Monday, April 9, 2007

A New Way

Here we are starting a new way to post for family and friends. We have kept up an adoption journal for our daughter, Kat, who was adopted October 11, 2006 in Guangxi, China. She turned 3 October 18, 2006 and we were able to celebrate her birthday with her. Her first birthday with her forever family.
Kat is our 7th, YES, no typo there, 7th child. She is a wonderful child who has brought much joy to our entire blended family of 5 boys and 1 other girl. Our oldest is Derrik, almost 22, Jay, almost 21, Brandon 18, Malaree 15 1/2, Donovan 12 1/2, Camden 6 and Kat 3. See the lovely picture of all my thrilled looking children, and yes, I am aware there are 8, one is a honorary "brother" of the family so he's in there. Conn is in the upper left and we wish we could see more of him.

My posting will revolve mainly around Kat as many have watched her grow from our old site and will be following along on her continued journey as a family member with us. It's no lack of caring for the others, they as just as special and loved. I will post about them also just not as much. Otherwise mostly Kat's progress will be on here.
We are also PG rated so there will be no smut. We are pretty tame after all these years :) Bummer, huh?

Chelley you are a lifesaver, thanks for teaching me how to use this!!!! I am/was blogger stupid.


Chelley said...

<--- do you get that I am so happy that we will get to see Kat grow!
I have really so enjoyed reading your story.... It has only deepen my will to want to adopt...

Chelley said...

Are you talking about the photo on the side bar? as it isnt very big at all.....

but if you are talking a bout photos in your normal posts when you click on add pic it should give the option of small,med or large?

ronvic7 said...

I can't figure out how to get stuff on there, like the time in China, the revolving pics, like on yours!!! I am so blogger dumb! My pic of me and her is HUGE at the bottom, how do I get it smaller?

tara said...

I was so disappointed to see you were ending your journal and then so happy to see you were going to continue it on blogspot. I have been keeping up with your family through your journal as my granddaughters were adopted through the same agency and at the same time as Kat. I continue to keep up their blog at

I'm the Mimi, not the Momma (that would be Tara) and it gets a bit confusing sometimes.

At any rate, glad to see we will be able to continue seeing Kat grow through the NEXT 6 months and hopefully years to come.

Good luck on your continuing journey.

Donna (Mimi) -

ronvic7 said...

I'm learning! I got pics on so I am happy. Yes, we will be here, for all to watch Miss Kitty grow. We remember your sweet baby grand daughters!! How are the babies doing? How are momma and Baba adjusting to those two busy girls?