Sunday, April 29, 2007

A "little" accident

Mommy goes off to work yesterday. Busy, busy, no chance to call till around bedtime. When I do call Baba says "there was a little accident," as mommy's heart drops to her stomach. Apparently in the fun and games we call "Daddy time" Camden and Kat were chasing each other and she slipped and fell into the table banging her one front tooth and knocking it completely back. AHHHHH! Baba pushed it into the correct position it should be in immediately but it's a wait and see at this point. Her gum is bruised but tooth is where it should be and I am not chancing wiggling it around to see if it's loose.
Mommy attempted to call the dentist's emergency number but as it was so late, I got no reply. Makes you wonder if they ever really answer that "emergency page." Is there ever a dental emergency that can't wait till Monday to a dentist?
Back to Kat, she seems none the worse for wear, she showed me her boo boo and the lovely note Camden wrote to her apologizing for chasing her. Baba has been reminded of the "call mom if anyone is HURT or the house is on FIRE" rule, I really would have felt better to talk to a dentist and might have if it had been earlier in the evening. But Baba was just trying to save me some more white hairs, bless him. Poor man feels like he can't win here some days, I'm sure. I hear him telling those 2 goofs to stop running right NOW, have we learned nothing children?
I woke up at some point of the night with Kat to the left of me and Camden to the right, not sure how that happened but they were putting their freezing cold feet on me from both sides- brrrrr. I guess Baba ended up on a couch downstairs, chased out by those frozen appendages looking for warmth.
No work today other than plans to get the flower pots out later and get some planting done. It's official, spring has sprung. We have tulips coming, clematis and lilies are growing, hostas, bleeding hearts are coming up, azaleas are too. I LOVE watching everything come back and bloom. I usually have one or two things come that I didn't expect- aka can't recall what they are :) and some that doesn't make it. I have a shady part of the garden that I have trouble getting anything to grow in, it's so damp. But the English ivy I put in last year is flourishing as are the hostas and hopefully the decorative grass clumps will too. We have trouble with slugs too, they eat everything in the yard.
We have purple martins back in our fence birdhouse, they are so pretty and we love the chirps they do to each other as we sit on our swing and watch them come and go. They come every year and have babes, they come early and are gone quickly it seems. We are thankful they come each year for us to enjoy them.
I am off to save Kat's tooth from her tooth brushing efforts, man this girl loves to brush her teeth. No trouble getting her to brush, floss, rinse, SPIT. She still spits like a dude, she's kept that ability from China. I never saw a 3 year spit like she could when we got her. We thought when we read about China and found out they spit and it's not rude that we would be grossed out, not so. Mainly due to the smog and stuffed up feeling, we felt like we would have loved to join in on that some days. It's pretty much a necessity there. But I never could get past that- NEVER do that it's GROSS- little voice in my head. Amazing how ingrained things can be. It is also interesting and eye opening that there are REASONS for certain things to be "okay" somewhere else and we look down upon them without even realizing it. Part of why I love having links to a different culture and am able to hopefully broaden my children's knowledge and respect for other people. Even if it starts with SPIT- yuck.
We are off to plant some sunshine in our yard, foon gowl ahh's for Kat, flowers for mommy :) No spit involved :)

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Chelley said...

Awwwww no!!! hugz hugz

HOPE THAT everything goes well when you go to the dentist!!!