Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I've been tagged

I have been tagged. What does this mean? I must tell you all 7 things about me (It's all about ME!) and tag 7 more people. Not sure I know how to "tag" so that should prove interesting. So here goes...........

1. I am basically very shy. Most people think I am a loud, bossy redhead. But underneath it all I just don't know what to say to people. I do better writing. I worry about offending people as I tend to talk off the top of my head, not always realizing how it sounds coming out of my mouth. Combine that with sick nurses humor, mom to 7 kids humor and I can really goof up!

2. I do not like coffee. At all. Not any kind. Not iced, not flavored, not hot, not with creamer, not sugared. But I love the smell of it.

3. It took me 3 times to find true LOVE. And it ended up being my first LOVE that was my true LOVE. Weird to marry someone you dated at age 14 (early bloomer aka wild child) but even better that we found each other AGAIN and didn't miss out on life together completely. I have loved him since he was 16 and he I since I was 14. Life is good when married to the RIGHT person. We never take each other for granted, no way, not after what we have been thru.

4. I got suspended from school for fighting, detention for talking, and skipped school on a regular basis. I smoked on weekends to be "cool" ( boy, was I dumb) Yikes, I was a wild child. Can't imagine it now that I am so tame :) PSsssssss, don't tell my kids :)

5. I could eat anything I wanted and not gain a pound until my fourth pregnancy at age 26. I blame Donovan (even though I love him) for my hip which took the brunt of his almost 10 lb baby weight and it has never been right since ( pops in and out for a fun time -NOT). But what really sucks is the eating, it was the beginning of my yo-yo weight. I hate losing weight, I feel I have suffered for at least 15 lbs worth of loss and am at 5 lousy pounds. I hate EXERCISE.

6. I LOVE Tattoos. I personally have 4 and I want more. I have Kat's Chinese name on my ankle, Camden's name on my foot, which I intend to have replaced with a vining flower to wrap around Kat's name and include Camden's name but just smaller. I have a toe ring tattoo. I have a heart tattoo I have had worked on 4 times. First a plain heart on my forearm. I never really liked it. Then I added a link and heart for each of my kids. Then I added a link and heart for Kitty. Finally I added an intial for each child as the guy that did my original hearts for the kids gave the heart little tails I thought looked stupid ( he didn't ask first -ahhhhh) so another guy fixed it up for me. I have NO "home made" tattoos, don't believe in them. I love that my tattoos have meaning and are forever.

7. All I ever wanted to be growing up was a mom. With each boy I had I wanted a girl and with getting Mal at age 6 and a total TOMBOY, I have waited for my girlie girl for 21 years. I NEVER dreamed it would happen. I am thrilled with all of my children and feel so blessed but Kat is a true gift from God. She has strengthened my faith in God as we would not have her in our lives if not for Him. Too many things fell into place for ANYONE to justify it as anything else. All of my children are such a blessing, I am proud to be the mom of my seven!

So there you have it!

Kat's doing well today, ornery for some reason. But adorable as usual. She fell outside of Derrik's house last night while helping me plant flowers. She skinned her arm pretty bad on the cement sidewalk. She poured yogurt on the floor of the livingroom and then squished her hands in it and showed them to me like it was such a cool thing. Red hair momma flaired and she got to go to her room for that one. We are off to Camden's T-ball game, it's sunny and nice. I suppose I'll have to WALK the track while I am there. YUCK!


Mission to Macie said...

I LOVE Tattoos too!

thanks for playing , that was fun and now I know we have more than just chinese adoption in common!

Jill :)

aprochnow said...

FIVE POUNDS!!! Vickie-that's GREAT!!! Less than a week, and already down 5! I'm SO proud of you!!! I've walked at least a mile to 2 miles every day but one in the past two weeks. But that darn PMS bloating is screwing up the scale (at least I hope that's what it is!!) We'll see what it says next week.


ronvic7 said...

I should have stated my hubby HATES my tattoos so I fight to get each new one!
I walked a mile, with my pain in my hip and leg swelling, that's pretty good for me. I knew there was a reason I was doing this. But I still hate it.