Sunday, May 13, 2007

Another Mother's Day past

Mom's Day is nearly over. Gifts have been given. Lunch has been eaten. Now is the time to rest and indulge. Someone forgot to give me chocolate, darn. I gained 2 lbs on this "healthy eating only" , how frustrating is that? I hate the scale, I want to kill it.
What did I get for Mom's day?
A hanging basket from hubby. A marigold in a painted pot from Camden (my favorite), a glass hummingbird from Malaree and Kat (another favorite), 3 gorgeous, almost orange roses from Brandon and Jay. A candleholder with nice smelly candles from Jay, (another favorite) and tire lights for me new car!! Tee hee, I love 'em. So NEAT> they are blue and I told the boys if they were illegal in this state I was going to bawl like a baby when pulled over and say "but my son gave these to me for momma's day for a gift" for which he said they will not ticket me out of pity. (He better be right or he's getting the ticket to pay). He did try to call the local police and ask but they didn't know?
I haven't heard from 2 of the boys yet, Donovan's dad has him today and I probably won't hear from him. Derrik had better call me. Brandon did offer to take me to lunch as did hubby but quite frankly everywhere is mobbed on Mother's Day and I prefer to just stay home. We grilled and had Grandma and Pappy Dale come over.
I recall last year having a nice Mother's Day but crying that night as I had a little girl, called Tong Tong, in China and I could not hold her. I could not imagine our life with her included yet. I was scared she wouldn't want us to be her family. I would dream we were given children to hold but it was never our child and couldn't even finish a dream of what our gotcha would be with her since it was so unknown to me. I fretted. I prayed. I wanted her so badly, I knew she had a foster mom and hoped she tucked her in and made her feel safe every night. God answered all these prayers and more. His plan was in place. I just had to be patient. Something I am NOT:)
This year I have her. She won't let me out of her sight. When Grandma went to leave she asked "where going" thinking I was going somewhere. She is lying on my bed right now sleeping, since she had to be in my room with me while I am on the computer. She has hugged me. She loves us. She kisses and snuggles. She has completed our family. I can't think of anyway I could enjoy her more, she is a true delight . I do not regret not having her younger, she was meant to come to us when she did. God's perfect timing. I am just so thankful we have her here now and can be her family, that she is happy with us and she is blossoming in so many ways.
We had 2 kind of odd things happen this past week. First we went shopping and as we were getting out of our car saw a woman and Kat just went silent. I looked and thought "humm- Asian woman", but Kat kept looking at her. I realized she resembled "Po Po" and I asked Kat if she reminded her of Po Po. She shook her head yes, so we went over and said "Hi" and I told the woman she looked like Kat's "grandma/foster mom" in China. She said she was Japanese and talked a few minutes to us but it made Kat very happy to talk to her. It made me happy to know she remembers Po Po and could recognize someone looked like her. She will tell me things from time to time that Po Po did, I don't always understand all she is telling me.

That evening we went for Chinese food. We went to the same place we have gone for a least twice a month since Kat came home last October. One waitress stares us down. The other always plays with Kat. Staring waitress finally comes over and says " you her parents", I say yes. Then she tries to talk to her in Mandarin. I told her she spoke Cantonese. She seemed to understand and went off. Other waitress comes back a few minutes later and says "she China girl right?", I said, "yes, QinZhou, Guangxi" and she says " you parents." "Yes" I said. Okay, then I heard her tell the other waitress where Kat was from. I guess they couldn't figure out what we were doing with her, not sure what they thought all the other times we have been in there with her? We always take all the kids and no others look the slightest bit Chinese. At any rate maybe now we will be able to eat in peace, I have to prepare myself to go eat there to be stared at the whole meal. It's unnerving in a way. Just curious, I guess.
Kat's tooth is turning grey. The one she bumped back vertical with the roof of her mouth. Mom was not happy to see this, it seems to be getting darker each day. We are watching it and hoping even if it is grey it will stay in there. I am bummed but it is a baby tooth so it's not the end of the world, or so everyone keeps telling me :(
Happy Mother's Day to all and enjoy your blessings just as I intend to do- now I have a son or 2 to call and remind them of something................


Andie said...

Happy Mother's Day Vickie!! What a blessing to have Kat within hugging distance this year! How wonderful is that???!!!! I'm so happy for you!


Chelley said...

Wonderful photo of you two!!!

Happpy Mothers day!!


ronvic7 said...

Thank you BOTH!! Hug your kiddos for me and Happy Momma's Day to you!