Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hey everyone!

We are all well. Miss Kat is THRILLED my Gie Gie (pronounced
Gu Gu, meaning big brother) Roy is here visiting with his family from JAPAN> as is her Momma!! I am closest to Roy and went to visit him with Camden in Japan in 2004. What a great trip we had. Can't wait to go back. Of all our family (5 of us kids) I am the only one to have ventured to Japan in his 12 years there. He was lucky to get rid of me too, I loved it and could have stayed!
But for now
it's the love of my brother, great sis and their 2 little bugger boys that is getting a BIG boost with kisses and hugs and spending some time together.
My bro was first in line to be supportive and thrilled about Kitty
, not everyone was in our family so this meant a great deal to us.
Miss Kitty surprised Mom when she met Uncle Roy she went right to him with hugs! She is one loveable little sweetie. She is so affectionate with our family, we couldn't ask for a more precious girl. I think she realized Uncle Roy looks and acts a lot like mom, so he is a-okay!

And I finally got my hands on that precious baby! Isn't he the most adorable little guy? He is named after our father who died at age 37 of cancer. Gerald. We call him Jerry. I didn't kiss his face off although he was a bit scared of us, he has been all around the family and at his age that's pretty typical so I, of course, did not take it personal :) I still gave him smooches. He is one smiling dude, as long as his momma is close! Miss Kitty was doing all she could to "help out with him" even sharing her blanket but the "let me stick my finger in your eye" didn't go over too well. Had to watch her on that one and covering his head, although he likes peek-a-boo so he wasn't scared when she covered him all up.
We are spending more time together today so I am keeping this short and leaving you with lots of photos of Roy, Junko, Dustin, Jerry and my kiddos that came for the BBQ last night (of course free food!) Jay and Der
rik stopped in, so you can enjoy the family resemblances.

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Andie said...

Hey, Vickie...I was wondering which corner of the world you were hiding in! Thanks for the update. Enjoy your visit with your brother...isn't family awesome! We are going to go visit mine tomorrow...YIPPEE!! Have a great week!