Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sugar and Spice- maybe if it's GARLIC

Kat was not happy this morning when I suggested cereal over soup for breakfast. She bawled, as she also did last night when she could not get her way about going to Baba after she chose to go with Momma somewhere. I asked her if she thought that was going to get her somewhere and she shook her head "no." Not sure why she continued then. She has the oddest way of crying, she is on delay, she gets upset, delay time starts, anywhere from 2-3 minutes later she will actually begin to make sound. Not sure if she is waiting for us to react or what but sometimes she just can't have her way.

We have one of the oddest "traditions" here in rural PA. Every year there is a 4 days span of "Spring Clean Up" aka junk days. What's so special about this is that from Thursday to Sunday you may unload all your "junk" on the sidewalks and then it's supposed to be collected to be discarded. BUT.... for the 4 days it's there, it's fair game. Anyone and everyone, including strange looking people with FLASHLIGHTS will come night and day for a chance to root through your junk. We will barely get the broken TV to the curb and are bombarded by folks wanting to take it. I'm talking people come from all over with trucks, vans, car and trailers to gather other people's junk. I can't believe there isn't more accidents as you see people swerve to get a better view of somone's junk then illegally park to get it first. More power to ya! I think it must be one of the weirdest things I have ever encountered, I guess for all those junk loving people, it's like Christmas all over. Kat was amused to see a couch outside- so obviously she doesn't understand it either :)

So what did Kat HAVE to go shopping yesterday for? A camera, of course she's MY kid after all.She already has 2 but She picked a princess one that says "smile, you are as pretty as a princess" then she "took my picture" and said "you prettier than princess mommy." Gotta love this kid, garlic and all :)

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