Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Chilly Day

Dreary and cold out today, glad I didn't pack away all of Miss Kitty's warmer clothes. We needed the long sleeves and leggings today. It only got to about 50 degrees.
We got to go to the dentist today, Kat and Camden. I take them together to help her understand that it is no big deal to go. Camden LOVES to go, he likes the new toothbrush, goodie bag and prize at the end. Kat on the other hand, hates to go. It makes no sense that this child will go to the doctor, lift her shirt to be"listened to" and hold her hair up for him to look in her ears, not a whimper from her. But say "open your mouth" for the dentist and she freaks out. She bawled through the whole cleaning, floride trays, we tried everything and the only thing that worked even a little was me telling her "Ma Ho" which is Cantonese for "you don't want to do that", basically their version of "NO" since they do not say "No."
I was surprised that worked since she does not respond to much Chinese anymore, she still says "Alliyah" for pee and "Oh see ahh" for pooh but she says "sleep" if I say "foongowl", she says "I wuv you" if I say "Wo ai ne"," hair" if I say "foo foo ahh". She is very obviously not wanting to use the Chinese we do know and can use with her.
Camden, her wonderful Gie Gie, held her in his lap for the dentist to be allowed to LOOK at her teeth to see NO cavities- thank GOD! Let's hope and pray she continues with no cavities since I don't know how we would get a filling accomplished. She wasn't even happy with the prize at the end. She kept saying "done?"
Camden, on the other hand, got a report of 4 cavities. FOUR! I was not happy about that and Baba said NO MORE CANDY. Yikes. Poor Camden. More like, poor mommy since my part time hours took away my dental insurance :(
It must have been a day of bills. Don't they usually come in buckets? The phone bill arrived, call to China 26 minutes- GET THIS $149.50!! Mommy nearly had a fit when she saw that and made a call to the phone company only to be cut off TWICE> then told to call back tomorrow. Oh, lots of time for my red hair to be boiling. Not GOOD!
I took Camden to school after his dentist appointment and Miss Kitty had a fit when I told her she could not stay. She was going to go to his class with him and of course, it was kindergarten registration day, so there was a ton of people in the lobby for that. They were all laughing as she said "Bye" when I said I was leaving and she took off. I had to run after her, scoop her up and take off out the door before she got to her loudest.
She was in the car then saying that she loved Don-a-fin, I asked her if she loved Camden, NO, Baba,NO,Derrik, NO, Jay, NO, Brandon, NO, Jie Jie, NO, Mommy, NO. Don't know why Don-a-fin got special honors but that's how it goes. Kat reminds me so much of Camden at this age, he would be just as fickle, and it's funny that she has been home a mere 7 months but is so similar in behavior as her brother. Guess Don-a-fin was the only one she thought had nothing to do with the dentist or that she couldn't go to school?

Overall she had a good day, she was singing and happy, once the dentist and school issues were over. She is getting quite the reputation for her squeaky shoes, everyone knows it is her since she is the only child in our town with squeaky shoes. Even the school nurse, whom I work with, came up to us and hugged Kat and told me she had heard stories of a kid with squeaky shoes and she said "hey, I know who that is!" Then she told them her nutty mother- aka ME has these squeaky shoes for her till she is about 9 years old! Not quite that old but we do have a huge collection and in larger sizes to come :) I LOVE IT. I know right where she is- I share where to get them "China" so I can be sure my child will be the only squeaking one in this town! I don't even hear them I am so used to them, unless I hear them fade then I know she is getting too far from me. So NO, they don't drive me nuts. That's always a big question and I really do miss them when she doesn't have them on, she is a toddler and can move pretty quick at times, anything to help me keep track of her is great in my book. Plus we never wear them in the house, so I do get breaks from them.
Time to go watch Survivor and save the winter/ too small clothes I was trying to put away from Kat, she is trying to put them away in her dresser, she is one NEAT child- always cleaning up, putting away, I found her shirt that she spilled juice on in the washer down in the basement, ready to be washed. Everyone else throws it down the basement steps, she takes it to the washer and puts it in. She is such an amusing little girl, I just love her to pieces!

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