Monday, April 16, 2007

Thanking God for Penicillin

Thanking God today for penicillin, I am going to live. Strep throat, sinus infection, creeping crud, whatever you want to call it, I was DOWN on the couch with aches, fever, the works.

I thought I saw spots in my throat Saturday a.m. but hubby said "no, he didn't see any." By evening they were greatly multiplied so that he could finally see them and my throat was sooooo sore. So a call into the doc got me some penicillin. Hubby took the kids to the flea market yesterday and Jay came in to take care of me. Then today off to school Camden went and the sitter was back from her vacation so I sent Kitty to her for the afternoon and Jay again, came in, dressed Kitty got her to the sitter and cared for me. He makes some good eggs and toast:) I feel almost human this evening, the penicillin is clearly kickin' germ butt.

Kat came back from Shannon's ( the sitter and our friend) with a bag from none other than, Disney World! Full of goodies for the kids. For Kat, the CUTEST little Chinese silk outfit that she had to put on and refuses to take off now. She also got a panda cup that she had to have a drink in immediately. She is just thrilled with her "stuff." I hope she'll give them up at bed time!

I'm off to have some nice soothing soup and thank God for my family, penicillin, Shannon, that the aches are gone and my nice soft bed pillow. AHHH, isn't it amazing how good a pillow can feel. That's me, in the picture there, the lump under the blanket on the couch :(

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aprochnow said...

Vickie-I'm glad you're feeling better! You are so lucky to have someone to help take care of you! Mom's don't get sick days. :-( But I'm so glad you're on the mend...penicillen is a wonderful thing!