Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rain today

We are expecting rain today and it's looking like it will pour down anytime soon. So we have time to post!
We seem to all be well today. So far.
We have been in our yard, enjoying our swing and pond. We now have 3 fishies- Tom, Billy, and Yu. They are gold, spotted gold and black and a light gold. Very nice addition to the pond. I bought a few flowers to put in, put haven't gotten them planted yet. Kat and Camden got garden gloves to help, although Kat put hers on her bike handbars, so I think she is not understanding their use. She'll soon learn! She loved all the "foon gowl ahhs" she uses foongowl, meaning "sleep", I am not sure why it seems so hard for her to say "flowers" or how she got foon gowl ahhs for flowers. She wore her squeaky shoes to the home store and they were trying to figure out what cart was squeaking before they realized it was her. I am thinking we could have some real fun playing tricks on people with these shoes :) but then I have been told I have a warped sense of humor.
Kat woke me up this morning with a tap on the arm and a whisper of "momma". I smiled and said "hello baby girl" and she said " I wuv you momma". What better way to wake up?
I got my momma's day pictures early of Kat and Camden, they turned out so nice! I am very happy with Sears AGAIN> they do a nice job. It's nice that they take the time and not just click. I got Camden to stop licking his lips long enough for them to heal for pics. It's not cold out now but he's soooo in the habit, they are chapped constantly. I need to take stock in a chapstick company for how often I buy it! I can't believe how blessed we are, I see these pictures of my precious little ones, God has entrusted them to us and I feel humbled by such a wonderful gift to our lives.
Kat hopped on the scale yesterday and imagine my surprise to see her finally register 26 pounds!! Yeah! That's nearly 3 lbs gained in the 7 months she has been home. She is growing and it's just wonderful. She's whining now since she wants to go to the store, so we are off to go shopping as she is saying "come on mom" just as plain as the other kidddos here do. Poor kids. Mom works on her time- not theirs :)

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