Wednesday, April 11, 2007

6 months ago we officially became a family of 9

Wow. 6 months gone. We were in China this time 6 months ago and enjoying our girl as she was officially ours. We went to supper at the hotel as we did every night then we walked the streets to see some sites and buy some goods. We got Kat a quilted silk outfit and pink shoes.
The Chinese girls in the store were so helpful they literally RAN to the back to get a larger size shoe when I motioned for a larger size. It was odd to have anyone RUN to serve us, we were shocked and trying to tell them we would wait. We then walked some more, having many looks from the Chinese people mainly at our red hair and our son, Camden.
We actually got more attention for having red hair and a redheaded son than for having a Chinese girl. Kind of sad. Some asked for pictures with him, others wanted to touch his hair, and any that could speak even a little English told us what a beautiful son we had. I am sure they were loving his pale skin too, the women in China carry umbrellas even with no rain, to shield them from the sun. Paler skin is the reason, here we are LOVING Kat's light brown skin and they want our pale skin. Go figure.
Kat stayed with Jie Jie Malaree for an hour while I took Brandon for shoes for his new job a McDonald's (we all have to start somewhere) and they painted her nails, even her 11 toe nails :) Quite adorable, although the double toe nail just looks like they slopped up that nail, her " extra toe nail issue" is truly so minor it's hard to fathom that being labeled SN. But as I have said before, we had the special need, the NEED for HER! See the picture, and tell me it you can see that extra toe nail? Pretty hard to tell, huh? I'll give you a hint, it's her right one! The blue markered foot :) For now it's just another pretty pink polished toenail, more of her to LOVE! We love her from the top of her head to the tippies of her toes. She is 100% PERFECT!


aprochnow said...

hi vickie-
Thank you for sending me this link...I was missing my daily Kat fix!! :-) Bethany (my 2 1/2 yo) also puts her babies to sleep and covers them up...just like Kat. Isn't it adorable?!!! I think her little pink toes are perfect! I'm still praying about Zhang, my daughter has been "bugging" daddy, and asking to learn more signs. I'm praying God will send him a family (us or someone else!) I'll keep you posted.

ronvic7 said...

Yeah Andie. God is next post will be for you!

Lori and Pete said...

Thanks for sharing the link to your new blog for Kat. She is adorable. Our first daughter Chloe is also from Qinzhou. Our second daughter Pearl was mis-labeled as "Special Needs" too and we are so happy to have her home with us, now 7 months. These children are just too wonderful.

I hope to check in frequently to keep up with you Qinzhou cutie.


ronvic7 said...


I remember following along somewhere with your story before we brought Kat home. Welcome!