Thursday, April 12, 2007

Where's there a Will

What truly amazes me with many people we have met through the Special needs issue of Kat's adoption is that they can fall in love with a child, want to adopt but even if they can not manage it, doesn't work out, they never lose the care or concern for that child. They pray for that child to have a family even if it turns out not to be THEIR family. So incredibly unselfishly wonderful!

Just such a child is Zhang. He is deaf. He may have a forever family. We need prayers for a special mommy that wants him to have a family, even if it is not her family, but hopefully it is her family. See, she loves him already. I have a saying that got me through before we knew who our daughter was and I was lacking hope (shame on me!), "Dreams don't have expiration dates."

God KNEW the dream I had from my first son on (22 years ago) for a daughter. He put all the right things in place for us to have Miss Kitty join our lives, there's no doubt in my mind about that. Too many things worked out for it to be called "fate, luck" , don't use those words with me, use "faith, God's love, God's Will." So prayers for this situation are called for, please ask for God's Will be done for little Zhang and for his family as only God can provide.
I'm going to share a poem I wrote too, now I normally don't write poems but I had to keep myself somewhat busy so I started a journal at our adoption beginning. I will say this was written BEFORE we found Kat as our daughter.

Child of My Heart
You were created by God, whose purpose only He knew.
Born in our hearts, we yearned to meet you.
He led the way all along, encouraged us to hold on.
Even when we felt hopeless His Will led us on.
As soon as we saw you, we knew without a doubt.
You were our daughter, we wanted to shout!
We completed the paperwork, waited for approval to come, With great anticipation, we knew you were the one.
You came to our family in a special way, we feel so very blessed.
Of all the girls in China, God sent us the BEST!


aprochnow said...

Vickie-Thanks for the prayers...we can all use them!!! I'm so blessed to have "met" a wonderful supportive woman such as you. Thank you!

ronvic7 said...

Never give up, that's the motto around here, just when you think nothing will do it, God can make it happen and I hope he does for you and your family!