award for being so well behaved (not a peep from my girl) and for the size of the tonsils she owns. They are so big they are touching the uvula ( get your mind out of the gutter, it's that thingy hanging down in the back of your mouth) and they need to come out. Like, SOON. I figured a few months but NO, they are coming out June 27. I was so scared to say, go ahead, I know she needs this, she snores terrible, her voice is clearly affected as she sounds stuffy always, it could be increasing her odds of the strep, sinus, pneumonia infections. But it's just too scary with someone that little. Speaking of which, she is BIGGER, 27 lbs on the scale today, up a full pound and another inch of growth!! Yeah 37 inches tall. I told the Doc he had to be super careful with her, I am sure he thought, yeah, yeah, yeah, but she is too precious to us for us to handle anything going wrong. Many prayers will be needed, probably more for me than her, I am glad in a way that it is sooner and not months of worry. I have to trust in God to watch over His baby girl. I realize how silly I am, they asked me if she had any family history of cancer, and I nearly said "oh yeah, it's really strong in our family" when it occurred to me that is question of unknown. Our family health history has no bearing on her. Probably good that we can't share that cancer trait but also brings to light the scariness of not knowing ANYTHING of your family history. We couldn't love her more but can't give her that information:( I know she is a strong person, and a special child of God so He will protect her and bring her through as He has never failed her yet, nor will He.
Toffee the cat is doing well. She is clearly loving the life of luxury she has found. She is lying around mainly, although she is eating and using her litter box. I am amazed how easy going she is even with the dogs and they with her. They are curious but she bats her tail as they sniff her and check her out, nothing more. Toree would like to play with her but I don't think she is up to that yet. She is painfully skinny. I'm glad she seems quite happy and she has not whined to go out, not attempted to even go close to any of the doors. She clearly was some one's pet at some time, she is very well behaved. Such a shame that anyone would leave such a sweet natured pet to fend for herself and get in the condition she was in. I think she needs to eat well and gain some weight for her to be more able to play and sleep less. She did run down the hall this morning, so she is able to go when she wants. She has huge paws! She will look so much better when her fur comes back in and she has a few pounds on her.

We had a ball game for Camden tonight. T-ball. Kat entertained herself by pushing the stroller all over, she can do that for hours at the field and it keeps her out of trouble. She wanted to bat too, after we let Dustin try a hand at batting after the official game was over. Didn't Donovan pop her in the head with ball! Kitty decided she would throw up the ball and swing herself, no wonder, huh? That didn't go too well so it went to the ground and became a golf ball hit :) Smart girl.
Little Baby Jerry was all smiles for Aunt Vickie, I personally think the boy has MY EYES, big, brown eyes. So I had to get more photos of him as his parents laughed at me. (shame on you bro, no wonder God gave you a kid with MY EYES for you to look at) Jerry just smiles and smiles for me, I think he expects the flash of camera every time he sees my face :) Good boy.
Roy treated us to supper after the game and Kitty was soooooooo bad. She cried that we tied her into a high chair. She wanted hooked in but then realized it meant she couldn't get OUT to run and be a wild child like she did at the Chinese dinner previously and the temper flared. Camden had to make my meal a total joy by saying he thought he needed to puke and had to lay his head on my leg, at this point I look over and there is Baba, sitting at the end of the table in all his glory, eating away. I have been served food last, have endured the crying of Miss Kitty, the threat of barf from Camden and I am wondering how Baba got away with none of this fun. So as he is laughing at me for figuring out that he has avoided all the fun of the mommy sandwich and I am thinking he going to wear my salad shortly, I told him to take Camden to the men's room to puke or get over it.
Uncle Roy thought ice cream sounded good but mommy on her last nerve, declined. So back home we went. Dustin is staying the night and everyone is tucked in and out cold. Just where mom is headed-bed. In all a good week so far, it makes me happy to have Uncle Roy so close, just a hop away, but sad that his visit will soon be over for another year. I enjoy their family so much and I know Kitty has been thrilled to have them visiting. As Kitty says "Zai Jian" (sigh jen)- good bye, at least for tonight.

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Andie said...

Don't you just "love" it when daddy continues on with whatever he was/wants to do while mommy is stuck with TOO much on her plate! One of my biggest pet pieves!
Enjoy your time with your brother and his family!