Monday, April 30, 2007

Bubbles galore

We are truly enjoying our yard, already this year. Yesterday I spent the day planting, pansies, petunias, marigolds, verbena, dusty miller and others. I filled most all of my flower pots. I still want to get some impatients for around the pond and a few other plants. Now to watch it all grow.
Kat played with bubbles in her long sleeves and pants over a dress, still claiming to be "cold" in 80 degree weather. Strange girl. Camden was supposed to help me plant so he was doodling, getting the hose ready and managed to somehow soak himself, chasing those poor fishies in the pond, just to "see them" and then wacked mom in the face with the net pole he had made. I managed not to beat him and even be amused by his creative juices. Or at least that's the story I am sticking to. ha ha!
Kat's tooth looks to be okay. The gum is bruised and a bit swollen but the tooth seems stable, no color change and her sucking her thumb has actually HELPED push it back in place. It's a tiny bit uneven with her other tooth so it is not exactly where it was but we are thankful it looks as good as it does and appears to be healing. I doubt in a week or two you will be able to notice anything different about it.

Kat has been VERY clingy with mom lately, she bawled today when I left her at the sitter, she wanted ME> I had the same trouble with Camden when I worked so infrequently, he got used to me being home and didn't want me to work at all. I would think it would be easier for them to have me 4 days out of 5 home and be happy to go play at Shannon's but NO, they both do better when I work more often. Trouble is I don't want to be away from THEM any more than I have to be. So she can cry and make mommy feel bad but she is stuck with me going off to work 1-2 days a week and baba getting some time with her after being at the sitter's for a few hours. I guess I should tell her I got over the guilty thing years ago when I realized my children were just as well off as others and it wasn't hurting them to have time with their dad as I work evenings. The hardest thing was them being in school and slacking on the homework if mom's not home, but dad is pretty good about that.
Camden made me laugh the other week, he had off Friday for a teacher's day and on Sunday he came to my room woke me up and told me he was ready. I said "ready for what?" He was dressed for school, had eaten, brushed his teeth, had shoes and coat on. In his logic, it had been two days since he had school so it was time to go back. I had to remind him it was Sunday, that he had that extra day off. He wasn't upset at all. He scampered off to watch TV. He is sooooo like his father, the early bird, happy to be up early and raring to go. Unlike Kat and I who need some time and space to become human in the a.m.'s. I am glad he loves school so much, he is doing very well this year and he has set a great example for Kat who would love to go to school too :)
Camden did come home with a problem the other day, a girl he knows slapped him across the face. He bumped her glasses and turned to say he was sorry and she hit his arm and then slapped his face. He came in crying with a welt on his face. I called her mother and she seemed concerned and made her apologize but then 2 days later Camden said the bus driver had to move her for hitting him again. Glad I am not HER mother. His only other issue is all those girls "chasing him" and his "GIRLFRIEND" breaking up with him 'cause Luke said so but Luke was lying 'cause she'd never do that. He is so funny. He tells me NOT to comb his hair over to the side in the mornings since it makes the girls think he is "cute." He has gotten love letters with pictures of a bride and groom! Poor thing, he's so handsome he has to fight them off :(

Kat's latest food- corn dogs. Yuck. She loves them. I am surprised since it is BREAD wrapped around it and she won't eat any other breads, rolls, nothing. She does like hot dogs. She ate a corn dog for breakfast. She says "Corn dug mommy?"
Kat was pointing to my tattoo on my ankle and she says "Kat" and I said, "no, Min An Tong" so she said "Min An Tong, that's me." I said "yes, that's you." We really liked her name, is just sounds so neat so we were surprised in our communication with the foster mom she said she was very happy Kat had a new name, one of her very own given to her by us. I know there is a huge stigma related to an orphanage name, Min is the last name (used first) of all the children from QinZhou orphanage. But we thought her foster mom would be saddened by the loss of the use of her Chinese name. She called her Tong Tong. I guess to them it means she belongs to the orphanage and with her name now she belongs to us, her family. Kat, Kitty, Tong Tong, Min An Tong, China girl, doesn't matter what the name is, it all the same, she is loved and cherished and adored by all. Except the puppy Toree she is trying to put her sunglasses on the puppy right now............"KAT let go of the dog!" (Can I record that? My voice is wearing out saying it so many times a day!)

Sunday, April 29, 2007

A "little" accident

Mommy goes off to work yesterday. Busy, busy, no chance to call till around bedtime. When I do call Baba says "there was a little accident," as mommy's heart drops to her stomach. Apparently in the fun and games we call "Daddy time" Camden and Kat were chasing each other and she slipped and fell into the table banging her one front tooth and knocking it completely back. AHHHHH! Baba pushed it into the correct position it should be in immediately but it's a wait and see at this point. Her gum is bruised but tooth is where it should be and I am not chancing wiggling it around to see if it's loose.
Mommy attempted to call the dentist's emergency number but as it was so late, I got no reply. Makes you wonder if they ever really answer that "emergency page." Is there ever a dental emergency that can't wait till Monday to a dentist?
Back to Kat, she seems none the worse for wear, she showed me her boo boo and the lovely note Camden wrote to her apologizing for chasing her. Baba has been reminded of the "call mom if anyone is HURT or the house is on FIRE" rule, I really would have felt better to talk to a dentist and might have if it had been earlier in the evening. But Baba was just trying to save me some more white hairs, bless him. Poor man feels like he can't win here some days, I'm sure. I hear him telling those 2 goofs to stop running right NOW, have we learned nothing children?
I woke up at some point of the night with Kat to the left of me and Camden to the right, not sure how that happened but they were putting their freezing cold feet on me from both sides- brrrrr. I guess Baba ended up on a couch downstairs, chased out by those frozen appendages looking for warmth.
No work today other than plans to get the flower pots out later and get some planting done. It's official, spring has sprung. We have tulips coming, clematis and lilies are growing, hostas, bleeding hearts are coming up, azaleas are too. I LOVE watching everything come back and bloom. I usually have one or two things come that I didn't expect- aka can't recall what they are :) and some that doesn't make it. I have a shady part of the garden that I have trouble getting anything to grow in, it's so damp. But the English ivy I put in last year is flourishing as are the hostas and hopefully the decorative grass clumps will too. We have trouble with slugs too, they eat everything in the yard.
We have purple martins back in our fence birdhouse, they are so pretty and we love the chirps they do to each other as we sit on our swing and watch them come and go. They come every year and have babes, they come early and are gone quickly it seems. We are thankful they come each year for us to enjoy them.
I am off to save Kat's tooth from her tooth brushing efforts, man this girl loves to brush her teeth. No trouble getting her to brush, floss, rinse, SPIT. She still spits like a dude, she's kept that ability from China. I never saw a 3 year spit like she could when we got her. We thought when we read about China and found out they spit and it's not rude that we would be grossed out, not so. Mainly due to the smog and stuffed up feeling, we felt like we would have loved to join in on that some days. It's pretty much a necessity there. But I never could get past that- NEVER do that it's GROSS- little voice in my head. Amazing how ingrained things can be. It is also interesting and eye opening that there are REASONS for certain things to be "okay" somewhere else and we look down upon them without even realizing it. Part of why I love having links to a different culture and am able to hopefully broaden my children's knowledge and respect for other people. Even if it starts with SPIT- yuck.
We are off to plant some sunshine in our yard, foon gowl ahh's for Kat, flowers for mommy :) No spit involved :)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Chilly Day

Dreary and cold out today, glad I didn't pack away all of Miss Kitty's warmer clothes. We needed the long sleeves and leggings today. It only got to about 50 degrees.
We got to go to the dentist today, Kat and Camden. I take them together to help her understand that it is no big deal to go. Camden LOVES to go, he likes the new toothbrush, goodie bag and prize at the end. Kat on the other hand, hates to go. It makes no sense that this child will go to the doctor, lift her shirt to be"listened to" and hold her hair up for him to look in her ears, not a whimper from her. But say "open your mouth" for the dentist and she freaks out. She bawled through the whole cleaning, floride trays, we tried everything and the only thing that worked even a little was me telling her "Ma Ho" which is Cantonese for "you don't want to do that", basically their version of "NO" since they do not say "No."
I was surprised that worked since she does not respond to much Chinese anymore, she still says "Alliyah" for pee and "Oh see ahh" for pooh but she says "sleep" if I say "foongowl", she says "I wuv you" if I say "Wo ai ne"," hair" if I say "foo foo ahh". She is very obviously not wanting to use the Chinese we do know and can use with her.
Camden, her wonderful Gie Gie, held her in his lap for the dentist to be allowed to LOOK at her teeth to see NO cavities- thank GOD! Let's hope and pray she continues with no cavities since I don't know how we would get a filling accomplished. She wasn't even happy with the prize at the end. She kept saying "done?"
Camden, on the other hand, got a report of 4 cavities. FOUR! I was not happy about that and Baba said NO MORE CANDY. Yikes. Poor Camden. More like, poor mommy since my part time hours took away my dental insurance :(
It must have been a day of bills. Don't they usually come in buckets? The phone bill arrived, call to China 26 minutes- GET THIS $149.50!! Mommy nearly had a fit when she saw that and made a call to the phone company only to be cut off TWICE> then told to call back tomorrow. Oh, lots of time for my red hair to be boiling. Not GOOD!
I took Camden to school after his dentist appointment and Miss Kitty had a fit when I told her she could not stay. She was going to go to his class with him and of course, it was kindergarten registration day, so there was a ton of people in the lobby for that. They were all laughing as she said "Bye" when I said I was leaving and she took off. I had to run after her, scoop her up and take off out the door before she got to her loudest.
She was in the car then saying that she loved Don-a-fin, I asked her if she loved Camden, NO, Baba,NO,Derrik, NO, Jay, NO, Brandon, NO, Jie Jie, NO, Mommy, NO. Don't know why Don-a-fin got special honors but that's how it goes. Kat reminds me so much of Camden at this age, he would be just as fickle, and it's funny that she has been home a mere 7 months but is so similar in behavior as her brother. Guess Don-a-fin was the only one she thought had nothing to do with the dentist or that she couldn't go to school?

Overall she had a good day, she was singing and happy, once the dentist and school issues were over. She is getting quite the reputation for her squeaky shoes, everyone knows it is her since she is the only child in our town with squeaky shoes. Even the school nurse, whom I work with, came up to us and hugged Kat and told me she had heard stories of a kid with squeaky shoes and she said "hey, I know who that is!" Then she told them her nutty mother- aka ME has these squeaky shoes for her till she is about 9 years old! Not quite that old but we do have a huge collection and in larger sizes to come :) I LOVE IT. I know right where she is- I share where to get them "China" so I can be sure my child will be the only squeaking one in this town! I don't even hear them I am so used to them, unless I hear them fade then I know she is getting too far from me. So NO, they don't drive me nuts. That's always a big question and I really do miss them when she doesn't have them on, she is a toddler and can move pretty quick at times, anything to help me keep track of her is great in my book. Plus we never wear them in the house, so I do get breaks from them.
Time to go watch Survivor and save the winter/ too small clothes I was trying to put away from Kat, she is trying to put them away in her dresser, she is one NEAT child- always cleaning up, putting away, I found her shirt that she spilled juice on in the washer down in the basement, ready to be washed. Everyone else throws it down the basement steps, she takes it to the washer and puts it in. She is such an amusing little girl, I just love her to pieces!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rain today

We are expecting rain today and it's looking like it will pour down anytime soon. So we have time to post!
We seem to all be well today. So far.
We have been in our yard, enjoying our swing and pond. We now have 3 fishies- Tom, Billy, and Yu. They are gold, spotted gold and black and a light gold. Very nice addition to the pond. I bought a few flowers to put in, put haven't gotten them planted yet. Kat and Camden got garden gloves to help, although Kat put hers on her bike handbars, so I think she is not understanding their use. She'll soon learn! She loved all the "foon gowl ahhs" she uses foongowl, meaning "sleep", I am not sure why it seems so hard for her to say "flowers" or how she got foon gowl ahhs for flowers. She wore her squeaky shoes to the home store and they were trying to figure out what cart was squeaking before they realized it was her. I am thinking we could have some real fun playing tricks on people with these shoes :) but then I have been told I have a warped sense of humor.
Kat woke me up this morning with a tap on the arm and a whisper of "momma". I smiled and said "hello baby girl" and she said " I wuv you momma". What better way to wake up?
I got my momma's day pictures early of Kat and Camden, they turned out so nice! I am very happy with Sears AGAIN> they do a nice job. It's nice that they take the time and not just click. I got Camden to stop licking his lips long enough for them to heal for pics. It's not cold out now but he's soooo in the habit, they are chapped constantly. I need to take stock in a chapstick company for how often I buy it! I can't believe how blessed we are, I see these pictures of my precious little ones, God has entrusted them to us and I feel humbled by such a wonderful gift to our lives.
Kat hopped on the scale yesterday and imagine my surprise to see her finally register 26 pounds!! Yeah! That's nearly 3 lbs gained in the 7 months she has been home. She is growing and it's just wonderful. She's whining now since she wants to go to the store, so we are off to go shopping as she is saying "come on mom" just as plain as the other kidddos here do. Poor kids. Mom works on her time- not theirs :)

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Monkeys in our trees?

We think it might actually be spring. Among the many birds and bees, buds and leaves, we found something odd in our trees. Monkeys! One named Camden and one named Kat. Just hanging out having a good time. Cute little buggers, aren't they?
We had to get out in the sunshine today, it's about 75 degrees and just lovely out. We cleaned up the yard- actually Baba did and we watched. It wasn't a real bad mess from the winter since last fall we bought a leaf sucker upper thingy and it was like a new toy to Baba and all the kids. So they had a ball using it and left the yard in pretty good shape. We just gathered up fallen limbs, worked on some of the lights that were out- mostly new bulbs needed and we played. Kat rode her bike some, tried the scooters, Camden tried a bigger bike that he can ride but not control as well. He is a good rider for being only 6 and having his training wheels off just last summer. She also tried the skateboard and was trying to make a fire with sticks.
I got all my little decorative things back in the yard and we got our pond running. Now we are going to get some fish for it, we let most of this stuff go last year as we were unable to afford any "extras" it was all saved for our trip to China and momma worked so much with full time hours there just wasn't time to sit and enjoy any of the yard. So it's a blessing to know we will have the time this year and the little ceramic ladybug we put out for Kat last year is a sweet reminder that last year we couldn't wait to get her and this year she is HOME!
At one point I ask Baba where Kat was and she had taken off with my camera. The stinker knows how to use it too and was taking all kinds of pictures, including this self portrait. Not too bad a shot. She also took photos of a tree, the ground, the back of my head too. So maybe this was just a lucky shot, who knows.
Camden wants to name the fish in the pond. His will be Fishy and Kat's will be Yu (the Chinese word for fish), very inventive these two are! Camden was just dying to plant some flowers, he loves to garden as much as his momma but I told him it's too early. It won't be long though, till we can get some plants in. I am sure Miss Kat will find that fun, all except getting her hands dirty. She fell outside on one hand and had to have it wiped off immediately, she does NOT like to be dirty at all. She also said she was cold, she has a long sleeve dress on with a undershirt and she is cold! We need to get some meat on this kiddo! She did let me put socks on her and no pants or leggings. Hopefully the warmer it gets the more used to wearing less she will get. The summer here is very hot and humid just as Qinzhou is for most of the year. So she should be comfortable then.

Baba brought us all breakfast from McDonald's or "Donald's" as Kitty calls it and she had pancakes for the first time. She ate about 3 bites, 2 more than momma thought she would! She ate the sausage patty and that's all. She still isn't big on any types of breads or sweets, although she loves chocolate bars and BBQ chips. Nearly all of the time she is a healthy eater, fruits, nuts, soups, noodles, meats, seafoods and she dips everything in Ranch dressing. We go to the store and she says "MINE" when she sees the ranch dressing.
We're grilling later, Tilapia fish for supper and having a fresh fruit salad. One of Kat's favorite meals. But for now we are off to purchase Fishy and Yu for the pond, wish me luck, or maybe you should wish the luck for the poor fish :)

Friday, April 20, 2007

Is it? Could it be? Spring?

Today was a sunny and bright day so I was determined to get out of the house. If only for a walk to try and breathe some fresh air. I walked this evening while Kat, Camden, and Donovan rode their bikes. Kat seems puzzled as to what Don-a-fin's Pocket Rocket was and why it was so small. They had a good time, it was nice to take a stroll with them.
Kat's strep screen was negative, so she must just have a cold. Now Donovan felt sick last night and thought he was going to barf (I'm not going there again) but it may have just been the bus ride home, he thought, that whole 4 minute ride! Baba is now having a sore throat and not feeling well, but hey, I wasn't smooching on him. Although he is hard to resist :)
The kids had off school today so as momma is sleeping in and having a lovely dream about things all going right where they belong (yes, I know, it a OCD thing even in my sleep) I was rudely awakened by a scream from one little girl. AHHH- I hate to wake up to that. Camden and her were fighting about who got to sit in the chair so her solution was to scream.
Camden was playing playstation today, he likes to do that more when Don-a-fin is home, WELL, Miss Princess aka Kat wanted some attention from those two so she started throwing things at them! I told them she was trying to get in on the action to stop ignoring her so then she was better. I also told her not to throw things for which she cried, she does not like momma to tell her not to do things, but such is life.

I have pictures of my favorite dress of hers, it's just the cutest little "Cat" dress. So colorful. I mainly like Kat in pastels but this is just too cute.She didn't even fuss that her arms weren't covered in this dress, although she did notice. I told her it was okay. We still had to have leggings on to keep tiny girl warm enough.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

A trip to the doctor

Off we went to the doctor's yesterday to see if Miss Kat now has strep. We await the results. She has a yuck nose and a swollen neck, doc says that is a sign of strep or upper respiratory issue. He also thought he could be cute apparently to comment that germs must "like me" and that he hoped I got better soon. Very fungy doc. Very fungy.

We got pictures back from the dear lady that visited our China family (Kat's foster family) and they are just wonderful. Kat's Po Po (as she called her foster mom) looks just like my Grandma did- the one she is named after- when all the kids and grandkids surrounded her. Happy, content, wise. She is holding the pictures of Kat I sent. These people, especially Po Po are incredibly special. They love our daughter, nutured her, cherished her for 2 years they bonded to her and then for her own good, accepted her forever family, taught her about us and let her go. They have done this with a least 2 children and I can't imagine the heartbreak her Po Po must feel. Po Po had no idea if she would ever know how her Tong Tong was doing. I am HAPPY to give her a small "patch" for her heart in the gift of pictures, letters, the phone call to let her know that we love this child tremendously and consider them a part of her life forever.

The time they had Kat with them was the crucial time in a child's life that they need to know someone loves them, is there for them, and they gave her that and more. I will not let Kat forget them and will let her always know of their love and care for her that continues always.

Kat was playing with my new floor mats for my car yesterday, she likes them as they are PINK and say "spoiled" on them. She thought they worked just fine for Hopscotch in the livingroom :) I decided to totally PINK out my car, thus those boys that can drive will not want to be seen in my "pink" car. Ha ha! I even got some Chinese decals saying "fire, dream and spirit" in PINK for on it. It may just be warm enough today to apply them!

Kitty is quite playful today, she is making a toy cat puppet meow at me and then jumping back in her room. Giggling like crazy. Must have been the corn for breakfast?

Jay stopped in yesterday. He comes to me whining that Kat is copying him. She is laughing and saying EVERYTHING he is saying. It really was quite fungy and I told him that he had to just handle it, he is 20, almost 21 years old. He couldn't stand it and had to laugh. Laughter and joy, this tiny girl brings it to us all. Such a tiny package to hold all that fun, love and specialness, but there it is. Having her in our lives is priceless.

She nows wants cereal for lunch so go figure. We are off to have lunch together and enjoy our afternoon.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Fresh from the shower

My girl and I are enjoying a lazy day together, the best kind of day there is! No place we must go. It's cold out- so in we stay. Warm, cozy and having fun. Kat was fresh from the shower and looking adorable so after about 25 pics of her fooling around I caught this great one. I just love her smile. Doesn't it just make you want to kiss that face?
Usually it takes me 50 shots or so to even get a decent picture, she is such a goof she hears the sound of my camera coming on and she is prepared. First we get the back of her head for 10 or so shots. Then it's the "closed eyes" as she is quite good at timing that one. Now she tries to put anything she can in front of her face to best me on my picture taking adventures. All while she is giggling like a loon and I am the only one seeing this great smile behind all her antics. So there is it, I caught ya baby girl!

This picture is a classic example of her tricks. Great picture, only I really don't need pictures of her teeth and gums, I think she mistook me for the dentist :( Now, no funny e-mails or comments about how much she is like her mother :)

Ruthie sent us a box today (THANKS!) of fun stuff from China, her and Narissa are doing wonderful. Kitty must have thought it was Christmas all over as she squealed with delight. She kept saying "CHINA mommy, CHINA!!" I told her yes, this was stuff from China. I explained to her that Ruthie went to China to get Narissa, a "Min" girl and she said "that's ME- you my mommy" and I said "another Min girl is Ruthie's girl, you are MY GIRL" and she understood me then.
She still gets scared when that is in question in her mind, very obviously. I wish it weren't true but there it is. Just as I wish she had never had to be an orphan but it is a part of her. I would hope the fear lessens in time but does it ever truly go away? I've heard from others this can be an issue that arises for years to come. I continue to reassure her and hope that as she grows and understands her life story, such as it is, that she will understand how much she really is a part of us, a true member of this family. She is no less a part of us, having the history she does, it just makes her more interesting! We all have history, is it good ,is it bad? Doesn't matter, it's what we make of ourselves that is - LIFE. FAMILY. BONDED BY LOVE. RED THREADS BINDING US ALL AS ONE. EACH WITH A PURPOSE FOR THIS LITTLE GIRL'S LIFE.
Born elsewhere, in another belly, cherished by her foster mom, but meant to be OUR daughter. God chose her destiny and we are honored to be a part of it. I couldn't love her more. She will always be my baby girl.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Thanking God for Penicillin

Thanking God today for penicillin, I am going to live. Strep throat, sinus infection, creeping crud, whatever you want to call it, I was DOWN on the couch with aches, fever, the works.

I thought I saw spots in my throat Saturday a.m. but hubby said "no, he didn't see any." By evening they were greatly multiplied so that he could finally see them and my throat was sooooo sore. So a call into the doc got me some penicillin. Hubby took the kids to the flea market yesterday and Jay came in to take care of me. Then today off to school Camden went and the sitter was back from her vacation so I sent Kitty to her for the afternoon and Jay again, came in, dressed Kitty got her to the sitter and cared for me. He makes some good eggs and toast:) I feel almost human this evening, the penicillin is clearly kickin' germ butt.

Kat came back from Shannon's ( the sitter and our friend) with a bag from none other than, Disney World! Full of goodies for the kids. For Kat, the CUTEST little Chinese silk outfit that she had to put on and refuses to take off now. She also got a panda cup that she had to have a drink in immediately. She is just thrilled with her "stuff." I hope she'll give them up at bed time!

I'm off to have some nice soothing soup and thank God for my family, penicillin, Shannon, that the aches are gone and my nice soft bed pillow. AHHH, isn't it amazing how good a pillow can feel. That's me, in the picture there, the lump under the blanket on the couch :(

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sugar and Spice- maybe if it's GARLIC

Kat was not happy this morning when I suggested cereal over soup for breakfast. She bawled, as she also did last night when she could not get her way about going to Baba after she chose to go with Momma somewhere. I asked her if she thought that was going to get her somewhere and she shook her head "no." Not sure why she continued then. She has the oddest way of crying, she is on delay, she gets upset, delay time starts, anywhere from 2-3 minutes later she will actually begin to make sound. Not sure if she is waiting for us to react or what but sometimes she just can't have her way.

We have one of the oddest "traditions" here in rural PA. Every year there is a 4 days span of "Spring Clean Up" aka junk days. What's so special about this is that from Thursday to Sunday you may unload all your "junk" on the sidewalks and then it's supposed to be collected to be discarded. BUT.... for the 4 days it's there, it's fair game. Anyone and everyone, including strange looking people with FLASHLIGHTS will come night and day for a chance to root through your junk. We will barely get the broken TV to the curb and are bombarded by folks wanting to take it. I'm talking people come from all over with trucks, vans, car and trailers to gather other people's junk. I can't believe there isn't more accidents as you see people swerve to get a better view of somone's junk then illegally park to get it first. More power to ya! I think it must be one of the weirdest things I have ever encountered, I guess for all those junk loving people, it's like Christmas all over. Kat was amused to see a couch outside- so obviously she doesn't understand it either :)

So what did Kat HAVE to go shopping yesterday for? A camera, of course she's MY kid after all.She already has 2 but She picked a princess one that says "smile, you are as pretty as a princess" then she "took my picture" and said "you prettier than princess mommy." Gotta love this kid, garlic and all :)

Friday, April 13, 2007

Kitty has been quite entertaining to me today, as she is most days. She wanted "dressed" so we got into the closet and decided on her quilted silk set from China. Perfect freezing April day for such an outfit. She looks adorable.
She was telling me that Gie Gie at Wai Po's was bad. That Po Po told him bad. I had to laugh as I am sure if someone transplanted her the other way, she would be telling Po Po that Momma called all her Gie Gie's BAD at one time or another, either meaning it teasingly or not. I told Jay he was "bad" today for being outside my door and calling me to find out why I was not home to let him in- why I did not call him to tell him I was going somewhere. I get a kick out of that, he who would not think to tell ME where HE was going from about 16 ON and worried me SICK, thinks I must call him to let him know I am leaving the HOUSE? Ha ha- he's so fungy (as Kat says)since I only took the car to be detailed. Not a far trip!
I am glad that she can remember things from her time with Po Po as Po Po, Gie Gie and their whole family all love her very much. That was obvious when we called China last week when our translator was there visiting.
Kat has been saying all day "go shopping" and I am not sure what she thinks she could possibly need but there it is. Go shopping. Can't tell she's mine at all, can ya?
Her latest saying is "come ON!" anytime she isn't able to get something done that she is trying to do. She's also getting really good at messing and then whining when she doesn't want to clean it up:( AHHH- Camden is ruining all those great habits Po Po had instilled in her- Bad Camden. I'm gonna tell Po Po! Luckily all is not lost, Kitty will still clean up when told she has to, like to go

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Where's there a Will

What truly amazes me with many people we have met through the Special needs issue of Kat's adoption is that they can fall in love with a child, want to adopt but even if they can not manage it, doesn't work out, they never lose the care or concern for that child. They pray for that child to have a family even if it turns out not to be THEIR family. So incredibly unselfishly wonderful!

Just such a child is Zhang. He is deaf. He may have a forever family. We need prayers for a special mommy that wants him to have a family, even if it is not her family, but hopefully it is her family. See, she loves him already. I have a saying that got me through before we knew who our daughter was and I was lacking hope (shame on me!), "Dreams don't have expiration dates."

God KNEW the dream I had from my first son on (22 years ago) for a daughter. He put all the right things in place for us to have Miss Kitty join our lives, there's no doubt in my mind about that. Too many things worked out for it to be called "fate, luck" , don't use those words with me, use "faith, God's love, God's Will." So prayers for this situation are called for, please ask for God's Will be done for little Zhang and for his family as only God can provide.
I'm going to share a poem I wrote too, now I normally don't write poems but I had to keep myself somewhat busy so I started a journal at our adoption beginning. I will say this was written BEFORE we found Kat as our daughter.

Child of My Heart
You were created by God, whose purpose only He knew.
Born in our hearts, we yearned to meet you.
He led the way all along, encouraged us to hold on.
Even when we felt hopeless His Will led us on.
As soon as we saw you, we knew without a doubt.
You were our daughter, we wanted to shout!
We completed the paperwork, waited for approval to come, With great anticipation, we knew you were the one.
You came to our family in a special way, we feel so very blessed.
Of all the girls in China, God sent us the BEST!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

6 months ago we officially became a family of 9

Wow. 6 months gone. We were in China this time 6 months ago and enjoying our girl as she was officially ours. We went to supper at the hotel as we did every night then we walked the streets to see some sites and buy some goods. We got Kat a quilted silk outfit and pink shoes.
The Chinese girls in the store were so helpful they literally RAN to the back to get a larger size shoe when I motioned for a larger size. It was odd to have anyone RUN to serve us, we were shocked and trying to tell them we would wait. We then walked some more, having many looks from the Chinese people mainly at our red hair and our son, Camden.
We actually got more attention for having red hair and a redheaded son than for having a Chinese girl. Kind of sad. Some asked for pictures with him, others wanted to touch his hair, and any that could speak even a little English told us what a beautiful son we had. I am sure they were loving his pale skin too, the women in China carry umbrellas even with no rain, to shield them from the sun. Paler skin is the reason, here we are LOVING Kat's light brown skin and they want our pale skin. Go figure.
Kat stayed with Jie Jie Malaree for an hour while I took Brandon for shoes for his new job a McDonald's (we all have to start somewhere) and they painted her nails, even her 11 toe nails :) Quite adorable, although the double toe nail just looks like they slopped up that nail, her " extra toe nail issue" is truly so minor it's hard to fathom that being labeled SN. But as I have said before, we had the special need, the NEED for HER! See the picture, and tell me it you can see that extra toe nail? Pretty hard to tell, huh? I'll give you a hint, it's her right one! The blue markered foot :) For now it's just another pretty pink polished toenail, more of her to LOVE! We love her from the top of her head to the tippies of her toes. She is 100% PERFECT!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Easter Bunny came!

The Easter Bunny arrived at our house, and although Camden was up and raring to go, Kat was not wanting to get out of bed ( mom either). She was puzzled as to what all the excitement was about but Camden soon "helped" her find her ladybug basket.
We went to Grandma's to hunt eggs, I was bummed that it was so cold that even in long underwear and flowered jeans Kitty Kat was saying brrrrr. Let alone all those gorgeous Easter dresses I have for her :( What's with the 30 degrees and snow flurries- euhhh! Go away COLD!
Camden and Kitty had a good time and found all of the eggs. Momma was thinking of last Easter BK (before Kat) and was soooooo thankful this year that she is here. I told myself through each holiday last year that this would be the last one without her and it came true! I felt like someone was missing, crazy for someone with 6 kids, but that's how I felt. Maybe not understandable to some but God's path was to #7, Miss Kitty Kat, so I really wasn't nuts! Ha HA!
Last Easter we did not have PA so we weren't sure China would approve us for Miss Kat which was rough. We knew we met all the criteria but there are no promises. So we were waiting on pins and needles to hear.
Today is our 6 month date from Gotcha Day, we are still in a state of shock that she is here, she is our daughter, that she is so perfectly a match for our family. It's funny how I forget at times she is adopted- sounds silly but it's true. Not that I forget she is Chinese, no, that is a truly special part of her that I love, but I do not look at her and see a Chinese girl, I look at her and see my daughter.
Gie Gie Jay came in today and she ran to him and hugged his leg saying "JAY!" I looked at his weary face, as he broke a smile and said "she sure makes you feel loved, doesn't she?" She's such a cuddle bug, affectionate little love, it warms your heart to have her tell you "I wuv you momma, wo ai ne" as she did last night when I put her to bed. Totally on her own, just pure, sweet LOVE. Priceless, precious, thanking God for these moments of His best, a child's love.

Monday, April 9, 2007

A New Way

Here we are starting a new way to post for family and friends. We have kept up an adoption journal for our daughter, Kat, who was adopted October 11, 2006 in Guangxi, China. She turned 3 October 18, 2006 and we were able to celebrate her birthday with her. Her first birthday with her forever family.
Kat is our 7th, YES, no typo there, 7th child. She is a wonderful child who has brought much joy to our entire blended family of 5 boys and 1 other girl. Our oldest is Derrik, almost 22, Jay, almost 21, Brandon 18, Malaree 15 1/2, Donovan 12 1/2, Camden 6 and Kat 3. See the lovely picture of all my thrilled looking children, and yes, I am aware there are 8, one is a honorary "brother" of the family so he's in there. Conn is in the upper left and we wish we could see more of him.

My posting will revolve mainly around Kat as many have watched her grow from our old site and will be following along on her continued journey as a family member with us. It's no lack of caring for the others, they as just as special and loved. I will post about them also just not as much. Otherwise mostly Kat's progress will be on here.
We are also PG rated so there will be no smut. We are pretty tame after all these years :) Bummer, huh?

Chelley you are a lifesaver, thanks for teaching me how to use this!!!! I am/was blogger stupid.