Friday, April 13, 2007

Kitty has been quite entertaining to me today, as she is most days. She wanted "dressed" so we got into the closet and decided on her quilted silk set from China. Perfect freezing April day for such an outfit. She looks adorable.
She was telling me that Gie Gie at Wai Po's was bad. That Po Po told him bad. I had to laugh as I am sure if someone transplanted her the other way, she would be telling Po Po that Momma called all her Gie Gie's BAD at one time or another, either meaning it teasingly or not. I told Jay he was "bad" today for being outside my door and calling me to find out why I was not home to let him in- why I did not call him to tell him I was going somewhere. I get a kick out of that, he who would not think to tell ME where HE was going from about 16 ON and worried me SICK, thinks I must call him to let him know I am leaving the HOUSE? Ha ha- he's so fungy (as Kat says)since I only took the car to be detailed. Not a far trip!
I am glad that she can remember things from her time with Po Po as Po Po, Gie Gie and their whole family all love her very much. That was obvious when we called China last week when our translator was there visiting.
Kat has been saying all day "go shopping" and I am not sure what she thinks she could possibly need but there it is. Go shopping. Can't tell she's mine at all, can ya?
Her latest saying is "come ON!" anytime she isn't able to get something done that she is trying to do. She's also getting really good at messing and then whining when she doesn't want to clean it up:( AHHH- Camden is ruining all those great habits Po Po had instilled in her- Bad Camden. I'm gonna tell Po Po! Luckily all is not lost, Kitty will still clean up when told she has to, like to go

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