Friday, April 20, 2007

Is it? Could it be? Spring?

Today was a sunny and bright day so I was determined to get out of the house. If only for a walk to try and breathe some fresh air. I walked this evening while Kat, Camden, and Donovan rode their bikes. Kat seems puzzled as to what Don-a-fin's Pocket Rocket was and why it was so small. They had a good time, it was nice to take a stroll with them.
Kat's strep screen was negative, so she must just have a cold. Now Donovan felt sick last night and thought he was going to barf (I'm not going there again) but it may have just been the bus ride home, he thought, that whole 4 minute ride! Baba is now having a sore throat and not feeling well, but hey, I wasn't smooching on him. Although he is hard to resist :)
The kids had off school today so as momma is sleeping in and having a lovely dream about things all going right where they belong (yes, I know, it a OCD thing even in my sleep) I was rudely awakened by a scream from one little girl. AHHH- I hate to wake up to that. Camden and her were fighting about who got to sit in the chair so her solution was to scream.
Camden was playing playstation today, he likes to do that more when Don-a-fin is home, WELL, Miss Princess aka Kat wanted some attention from those two so she started throwing things at them! I told them she was trying to get in on the action to stop ignoring her so then she was better. I also told her not to throw things for which she cried, she does not like momma to tell her not to do things, but such is life.

I have pictures of my favorite dress of hers, it's just the cutest little "Cat" dress. So colorful. I mainly like Kat in pastels but this is just too cute.She didn't even fuss that her arms weren't covered in this dress, although she did notice. I told her it was okay. We still had to have leggings on to keep tiny girl warm enough.

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