Thursday, April 19, 2007

A trip to the doctor

Off we went to the doctor's yesterday to see if Miss Kat now has strep. We await the results. She has a yuck nose and a swollen neck, doc says that is a sign of strep or upper respiratory issue. He also thought he could be cute apparently to comment that germs must "like me" and that he hoped I got better soon. Very fungy doc. Very fungy.

We got pictures back from the dear lady that visited our China family (Kat's foster family) and they are just wonderful. Kat's Po Po (as she called her foster mom) looks just like my Grandma did- the one she is named after- when all the kids and grandkids surrounded her. Happy, content, wise. She is holding the pictures of Kat I sent. These people, especially Po Po are incredibly special. They love our daughter, nutured her, cherished her for 2 years they bonded to her and then for her own good, accepted her forever family, taught her about us and let her go. They have done this with a least 2 children and I can't imagine the heartbreak her Po Po must feel. Po Po had no idea if she would ever know how her Tong Tong was doing. I am HAPPY to give her a small "patch" for her heart in the gift of pictures, letters, the phone call to let her know that we love this child tremendously and consider them a part of her life forever.

The time they had Kat with them was the crucial time in a child's life that they need to know someone loves them, is there for them, and they gave her that and more. I will not let Kat forget them and will let her always know of their love and care for her that continues always.

Kat was playing with my new floor mats for my car yesterday, she likes them as they are PINK and say "spoiled" on them. She thought they worked just fine for Hopscotch in the livingroom :) I decided to totally PINK out my car, thus those boys that can drive will not want to be seen in my "pink" car. Ha ha! I even got some Chinese decals saying "fire, dream and spirit" in PINK for on it. It may just be warm enough today to apply them!

Kitty is quite playful today, she is making a toy cat puppet meow at me and then jumping back in her room. Giggling like crazy. Must have been the corn for breakfast?

Jay stopped in yesterday. He comes to me whining that Kat is copying him. She is laughing and saying EVERYTHING he is saying. It really was quite fungy and I told him that he had to just handle it, he is 20, almost 21 years old. He couldn't stand it and had to laugh. Laughter and joy, this tiny girl brings it to us all. Such a tiny package to hold all that fun, love and specialness, but there it is. Having her in our lives is priceless.

She nows wants cereal for lunch so go figure. We are off to have lunch together and enjoy our afternoon.

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