Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Jam packed week!

It's been a fun filled week so far. Sunday night our good friends Dean and Lisa invited us to go out on their boat to watch the Memorial Day fireworks on the Lake. Camden was scared at first, only having been on a boat in China and that one was HUGE so it wasn't like being on a boat at all. We even ate supper on the boat in China as we floated on the Pearl River. Very pretty to see all the hotels with lights for us to see, a great memory of "Kat's China", as she calls it.
We had a great time and enjoyed seeing the kiddos again. Ethan and Emily are waiting on a sister from CHINA- hopefully soon (COME ON CCAA!) Kat wasn't scared at all and I figured she had been around fireworks before as China tradition is to celebrate the birth of a son with fireworks.
On Monday we went to a picnic at my Aunt Leona and Uncle Jerry's, that was fun. Lots of family, many I have not seen in years. I had Miss Kitty all dressed up in the dark blue dress with flowers in the picture with the red flowers in her hair. She looked so cute till she BARFED on the way there, just one mile from our destination, of course. Bad mother that I am, I had NO other outfit, I had a sweater for the night's before fireworks, but no CLOTHES. So Nyasha, sweetie that she is, gave up a shirt that passed for a dress for Kitty. It was orange and clashed terribly with her hair bows but that was better than barf dress. Oh and did I mention it was the CORN DOG she ate for breakfast that she barfed in my NEW car?? Can't forget to share that!

Picnic was nice, although some of the family didn't even know we had adopted ( where do these people live?) and it turned a few heads when we called her Kitty as this would be the families of the namesake "Grandma Kitty". Guess it's odd to hear her name when we all know she is gone on to heaven for some time now. We had a great, yummy lunch (thanks Aunt Leona, will you adopt me??) and then mommy trucked off to work, thinking the only good thing about that was time and a half pay :)
Tuesday we were treated to lunch by Gie Gie Derrik, Uncle Roy, Aunt Junko and the boys came too, of course. This was after Dustin spent the night and I fixed the $3 hair cut Uncle Roy got poor Dustin so Dustin decided since I cut hair so well I should have Vickie's Barber Shop and he made me signs for all over my house to advertise my rates. I just love that bugger, he is so precious. So very smart too!
Kitty was less than good at the restaurant, the waitresses were playing with her and she got REALLY ornery so I decided to forgo another family (dad's side) visit with us tagging along with Roy and I was glad I did as my head was aching something fierce. Kat slept for an hour after bawling about Baba taking Camden to a ball game, Camden bawled he did not want to go to the ball game and mommy bawled, just 'cause everyone else was bawling. Camden got home late and slept in this morning but we still made the bus. We still have another week of school to go.
Camden was very happy to tell me they got a ball at the ballgame and he was glad he had went. (Of course!) Not that he wanted to admit that after all the bawling he did.
This morning I trimmed Kitty's bangs, I found a spot of hair that was shaved to the skin when we got her that is just now about 2 inches long on her forehead in the middle of her bangs. It shows once in a while and until the hair has grown in to match fully from the choppy shaved mess they made in China, I am keeping her in bangs. It should be caught up with the rest soon.
We were off to the doctor today, the Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor. Kitty thought it was fun to take the doctor's microscope eye wear, I'm sure it cost THOUSANDS of dollars and she's playing with it :( He didn't even seemed bugged and asked if she could see his eyes). The assistant looked in her mouth at her tonsils and said "WOW", never a good sign. She had the utmost cooperation from Kat, she said "open wide", Kat did it. She dug wax out of her ears, said they were fine, poked at her neck, looked up her nose and declared she needed an award for being so well behaved (not a peep from my girl) and for the size of the tonsils she owns. They are so big they are touching the uvula ( get your mind out of the gutter, it's that thingy hanging down in the back of your mouth) and they need to come out. Like, SOON. I figured a few months but NO, they are coming out June 27. I was so scared to say, go ahead, I know she needs this, she snores terrible, her voice is clearly affected as she sounds stuffy always, it could be increasing her odds of the strep, sinus, pneumonia infections. But it's just too scary with someone that little. Speaking of which, she is BIGGER, 27 lbs on the scale today, up a full pound and another inch of growth!! Yeah 37 inches tall. I told the Doc he had to be super careful with her, I am sure he thought, yeah, yeah, yeah, but she is too precious to us for us to handle anything going wrong. Many prayers will be needed, probably more for me than her, I am glad in a way that it is sooner and not months of worry. I have to trust in God to watch over His baby girl. I realize how silly I am, they asked me if she had any family history of cancer, and I nearly said "oh yeah, it's really strong in our family" when it occurred to me that is question of unknown. Our family health history has no bearing on her. Probably good that we can't share that cancer trait but also brings to light the scariness of not knowing ANYTHING of your family history. We couldn't love her more but can't give her that information:( I know she is a strong person, and a special child of God so He will protect her and bring her through as He has never failed her yet, nor will He.
Toffee the cat is doing well. She is clearly loving the life of luxury she has found. She is lying around mainly, although she is eating and using her litter box. I am amazed how easy going she is even with the dogs and they with her. They are curious but she bats her tail as they sniff her and check her out, nothing more. Toree would like to play with her but I don't think she is up to that yet. She is painfully skinny. I'm glad she seems quite happy and she has not whined to go out, not attempted to even go close to any of the doors. She clearly was some one's pet at some time, she is very well behaved. Such a shame that anyone would leave such a sweet natured pet to fend for herself and get in the condition she was in. I think she needs to eat well and gain some weight for her to be more able to play and sleep less. She did run down the hall this morning, so she is able to go when she wants. She has huge paws! She will look so much better when her fur comes back in and she has a few pounds on her.

We had a ball game for Camden tonight. T-ball. Kat entertained herself by pushing the stroller all over, she can do that for hours at the field and it keeps her out of trouble. She wanted to bat too, after we let Dustin try a hand at batting after the official game was over. Didn't Donovan pop her in the head with ball! Kitty decided she would throw up the ball and swing herself, no wonder, huh? That didn't go too well so it went to the ground and became a golf ball hit :) Smart girl.
Little Baby Jerry was all smiles for Aunt Vickie, I personally think the boy has MY EYES, big, brown eyes. So I had to get more photos of him as his parents laughed at me. (shame on you bro, no wonder God gave you a kid with MY EYES for you to look at) Jerry just smiles and smiles for me, I think he expects the flash of camera every time he sees my face :) Good boy.
Roy treated us to supper after the game and Kitty was soooooooo bad. She cried that we tied her into a high chair. She wanted hooked in but then realized it meant she couldn't get OUT to run and be a wild child like she did at the Chinese dinner previously and the temper flared. Camden had to make my meal a total joy by saying he thought he needed to puke and had to lay his head on my leg, at this point I look over and there is Baba, sitting at the end of the table in all his glory, eating away. I have been served food last, have endured the crying of Miss Kitty, the threat of barf from Camden and I am wondering how Baba got away with none of this fun. So as he is laughing at me for figuring out that he has avoided all the fun of the mommy sandwich and I am thinking he going to wear my salad shortly, I told him to take Camden to the men's room to puke or get over it.
Uncle Roy thought ice cream sounded good but mommy on her last nerve, declined. So back home we went. Dustin is staying the night and everyone is tucked in and out cold. Just where mom is headed-bed. In all a good week so far, it makes me happy to have Uncle Roy so close, just a hop away, but sad that his visit will soon be over for another year. I enjoy their family so much and I know Kitty has been thrilled to have them visiting. As Kitty says "Zai Jian" (sigh jen)- good bye, at least for tonight.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

More visiting

Last evening we went to our mother's with my bro and family for supper. Needless to say it could have gone better but old issues are hard to overcome for us. Dr Phil says " people who are genetically related to you DO NOT have the right to BE your family, they have to earn that with respect." Mom refuses to give up old photos to be scanned for the children to all have copies on a disk. Mom doesn't understand how hurtful her disinterest in my kids can be. Mom has never been the kind of fuzzy grandma I envisioned her to be, she is more of the "if I have time and you aren't putting me out I will consider it." I have always thought grandkids were the way to have the best of the kids and not have to raise them. I often think if we could find a set of grandparents close by and they'd adopt us we would be set. We have Ron's mom and it overjoys me that Kat knows her and she is comfortable with her. She is wonderful to us and would do anything for us and she has Pappy Dale that the kids adore. They are a true gift but not living as close as I'd like :( But can you ever have enough grandparents love?
I guess I find my kids irresistible and can't understand how anyone else doesn't?
But anyway, on to these super kids. Dustin, Camden and Kat had a great time playing and Jerry was smiling away as well. He liked the teething rings I got him as his gums are hurting the poor little guy. Uncle Roy was surprised????? at my expert mothering and ability to even "read" his cries, I just laughed. After all I am a baby nurse, I have 7 kiddos, I can tell a cry pretty quick. Junko and Roy are fantastic parents, but unused to having their boys stay with anyone else at all so when Dustin stayed with Camden overnight last year it was the first time he was ever away from them. He did just fine.
I thi
nk Uncle Roy looks mighty comfortable with Miss Kitty in his arms, she is very much in love with Uncle Roy. I think they should consider a China girl some day :)
Aunt Junko had 2 questions for me- do I take pictures every day- YES<>
Of course! That
's how I get such great shots :) Question #2- how many pairs of shoes does Kitty have? See why I LOVE my sis? 25 pairs of shoes last count! Also she said they have squeaky shoes in Japan. I didn't know that. Uncle Roy is buying marshmallow fluff, we used to eat that constantly with PB. He can't get it in Japan.
For more exciting news we have taken in a stray. Cat
that is. We found a cat that was coming to our yard from a few houses down that we suspected was abandoned last year in a house a fe
w doors down when the owners moved. College girls moved in and the cat was somewhat cared for but now they are also gone and cat was looking pretty bad. She is obviously crippled- disabled. She can walk but looks pained to sit. She lays around a lot but the issue was that we found her a few nights ago with mats so hard and painful she could not lie down without laying on one. She was just covered in them. So after I got in from work and saw her on the walk waiting for me we brought her in and spent an entire hour cutting these mats off her. They came off like extra appendages, they were so hard. It was terrible. I did not want to traumatize her further to bathe her so I gave her a collar and we let her go. Thinking if she did belong to someone they would ask around about the collar. With no word from anyone, and a neighbor confirming she has been hanging around for quite some time looking ragged, we brought her in last night and bathed away. I fully expected to be clawed but this poor thing cried and fussed but did not attempt to scratch me at all. She looks 100% better, a midnight run to Walmart to get her supplies, and a naming issue (she is now Toffee) and we have a cat. BaBa said we can try it, as he said NO MORE after Doggie #2 and I left it totally up to him if we keep her inside or let her out. I want to get her to a vet for a check on what's wrong with her backend and get some shots and flea stuff. She didn't have any fleas which was surprising to us but her skin was in poor shape with no air getting to it with the severe mats. We also need to be sure she will not be blessing us with any kittens. I doubt she is able but we will not contribute to animal population. She did use her litter and the dogs are amazingly undisturbed by her and her by them. Our total now is 4 kids at home, 3 out on own, 2 dogs, 3 fish, and a cat. Wow. She is a nice sweet cat, a good addition to our home. She is long haired (short now) and all different caramel colors hence the "Toffee" name. She will be very pretty with some care. She doesn't mind the kids at all and slept all night with Mal. I am off to have some yummy BBQ food, chicken and such, hubby is GREAT at grilling and has made lunch. Kitty is scootering after fussing about wearing a dress with NO PANTS (it's only 85 here and humid as the dickens) but when she went outside she was fine with it. My silly girl. She has been eating popsicles and really likes them.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hey everyone!

We are all well. Miss Kat is THRILLED my Gie Gie (pronounced
Gu Gu, meaning big brother) Roy is here visiting with his family from JAPAN> as is her Momma!! I am closest to Roy and went to visit him with Camden in Japan in 2004. What a great trip we had. Can't wait to go back. Of all our family (5 of us kids) I am the only one to have ventured to Japan in his 12 years there. He was lucky to get rid of me too, I loved it and could have stayed!
But for now
it's the love of my brother, great sis and their 2 little bugger boys that is getting a BIG boost with kisses and hugs and spending some time together.
My bro was first in line to be supportive and thrilled about Kitty
, not everyone was in our family so this meant a great deal to us.
Miss Kitty surprised Mom when she met Uncle Roy she went right to him with hugs! She is one loveable little sweetie. She is so affectionate with our family, we couldn't ask for a more precious girl. I think she realized Uncle Roy looks and acts a lot like mom, so he is a-okay!

And I finally got my hands on that precious baby! Isn't he the most adorable little guy? He is named after our father who died at age 37 of cancer. Gerald. We call him Jerry. I didn't kiss his face off although he was a bit scared of us, he has been all around the family and at his age that's pretty typical so I, of course, did not take it personal :) I still gave him smooches. He is one smiling dude, as long as his momma is close! Miss Kitty was doing all she could to "help out with him" even sharing her blanket but the "let me stick my finger in your eye" didn't go over too well. Had to watch her on that one and covering his head, although he likes peek-a-boo so he wasn't scared when she covered him all up.
We are spending more time together today so I am keeping this short and leaving you with lots of photos of Roy, Junko, Dustin, Jerry and my kiddos that came for the BBQ last night (of course free food!) Jay and Der
rik stopped in, so you can enjoy the family resemblances.

Friday, May 18, 2007

A week of SPUNK

I did a post yesterday and the whole thing went after I had it typed and was loading pictures. Some sort of "problem" that the computer had to shut down and send error report. I'm gonna "error report" it if it does this to me again.
Don't ask about the diet. That's all I'm saying.
What a week. I have been BUSY keeping up with this girl. On Monday we had the discussion, Kat, please pick up your things. Kat replies "no, no thank you Mommy." Hmmm, this wasn't an OPTION Miss Smartie pants. At least we are raising a polite snot.

On Tuesday we played with GUM and got it stuck in the HAIR- thank GOD it was at the side, I got most of it out and gave her a small trim to frame her face on each side, not even noticeable. Phewwww. We also got a letter from Po Po, they loved the pictures we sent of Kat and think she looks great. Po Po asked if she is good girl and if not we "be strict" with her. Okay, who told on mom that she is a marshmallow when it comes to Kat??? Po Po said Kat often played with her granddaughter and copied everything she did. No wonder she follows Camden around and even got called "copy" Kat this week. She does everything he does and when he gets annoyed I just tell him she loves him and wants to be just like him. That usually makes him smile.

On Wednesday mom went to the doctor's for a check up- whining was the name of the game. Ask her "why are you whining" and got this "I 'an't know" then whining continued. AHHHH!
Thursday we went to school to give a short speech on the One child Law in China and was asked to bring the little sweetheart along for a "visual" part of the speech to hit home for these gifted students for their debate. So when whining brought no luck to Miss Kitty she got the great idea to take her name tag, attach it to my arm then RIP it off. As I continued on with my speech but the kids were gritting their teeth waiting for me to scream, she did it to my chest! I guess it will all grow back and hopefully not dark and hairy or I will be looking for a place to be waxed on a regular basis- won't that be lovely to add to my schedule? She also untied my shirt, just a bow at the top since I learned after she popped every snap open on my shirt one day at the doctor's (thankfully in an exam room, not the waiting room!) to not wear anything that will expose mother when mother is not looking and Kat is on a roll. She did make off with my shoes. The kids found her quite cute, but I didn't hear any offers to be a sitter for us- not surprised are ya?
The kicker of the week came today when we were able to meet up with the closest China girl we have found yet, about 40 miles away Jaden came home at 15 months and has been here for 19 months so they are nearly the same age and size. Jaden and her family, who amazingly enough, have a 6 year old son and 12 year old son (exactly the same as US!) all came to a cookout for us to get aquainted. Very nice folks, we had a good time and were amazed at how similar the girls were. Kat was nice enough to teach Jaden how to al-i-yah in the YARD- she just pulled down her britches and squatted, I have squatted her when she could not make it in the house before maybe once. But Jaden thought that was cool. Although Jaden didn't understand me saying a-iyah, I had to say "pee" for her but her mom took off her diaper and she did the duty twice more on the grass! They may have a kid outside in the yard, but out of diapers :) Pretty funny, seeing how Kat had to al-i-yah again when Jaden did. Jaden is a few months younger than Kat and 25 lbs, 36 inches. So same height, 1 lb lighter. They played together quite well. Kat shared pretty well and Jaden seemed to have a good time. The boys got along famously and even had enough to eat. I should be used to feeding BOYS! Jaden's mommy and I even look alike, oddly enough.
We are looking forward to seeing Uncle Roy, Aunt Junko and the boys next week, they are in from Japan and have never met Miss Kat yet. Aren't they in for some FUN! We can hardly wait. I am probably closest to my big bro, we are just a year apart and other than annoying the crap out of me with his loud music, tormenting our youngest brother and I had to "save" him, when we were all young, we get along well and are quite close. I was able to visit him in 2004 in Japan and what a wonderful trip that was.
So now it is bedtime and she is hogging up my bed and thinking she is going to sleep there, I am sure. I got news for HER!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Another Mother's Day past

Mom's Day is nearly over. Gifts have been given. Lunch has been eaten. Now is the time to rest and indulge. Someone forgot to give me chocolate, darn. I gained 2 lbs on this "healthy eating only" , how frustrating is that? I hate the scale, I want to kill it.
What did I get for Mom's day?
A hanging basket from hubby. A marigold in a painted pot from Camden (my favorite), a glass hummingbird from Malaree and Kat (another favorite), 3 gorgeous, almost orange roses from Brandon and Jay. A candleholder with nice smelly candles from Jay, (another favorite) and tire lights for me new car!! Tee hee, I love 'em. So NEAT> they are blue and I told the boys if they were illegal in this state I was going to bawl like a baby when pulled over and say "but my son gave these to me for momma's day for a gift" for which he said they will not ticket me out of pity. (He better be right or he's getting the ticket to pay). He did try to call the local police and ask but they didn't know?
I haven't heard from 2 of the boys yet, Donovan's dad has him today and I probably won't hear from him. Derrik had better call me. Brandon did offer to take me to lunch as did hubby but quite frankly everywhere is mobbed on Mother's Day and I prefer to just stay home. We grilled and had Grandma and Pappy Dale come over.
I recall last year having a nice Mother's Day but crying that night as I had a little girl, called Tong Tong, in China and I could not hold her. I could not imagine our life with her included yet. I was scared she wouldn't want us to be her family. I would dream we were given children to hold but it was never our child and couldn't even finish a dream of what our gotcha would be with her since it was so unknown to me. I fretted. I prayed. I wanted her so badly, I knew she had a foster mom and hoped she tucked her in and made her feel safe every night. God answered all these prayers and more. His plan was in place. I just had to be patient. Something I am NOT:)
This year I have her. She won't let me out of her sight. When Grandma went to leave she asked "where going" thinking I was going somewhere. She is lying on my bed right now sleeping, since she had to be in my room with me while I am on the computer. She has hugged me. She loves us. She kisses and snuggles. She has completed our family. I can't think of anyway I could enjoy her more, she is a true delight . I do not regret not having her younger, she was meant to come to us when she did. God's perfect timing. I am just so thankful we have her here now and can be her family, that she is happy with us and she is blossoming in so many ways.
We had 2 kind of odd things happen this past week. First we went shopping and as we were getting out of our car saw a woman and Kat just went silent. I looked and thought "humm- Asian woman", but Kat kept looking at her. I realized she resembled "Po Po" and I asked Kat if she reminded her of Po Po. She shook her head yes, so we went over and said "Hi" and I told the woman she looked like Kat's "grandma/foster mom" in China. She said she was Japanese and talked a few minutes to us but it made Kat very happy to talk to her. It made me happy to know she remembers Po Po and could recognize someone looked like her. She will tell me things from time to time that Po Po did, I don't always understand all she is telling me.

That evening we went for Chinese food. We went to the same place we have gone for a least twice a month since Kat came home last October. One waitress stares us down. The other always plays with Kat. Staring waitress finally comes over and says " you her parents", I say yes. Then she tries to talk to her in Mandarin. I told her she spoke Cantonese. She seemed to understand and went off. Other waitress comes back a few minutes later and says "she China girl right?", I said, "yes, QinZhou, Guangxi" and she says " you parents." "Yes" I said. Okay, then I heard her tell the other waitress where Kat was from. I guess they couldn't figure out what we were doing with her, not sure what they thought all the other times we have been in there with her? We always take all the kids and no others look the slightest bit Chinese. At any rate maybe now we will be able to eat in peace, I have to prepare myself to go eat there to be stared at the whole meal. It's unnerving in a way. Just curious, I guess.
Kat's tooth is turning grey. The one she bumped back vertical with the roof of her mouth. Mom was not happy to see this, it seems to be getting darker each day. We are watching it and hoping even if it is grey it will stay in there. I am bummed but it is a baby tooth so it's not the end of the world, or so everyone keeps telling me :(
Happy Mother's Day to all and enjoy your blessings just as I intend to do- now I have a son or 2 to call and remind them of something................

Friday, May 11, 2007

Mom's Day is coming

Mom's Day is Sunday and I expect gifts. Sorry but with 7 kids I want gifts. Now to tell you some of the best gifts I have ever gotten.

Home made cards of love.
A hug from a son who thinks he's too old/ too big to hug his mother.
3 Glass roses from 3 of my most difficult children who for one time banded together their money to buy me these roses.
Many potted flowers in painted (by my kids) pots from school, church, the sitter. ( I still have them all)
A little pink paper that's a coupon for hugs from my son Jay. He was about 6 when he made it but it's got no expiration date!!! I'm keeping it forever!
A card hand written by my (step) daughter, who is really my daughter about how much she loves me and is my daughter, through and through.
A mother and daughter Willow Tree box from Malaree, I love Willow Tree figures and each has special meaning to me.

Note the theme here , most of these gifts were free or low cost, I'm not a high maintenance kinda mom, these treasures from the heart are priceless to me.

Mother's Day to me is a fun day, mainly since it's not my birthday, so the kids aren't making fun of how old I am. It's always neat to see what my kids come up with and how many of them try to pretend they "forgot" which is impossible since I start reminding them a month earlier and increase the pressure right up to the day:)

My children are a great gift. Each is so different, they amaze me with their ideas, their creativeness, their goofiness and their bottomless pits they claim as stomachs. I think "what's for lunch/supper" is a standing joke here. They start when they walk in the door at 3 pm from school or as soon as they are up on the weekend. Now why anyone needs to know what is for lunch at 10 am on a Saturday is beyond me.

Now I thought about getting all gushy and comparing them to flowers needing nurturing but let's get real. These 7 have drove me nuts so here's the scoop.

Derrik continues to need assistance in helping understand bills are to be paid, not shoved under the TV where they will never be seen again. I can't believe it but his laundry doesn't walk to my door begging to be cleaned anymore, so it's either died or he has found the laundromat 1 BLOCK from his house. I don't know, don't ASK.

Jay has a job, and a new tattoo. I thought when he called and said something about a tattoo he meant it was for ME- as in a tattoo for Mom's day for ME, ON ME- BUT NO, he now sports LOVE/HATE (depending how you look at it) on his forearm. Huh.

Brandon works at McD's. He hates it but it pays him money that he gets to pay back to mom for borrowing ahead. SO his payday is my payday even though I don't remember when my job's payday is, I can remember HIS! I think he looks good in the red shirt.

Malaree has a boyfriend and between him and the "apartment" she calls her room, I think she is still here living but am not sure some days. I guess if there ever comes a time she does not shower daily till the hot water is completely depleted, then I'll know she moved out. I'm pretty jealous of that "apartment" but set my foot down when she requested the mini fridge from Derrik's college days be placed in there. I figured next would be a port-a potty!

Donovan is one of the wonders of the world. How do you get to 12 1/2 and not understand the word NO? He is relentless. I give him points for trying. He still can't understand why his room must be clean to go out and play. Why he is grounded from TV if his homework is not done. That his teachers have my phone number and will call me quicker with bad news than good. Why he can not get paid to mow Derrik's yard $20 for the 5 swipes it takes to mow it. It will all come together for him someday and he will make it, I am sure, but for now my tween, get your head out of your butt:)

Camden, oh Camden, my mini male me. If you read me another (homework) book while I am half asleep in the morning and still in bed we will be discussing the DAYS you will not be watching "Punge BUB" as Kitty calls Sponge Bob. Why when we ask if you have homework, does it not click to you that you have books to read and they ARE homework is a mystery to me. Also you really DO NOT have to have what other kids have to survive. Really, trading your sister for her Swedish Fish and then crying that she ate the last of your 3 Musketeer Bar is NOT going over well.

Miss Kitty, the newest member of this fun group. I have two things to say, stay out of my bed. You snore. You wake up pulling the dog's tail till he yipes. Let the dogs alone, put the dog down, let go of the dog, let the dog out of the basket/bathroom/your room/the cupboard- come on girl- this is just plain silly. If these dogs were ever going to bite you they would have many times over and I sometimes wonder why they don't. You pull them, push them, shove the into tiny places, put clothes on them, blankets over them, stroll them in your stroller and just basically annoy them all day long. I suspect though ,when it comes time for you to go off to school, that stupid one, Toree will do the same thing she did with Camden. Out the door she went trying to follow him to school. We had to get smart and kennel her till he was gone after chasing her down the street more than once and threatening to let her end up a white pancake on the road. We still think she was dropped on her head as a puppy.

I invite anyone crazy enough to take on this group to come on over and try. One thing I told my hubby when we agreed we would NEVER use the Divorc* word, if he ever wanted out he just had to say the word, but he gets ALL of the kids. I told him I know for a fact, he'll never find a woman dumb enough to take that on :)
Then he gets all gushy and says he never wants anyone but me- so there- you got some sweetness for Mother's Day.

Happy Momma's Day to all :)