Monday, April 30, 2007

Bubbles galore

We are truly enjoying our yard, already this year. Yesterday I spent the day planting, pansies, petunias, marigolds, verbena, dusty miller and others. I filled most all of my flower pots. I still want to get some impatients for around the pond and a few other plants. Now to watch it all grow.
Kat played with bubbles in her long sleeves and pants over a dress, still claiming to be "cold" in 80 degree weather. Strange girl. Camden was supposed to help me plant so he was doodling, getting the hose ready and managed to somehow soak himself, chasing those poor fishies in the pond, just to "see them" and then wacked mom in the face with the net pole he had made. I managed not to beat him and even be amused by his creative juices. Or at least that's the story I am sticking to. ha ha!
Kat's tooth looks to be okay. The gum is bruised and a bit swollen but the tooth seems stable, no color change and her sucking her thumb has actually HELPED push it back in place. It's a tiny bit uneven with her other tooth so it is not exactly where it was but we are thankful it looks as good as it does and appears to be healing. I doubt in a week or two you will be able to notice anything different about it.

Kat has been VERY clingy with mom lately, she bawled today when I left her at the sitter, she wanted ME> I had the same trouble with Camden when I worked so infrequently, he got used to me being home and didn't want me to work at all. I would think it would be easier for them to have me 4 days out of 5 home and be happy to go play at Shannon's but NO, they both do better when I work more often. Trouble is I don't want to be away from THEM any more than I have to be. So she can cry and make mommy feel bad but she is stuck with me going off to work 1-2 days a week and baba getting some time with her after being at the sitter's for a few hours. I guess I should tell her I got over the guilty thing years ago when I realized my children were just as well off as others and it wasn't hurting them to have time with their dad as I work evenings. The hardest thing was them being in school and slacking on the homework if mom's not home, but dad is pretty good about that.
Camden made me laugh the other week, he had off Friday for a teacher's day and on Sunday he came to my room woke me up and told me he was ready. I said "ready for what?" He was dressed for school, had eaten, brushed his teeth, had shoes and coat on. In his logic, it had been two days since he had school so it was time to go back. I had to remind him it was Sunday, that he had that extra day off. He wasn't upset at all. He scampered off to watch TV. He is sooooo like his father, the early bird, happy to be up early and raring to go. Unlike Kat and I who need some time and space to become human in the a.m.'s. I am glad he loves school so much, he is doing very well this year and he has set a great example for Kat who would love to go to school too :)
Camden did come home with a problem the other day, a girl he knows slapped him across the face. He bumped her glasses and turned to say he was sorry and she hit his arm and then slapped his face. He came in crying with a welt on his face. I called her mother and she seemed concerned and made her apologize but then 2 days later Camden said the bus driver had to move her for hitting him again. Glad I am not HER mother. His only other issue is all those girls "chasing him" and his "GIRLFRIEND" breaking up with him 'cause Luke said so but Luke was lying 'cause she'd never do that. He is so funny. He tells me NOT to comb his hair over to the side in the mornings since it makes the girls think he is "cute." He has gotten love letters with pictures of a bride and groom! Poor thing, he's so handsome he has to fight them off :(

Kat's latest food- corn dogs. Yuck. She loves them. I am surprised since it is BREAD wrapped around it and she won't eat any other breads, rolls, nothing. She does like hot dogs. She ate a corn dog for breakfast. She says "Corn dug mommy?"
Kat was pointing to my tattoo on my ankle and she says "Kat" and I said, "no, Min An Tong" so she said "Min An Tong, that's me." I said "yes, that's you." We really liked her name, is just sounds so neat so we were surprised in our communication with the foster mom she said she was very happy Kat had a new name, one of her very own given to her by us. I know there is a huge stigma related to an orphanage name, Min is the last name (used first) of all the children from QinZhou orphanage. But we thought her foster mom would be saddened by the loss of the use of her Chinese name. She called her Tong Tong. I guess to them it means she belongs to the orphanage and with her name now she belongs to us, her family. Kat, Kitty, Tong Tong, Min An Tong, China girl, doesn't matter what the name is, it all the same, she is loved and cherished and adored by all. Except the puppy Toree she is trying to put her sunglasses on the puppy right now............"KAT let go of the dog!" (Can I record that? My voice is wearing out saying it so many times a day!)

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