Saturday, April 21, 2007

Monkeys in our trees?

We think it might actually be spring. Among the many birds and bees, buds and leaves, we found something odd in our trees. Monkeys! One named Camden and one named Kat. Just hanging out having a good time. Cute little buggers, aren't they?
We had to get out in the sunshine today, it's about 75 degrees and just lovely out. We cleaned up the yard- actually Baba did and we watched. It wasn't a real bad mess from the winter since last fall we bought a leaf sucker upper thingy and it was like a new toy to Baba and all the kids. So they had a ball using it and left the yard in pretty good shape. We just gathered up fallen limbs, worked on some of the lights that were out- mostly new bulbs needed and we played. Kat rode her bike some, tried the scooters, Camden tried a bigger bike that he can ride but not control as well. He is a good rider for being only 6 and having his training wheels off just last summer. She also tried the skateboard and was trying to make a fire with sticks.
I got all my little decorative things back in the yard and we got our pond running. Now we are going to get some fish for it, we let most of this stuff go last year as we were unable to afford any "extras" it was all saved for our trip to China and momma worked so much with full time hours there just wasn't time to sit and enjoy any of the yard. So it's a blessing to know we will have the time this year and the little ceramic ladybug we put out for Kat last year is a sweet reminder that last year we couldn't wait to get her and this year she is HOME!
At one point I ask Baba where Kat was and she had taken off with my camera. The stinker knows how to use it too and was taking all kinds of pictures, including this self portrait. Not too bad a shot. She also took photos of a tree, the ground, the back of my head too. So maybe this was just a lucky shot, who knows.
Camden wants to name the fish in the pond. His will be Fishy and Kat's will be Yu (the Chinese word for fish), very inventive these two are! Camden was just dying to plant some flowers, he loves to garden as much as his momma but I told him it's too early. It won't be long though, till we can get some plants in. I am sure Miss Kat will find that fun, all except getting her hands dirty. She fell outside on one hand and had to have it wiped off immediately, she does NOT like to be dirty at all. She also said she was cold, she has a long sleeve dress on with a undershirt and she is cold! We need to get some meat on this kiddo! She did let me put socks on her and no pants or leggings. Hopefully the warmer it gets the more used to wearing less she will get. The summer here is very hot and humid just as Qinzhou is for most of the year. So she should be comfortable then.

Baba brought us all breakfast from McDonald's or "Donald's" as Kitty calls it and she had pancakes for the first time. She ate about 3 bites, 2 more than momma thought she would! She ate the sausage patty and that's all. She still isn't big on any types of breads or sweets, although she loves chocolate bars and BBQ chips. Nearly all of the time she is a healthy eater, fruits, nuts, soups, noodles, meats, seafoods and she dips everything in Ranch dressing. We go to the store and she says "MINE" when she sees the ranch dressing.
We're grilling later, Tilapia fish for supper and having a fresh fruit salad. One of Kat's favorite meals. But for now we are off to purchase Fishy and Yu for the pond, wish me luck, or maybe you should wish the luck for the poor fish :)

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