Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Easter Bunny came!

The Easter Bunny arrived at our house, and although Camden was up and raring to go, Kat was not wanting to get out of bed ( mom either). She was puzzled as to what all the excitement was about but Camden soon "helped" her find her ladybug basket.
We went to Grandma's to hunt eggs, I was bummed that it was so cold that even in long underwear and flowered jeans Kitty Kat was saying brrrrr. Let alone all those gorgeous Easter dresses I have for her :( What's with the 30 degrees and snow flurries- euhhh! Go away COLD!
Camden and Kitty had a good time and found all of the eggs. Momma was thinking of last Easter BK (before Kat) and was soooooo thankful this year that she is here. I told myself through each holiday last year that this would be the last one without her and it came true! I felt like someone was missing, crazy for someone with 6 kids, but that's how I felt. Maybe not understandable to some but God's path was to #7, Miss Kitty Kat, so I really wasn't nuts! Ha HA!
Last Easter we did not have PA so we weren't sure China would approve us for Miss Kat which was rough. We knew we met all the criteria but there are no promises. So we were waiting on pins and needles to hear.
Today is our 6 month date from Gotcha Day, we are still in a state of shock that she is here, she is our daughter, that she is so perfectly a match for our family. It's funny how I forget at times she is adopted- sounds silly but it's true. Not that I forget she is Chinese, no, that is a truly special part of her that I love, but I do not look at her and see a Chinese girl, I look at her and see my daughter.
Gie Gie Jay came in today and she ran to him and hugged his leg saying "JAY!" I looked at his weary face, as he broke a smile and said "she sure makes you feel loved, doesn't she?" She's such a cuddle bug, affectionate little love, it warms your heart to have her tell you "I wuv you momma, wo ai ne" as she did last night when I put her to bed. Totally on her own, just pure, sweet LOVE. Priceless, precious, thanking God for these moments of His best, a child's love.


Mission to Macie said...

WooHoo welcome to the world of BLOG...LOL I am relieved to find out I can still follow Kat. And don't worry I was a Blog Spaz in the beginning too and I am still learning.........hang in there ..it really looks good already!

Jill :)
Macie's momma

ronvic7 said...

Thanks, I'll be bugging you how to work this, how to do that- then you'll be sick of us!